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"THOSE in Canberra who don’t have a voice or, it seems, a champion have been abandoned by the Labor Party, ignored by the unions and are invisible to the Greens." JON STANHOPE points the finger at a government that he says should terrify you.

CONGRATULATIONS: Claire Connolly, the founder of the “green” graphic design house Papercut has been recognised by the Chamber of Women in Business as the Business Woman of the Year. And on the environmental theme, columnist TANYA DAVIES and snapper SILAS BROWN visit the remarkable Sustainable House. Also in this...

ALWAYS available and never judgmental, youth outreach worker and former real estate agent Peter Schwarz tirelessly helps vulnerable and at-risk young people by offering guidance, practical support or a shoulder to cry on. In this week’s paper, this remarkable man tells KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK that he’ll “help anyone who needs...
"IT'S annoying to constantly experience the culture within this ACT government that delivers a daily onslaught of spin… Don’t they realise how hollow they sound?" Columnist PAUL COSTIGAN maintains the rage on Page 10.

THIS week columnist TIM GAVEL confronts the worrying spectre of over-competitive parents and how they are ruining sport for kids. MICHAEL MOORE ponders the Chief Minister’s choices now Chris Bourke has joined her team. DON AITKIN traces the changing expectations of citizens, ROBERT MACKLIN finds himself full of useful...
"A more and more autocratic government is turning Canberra into a poor copy of Melbourne," says MICHAEL MOORE in a damning look at local planning.

DON AITKIN gnashes his teeth over the nonsense concept of a “popularly elected prime minister”, SONYA FLADUN shares her school-holiday research: Canberra’s public loos are a disgrace and MARK PARTON takes a hairy-chested approach to beating the dreaded lurgy.
BARR'S outburst must, at the very least, have his Labor Party colleagues wondering if they should remove him from the leadership and the head of the ACT government, writes MICHAEL MOORE

COVER girl Danielle Post has arrived to read the news at WIN TV and walked into a newsroom that’s got talent walking out. She’s unfazed, as she tells ELERI HARRIS: “Every newsroom goes through the phases of people moving on”. Elsewhere, this week there’s the heartbreaking story of three-year-old...
FASHION, politics, news, arts, socials and gossip from professional, experienced writers and photographers. A quality read for a quality reader. Enjoy.

Digital edition November 28

AFTER a spate of burglaries left the community of Florey unsettled last year, one brave local decided to write 100 letters to 100 residents in a bid to restore the northern suburb's community spirit. This lovely story's on Page 5.
JOHN GRIFFITHS spends a lunchtime in Civic watching the high-pressure sales techniques of the transient charity muggers – chuggers – in Civic; this week’s Grumpy columnist COLIN DALTON, of Harrison, is sick of Canberra’s untidy streetscapes and our snapper ANDREW FINCH gets a selfie with an amorous llama!
If you read one article in this week's edition, make it JON STANHOPE's blistering expose of how the ACT government's unrelenting war on community clubs is purposefully discriminating against men who play in club-supported sport.

WHAT strange (and wonderful) city we live in: ELERI HARRIS reports that the jackhammers are ringing out on London Circuit again and are likely to be back there by year’s end as two development plans seem to be colliding; and in a city where billboards are illegal, the bureaucratic...

Digital edition 17 December

“A very merry Christmas,
And a happy New Year,
Let’s hope it's a good one
Without any fear.”

John Lennon, “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”

Digital edition September 5

Radio station 2CC has a new drivetime announcer. Experienced broadcaster Leon Delaney is from the Gold Coast and is all ears to learn about Canberra. He spoke to DANIELLE NOHRA.
CityNews 5 October
COLUMNIST MICHAEL MOORE thinks Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris has stuck her political neck out in agreeing to pill testing at an upcoming music festival.
CityNews May 11
“IT'S about using my stutter as a strength, not a weakness," says life-long sufferer Ros Mullen, who is well on his way to being an eloquent and effective speaker. Page 3 has the story.

“I FELT like I had to be a well-groomed, calm and in-control mother… but I was frustrated, unsure and uncomfortable with my role as a mum.” That’s mum-of-two Megan O’Hehir, who talks frankly to MEGAN HAGGAN about post-natal depression. Elsewhere this week, there’s socials from the rain-soaked PM’s XI...
ROBERT MACKLIN is wringing his hands about free speech, TIM GAVEL doesn’t like League’s “Mad Mondays”, CEDRIC BRYANT declares it’s time to mulch and WENDY JOHNSON enjoys heaven on a plate for meat eaters... all part of another wonderful edition of columns, stories, arts and socials. Click and enjoy. Available also on your ipad or iphone.






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