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PROF DON AITKIN once sat through a bewildering four-hour-fifteen-minute speech by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, followed by a military parade in Tripoli’s central square that lasted for another two hours. He shares his bizarre experience in this week’s edition. Meanwhile, SONYA FLADUN’s unhappy about self-serve supermarket checkouts, SILAS BROWN...
LAZY, disrespectful, selfish... that’s a common view of Generation Y, but FREYLA FERGUSON talks to a couple of successful young people who turn the stereotype on its head. Also this week, ROBERT MACKLIN spells out how and when Kevin Rudd will make his second run at The Lodge, LIBBY HILL discovers the superpowers of some woolly heroes called trauma teddies and CEDRIC BRYANT says it’s time to start pruning the garden.
"FOR the first time, it appears there's a real opportunity for a prominent centrist independent in the ACT to have a chance at ousting Liberal senator Zed Seselja." That's MICHAEL MOORE'S view and you read it here first.
WHAT was he thinking? PM Tony Abbott lauds local Labor’s tram plans and effectively derails the Canberra Liberals’ election hopes, writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.
HELEN MUSA lurves “Doc Martin”, so when the opportunity to exclusively interview the hit TV show’s star Martin Clunes arose, she was elbowing colleagues out of the way to secure the assignment. The result is a lovely interview and insight into the actor’s life, loves and hobbies. Elsewhere, LIBBY HILL looks at the compassionate Red Cross program that feeds 500 schoolchildren every morning and dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON discovers a place that’s in with the inn crowd. And in the garden, there is no rest as CEDRIC BRYANT puts us to work planting bulbs!
THIS week, meet the astonishing Canberra karate champion Reece Cummings. The equally astonishing cover photo of him is by HOLLY TREADAWAY.
CityNews 13 April
"I OFFER a way to turn your back on the cold, potentially embrace some romance and enjoy a jolly good, old-fashioned drink." Mulled wine, anyone? RICHARD CALVER has the recipe on Page 29.
"SURELY, it's time to consider whether or not Australia would be better served by extrapolating from the reservists’ model and applying it to our Rural Fire Service." An interesting idea from political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.
“SOMETIMES I don’t recognise my kids; they are so unlike me or my husband that we both wonder where they really came from,” writes Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN, beautifully capturing every parents’ wonderment at the emerging personalities of their children.
THIS week's cover subject, Leonard Weiss, was a good sport in providing lots of animated poses for star snapper HOLLY TREADAWAY, whose images were then entrusted to graphic designer KARL SPELLER, who meticulously built the wonderful published montage.

IS an absence of service sending customers away from department stores and on to the internet? It certainly is, says columnist SONYA FLADUN. Also in this week’s edition, MICHAEL MOORE explains why trounced Steve Whan’s political revival is wrong and JEFF HOUSE warns of the dangerous politics in the...

MICHAEL MOORE thinks political dependence on polling is corrupting what parties stand for, SONYA FLADUN’s survival seems to hinge on dodging her kids’ debris and ROBERT MACKLIN just can’t escape the influence of “MasterChef”. More of this and lots of that in this week’s edition.

CARLY-Jane Tozer is 23, married, has a baby, a house, her own business and has just been named the ACT’s young businesswoman of the year. In this week’s cover story, we meet a remarkable young women unafraid to take risks. And the success stories keep coming with our annual...
WHO can resist our Christmas rap? We ask believers what they want from Santa, while disbeliever ROBERT MACKLIN says, tell the kids the truth. SONYA FLADUN rehearses a lighter-stocking strategy and there’s a heart-to-heart with one of those people addicted to adorning their houses with coloured lights. Festive reading at its best. Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
"IT'S a sad day when after nearly 60 years on this planet you have to say that you do not want to see the sun come up ever again." Occasional "CityNews" pets columnist HEIKE HAHNER is suddenly homeless and despairing for her future. Her story is on Page 10.
AN ugly front cover this week tells an ugly tale of neglect around the preservation of the Starlight Drive-In sign, which appears to have given up all hope of being saved by falling from its plinth and crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, the election grinds on. MICHAEL MOORE trawls for a bit of “kiss and tell” and LAURA EDWARDS looks at what’s on offer in the health policies from the major parties. Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
Experienced car dealer DAVID ROLFE reckons his company's rates in Phillip will have jumped 100 per cent in three years – a grinding rise that seriously threatens the Melrose Drive motor trade.
DINING reviewer WENDY JOHNSON was enjoying lunch in Civic, until they started stacking the chairs around her; TIM GAVEL says that when it comes to sport, fame in the ACT is hard to find and gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT has a soft spot for the queen of climbers.
“THERE does seem to be an increasing element of testosterone-charged, lycra-clad belligerence that’s a menace on roads and footpaths,” writes Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN after a colleagues suffered a hit and run from an insensitive cyclist.
CityNews 29 September

Digital edition 29 September

“NEVER waste a crisis,” is the ethos of winemaker Ken Helm. And illustrated perfectly by his Murrumbateman winery's prize-winning rise from the devastating frost of October, 2014, which wiped out 85 per cent of his estate grapes. The story's in CANBERRA CONFIDENTIAL.





It’s time to make election slogans great again!

Every good election needs a decent catchcry. Every bad one does, too. It’s campaign time in the ACT and the slogans are coming thick and fast as BELINDA STRAHORN discovers.


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