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Passion and pain of high heels

IN the final week of school holidays, I was out shopping for sensible school shoes for my two children. I tried to stay focused, but...

Griffiths / Mullah Abbott wags a dangerous finger

“The Reformer is always right about what's wrong. However, he's often wrong about what is right.”  – G.K. Chesterton

Costigan / Does Andrew Barr care about troublesome seniors?

“The ACT government’s own statements on seniors, such as those in recent Budget papers, make it sound as though seniors are a different race that has to be dealt with reluctantly," writes PAUL COSTIGAN

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Grattan / Kelly triumphs in the ‘outwit, outplay, outlast’ game of Survivor

REBEL right wing Liberal Craig Kelly is a paradox – a man who chronically lacks the numbers but possesses the power to force prime...

Coleman / The things they do for stunts  

"Politicians need to be extra careful, lest they be remembered for their stunts instead of their policy," warns columnist CHRIS COLEMAN

Barking up the wrong tree

I AM not a tree person. I am unimpressed by their personalities, their unadventurous, stay-at-home attitudes. And I especially don’t like listening to people who...

Macklin / Pollies and petrol stumble into the new year

“The Abbott Government is determined to remodel Medicare because it’s “unsustainable”, a favourite euphemism of the conservatives who simply want to privatise everything," says Seven Days columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Rudd says Murdoch media is a ‘political party’

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd has used an address to the Labor national conference to deliver a fresh swingeing attack on the Murdoch media,...

Money leaves its dark mark

I REMEMBER standing outside the AIS pool as some of the world’s top swimmers were testing new swim suits. The pool’s glass walls were blacked...

Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN.

Welsh / Netball great defends Erin’s footy flop

CHAMPION netballer Liz Ellis has gone into bat for Canberra sports reporter Erin Molan after the axing of the NRL "Footy Show". Molan, who...

Cornwell / What about the right to die?

“Why, as elderly people accepting that we should not dictate to the young how they should live their uncertain lives, should we be denied the opportunity to decide how and when we will end our own lives?" writes GREG CORNWELL

Griffiths / When the machines take over

“Humans are incapable of writing secure software. I realise this is a big call, but I can offer some very tangible evidence of this,” writes Lowbrow columnist JOHN GRIFFITHS

Romano / No more ‘no’, time to think big

"As a city we cannot expect better services and businesses to thrive when we don't want to move into the 20th, let alone 21st century," writes Young Eyes columnist JOHN-PAUL ROMANO

Grattan / Bishop will be open to post-politics offers

JULIE Bishop’s farewell appearance as foreign minister set some hares running about her future, but the real message is that Australia’s highest profile female...

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Good people / Empathy, loyalty and a kookaburra tray

Another story in our occasional series on good people in our community. Reader ANNE STEARMAN, of Downer, praises an empathetic market stall holder...

Welsh / David destined to keep Katy’s Senate seat warm

THE steep learning curve in harsh political reality for ACT Labor Senate seat-warmer David Smith just got steeper. Smith’s insecurity over being returned to...

Moore / Blueprint for budding pollies struggling with policy

"Some candidates in the upcoming NSW and Federal elections are struggling to offer a coherent set of policies for a better world," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE






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