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CANBERRA’S first radio station, 2CA, celebrates its 80th birthday on November 14 and this week we present a nostalgic spread of old names and faces likely to bring back fond memories. Elsewhere, TIM GAVEL writes about an inspirational athlete, who has gone from novice to triathlon champ in only a year; ROBERT MACKLIN fears an Abbott Liberal Government will mean bad, bad news for Canberra and CEDRIC BRYANT gets his head out of the plants to look at some of the hard aspects of gardening. Lots to read, lots to enjoy, only a click away...
“THERE does seem to be an increasing element of testosterone-charged, lycra-clad belligerence that’s a menace on roads and footpaths,” writes Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN after a colleagues suffered a hit and run from an insensitive cyclist.

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SIXTY per cent of the world’s emissions trace back to households, which is why Lily Dempster has created an easy way to help reduce this percentage. DANIELLE NOHRA has the story.
SNAPPER Belle Garfath set out celebrate in photographs Canberra’s little fighters – “You know, the kids that have had to fight for life, that have been through so much,” she told reporter KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK. “They’re so inspiring to me… these kids are truly amazing.” And so are her photos on this week’s cover and inside.
BABY, if may be cold outside, but our tireless gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says in his column this week that, with nine weeks to spring, it’s time to be planning some glorious azalea blooms. Remember them?
AN edition of wonder: PAUL COSTIGAN wonders how the planning minister keeps his job, ROBERT MACKLIN wonders what the bloody hell the PM's thinking and KATE MEIKLE wonders where her "boss baby" came from.

Digital edition February 27

IT’S estimated the number of different species of insect living in Australia is up around 200,000 and scientists have name for only about 25 to 30 per cent. Reporter STEPHEN EASTON visits the CSIRO’s Australian National Insect Collection to discover more about these creepy, crawly strangers in our midst.
WHILE the October 20 election dominates our edition this week (as it should), there are plenty of other diversions to enjoy. Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN discovers she’s already an embarrassment to her children, CEDRIC BRYANT gets the blues – the hues of blue that grace the garden, that is; and KATH VUKOVLJAK heads to Forrest to preview an upcoming open garden. There’s more: arts editor HELEN MUSA gets a touch of Latin fever, dining writer WENDY JOHNSON revisits an old face in a new place and irascible film reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD does what he does best! Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
CAN tomatoes be turned into zucchinis? Reporter KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK meets someone who can. Social writer LYN MILLS reports from the French embassy; sports columnist TIM GAVEL frets about the poor crowds turning out to watch the big matches and CEDRIC BRYANT finds gardening heaven in Melbourne.
CityNews 28 April 2016
HERE’S an interesting statistic that ClubsACT has come across: 30 ACT community clubs buy meat-tray raffle prizes worth $1.8 million a year. But the thinking is that the meat trays, the local butcher shops and the people who work in them are imperiled if the ACT government gives in to the casino on poker machines. This and more in CANBERRA CONFIDENTIAL.
THE election is nigh and this week LAURA EDWARDS reports on the economy and education arguments of the major parties, MARK PARTON reminiscences about campaign doorknocking and MICHAEL MOORE explains the pandering power of opinion polls. Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
WHEN our gadfly columnist ROBERT MACKLIN renewed his driving licence, he was reduced almost to tears. Of joy! Something quite extraordinary happened at the Woden shopfront of Canberra Connect. He shares the love in this week’s edition, as does gardening guru CEDRIC BRYANT, with a selection of blooming winter shrubs and dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON, who finds somewhere nice for high tea.    Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
MICHAEL MOORE reckons the major parties have only a minor interest in Canberra and in this week's column he's sharing a plan for ordinary voters to send them a message.
CityNews 8 June
Experienced forester PETER MARSHALL warns the ACT government to start saving because the National Arboretum is becoming a growing headache. It's a revealing piece on Page 8.
CityNews 9 February
SWIMMING lessons exist in the ACT school system, but columnist TIM GAVEL says it appears to be ad hoc at best. "It is virtually up to the individual parent or school to decide if children are going to be taught how to swim," he says.
CityNews 26 October
UNSELFISH to the end, Liberal MLA Steve Doszpot ends his political career with his revelation of inoperable liver cancer and a plea for more awareness for the early diagnosis of liver cancer.
CityNews 1 September
OVER recent years we have helped promote Kartika Medcraft's "Sweet ChariTea" events, which have raised thousands for the paediatric unit at Canberra Hospital. And each year, her ill son Sebastian seemed to be facing an increasingly gloomier future. But not now. Our cover boy's luck is changing. BELLE GARFATH took the lovely photo.
HELEN MUSA lurves “Doc Martin”, so when the opportunity to exclusively interview the hit TV show’s star Martin Clunes arose, she was elbowing colleagues out of the way to secure the assignment. The result is a lovely interview and insight into the actor’s life, loves and hobbies. Elsewhere, LIBBY HILL looks at the compassionate Red Cross program that feeds 500 schoolchildren every morning and dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON discovers a place that’s in with the inn crowd. And in the garden, there is no rest as CEDRIC BRYANT puts us to work planting bulbs!

WE’RE not sure it’s terribly relaxing sitting cross-legged on London Circuit median strip on a freezing winter’s morning, but PETRINA STAMENKOVIC bravely took the snapper’s challenge to illustrate the benefits of Lifeline’s impending Stress Down Day on this week’s cover. Less relaxed, singer JOHN SCHUMANN takes hilarious umbrage at...




Movie review / ‘John Wick 3: Parabellum’ (M)

“Wick 3” is a violent fantasy actioner in which most of the cast are the stunt guys and gals cavorting acrobatically around before dying. Two stars from reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.


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