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The death toll of trees being planted along the new tramway is rising, which is no surprise to horticulturist CEDRIC BRYANT, who says high summer isn't the time to be planting them.

IT’S Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the message is: Investigate symptoms early, particularly symptoms easily mistaken for something else – and that there’s no early test. Women often put themselves last when it comes to their health, comedian Jean Kittson, an ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia, tells MEGAN HAGGAN....
CityNews 22 September

Digital edition 22 September

"SOME people talk about the comfort of a tram, but twice as many people are seated on buses. Trams will have capacity for 207 passengers of whom only 66 will be seated," writes Can the Tram chairman JOHN L SMITH in an opinion piece on Page 11.
CityNews 10 August
"THE government insists that it has released 7000 sites more than there has been demand for. These claims demand serious examination," says JON STANHOPE in a fascinating look at the state of affordable housing.

TIM GAVEL is fed up with sports stars thinking they’re the only people in the world under pressure, MICHAEL MOORE warns second-time Planning Minister Simon Corbell about mistakes this time around and ROBERT MACKLIN challenges Katy Gallagher to really make a name for herself as the first Chief Minister...

Digital Edition, Aug 29

“CITYNEWS” is blessed with an inspiring contribution from talented snappers, particularly the holidaying SILAS BROWN, who have masterfully used our big pages to shoot beautiful cover photographs. Freelancer ANDREW CAMPBELL took this week’s and it, again, illustrates why he is one of Canberra’s finest photographers.
"IT'S annoying to constantly experience the culture within this ACT government that delivers a daily onslaught of spin… Don’t they realise how hollow they sound?" Columnist PAUL COSTIGAN maintains the rage on Page 10.
DID she? Didn't she? Ada Bunfield found herself in the dock after her teacher husband met his untimely end, the victim of strychnine poisoning, writes "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL

It’s a cracking edition. Just click it. Open publication - Free publishing - More arts
“VETERANS who have carried the fight against the Islamist radicals now represent almost one in 10 of the homeless people living in their cars or on the streets of our major capitals,” writes ROBERT MACKLIN in the first of a special two-part report.
"I PARKED in front of the Coombs Community Local Shopping Centre and wondered how such a stupid thing has been allowed to happen." More despair from Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN
“CityNews” caused a stir in February when we ran a cover story featuring cheap eats around the city. This week we publish endorsements from our readers for their best meal deals (that is lunch for $10 or less) around Canberra and the suburbs. If we’ve missed any, freyla@citynews.com.au is keen to hear from you.

All this and more in the latest digital edition of the CityNews, available on your iPad, iPhone or desktop...

“IF you’ve got an app on your phone that is sending data back to the server unencrypted and the password you use is reused somewhere else, you’re in big trouble.” That’s the downside of free, public WiFi and JOHN GRIFFITHS has more bad news on Page 3.

Digital edition 25 September

URSULA Reid is opening her Queanbeyan garden this weekend for charity and in memory of husband Keith, who died in October last year. She told KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK the open garden project “has given me a focus and a way to keep his memory alive”. GARY SHAFER took the lovely photos and all is revealed on Page 34.
MUM in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN says there’s much to be gained having a puppy or any pet around the house but, as countless parents have learnt, when the novelty of feeding and exercising the pet quickly wears off, you’re it! It’s a nice column in a nice edition...
HEAD of the ANU’s Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion Laboratory Christine Charles reckons the cost of fuel could be among the reasons humans haven’t been back to the moon in 50 years. But she’s working on some alternatives, reports DANIELLE NOHRA.
"I’m even more opinionated than I used to be, if that's conceivable, because in my 60s I really don’t care what anybody thinks". Irascible as ever, JOHN SCHUMANN calls out ageism in rock 'n' roll.
THIS week KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK visits a cafe in Civic that is helping anyone who can’t afford a coffee to have one and STEPHEN EASTON talks to a shy Canberra poet who uses words as a form of therapy. Fashion writer LAURA EDWARDS has the final word on Fashfest; we salute the work of nurses; preview Law Week and showcase a busy week of vibrant social photos – all that before you get to the arts and gardening pages, the crossword, horoscope and the sudoku puzzle.
A JOYOUS edition, proof positive that spring has arrived and Floriade is poised to blow away winter’s grey cobwebs. Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
CityNews 6 October
“I TOLD my doctor I’d broken my arm in two places. He said stop going to those places.” RICHARD CALVER's hilarious wine column endures Father's Day... and dad jokes.





Movie review / ‘Zombieland 2: Double Tap’ (MA)

"Zombieland 2: Double Tap", the sequel to 2009's ”Zombieland", has the same principal characters played by the same actors (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) with the same zany flavour, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.


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