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CHRISTMAS trees on sale in Costco, the Sydney publicist for Canberra’s daily paper’s annual fun run can’t spell “carillon” and Big Tobacco’s had a kick in the butt... what’s the world coming to? On the other hand, also in this week’s edition there’s CEDRIC BRYANT urging us to feed our plants, KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK and snapper SILAS BROWN reveal the first open garden for spring and LIBBY HILL meets an aspiring young silversmith. So, all in all, an edition worth reading. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
A GREAT week for busy reporters… STEPHEN EASTON says year 10 student Josh Goyne will ride his bike to Sydney to raise funds for stroke victims, inspired by his sick grandfather; LAURA EDWARDS discovers a growing support for the American football code gridiron; KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK visits a meditative garden in Griffith and arts editor HELEN MUSA previews the upcoming Canberra film festival.
The shelves at Canberra's largest emergency food charity are almost bare. St John’s Care at Reid is calling for urgent help to keep up with an increasing number of people in need. Story, Page 6.

DON AITKIN gnashes his teeth over the nonsense concept of a “popularly elected prime minister”, SONYA FLADUN shares her school-holiday research: Canberra’s public loos are a disgrace and MARK PARTON takes a hairy-chested approach to beating the dreaded lurgy.
CityNews 9 February
SWIMMING lessons exist in the ACT school system, but columnist TIM GAVEL says it appears to be ad hoc at best. "It is virtually up to the individual parent or school to decide if children are going to be taught how to swim," he says.
WE seem to be a city of ferment at the moment. This week our columnists and contributors analyse what's amiss with planning, heritage, trees, land deals and dangerous dogs.
CityNews 14 April cover
Horticulturist CEDRIC BRYANT says it’s time to put Canberra’s neglected street trees first by pruning the Arboretum cash. It’s a compelling argument.
HE went from an inspector in the police to a captain in the Salvation Army: in this edition Dale Murray tells LAURA EDWARDS of his compassionate journey from cuffing hands to holding them. Elsewhere, MICHAEL MOORE explains why the ACT election result will turn on preferences, ROBERT MACKLIN hails the crusade to raise the standard and status of teachers and TIM GAVEL growls at the fans who were so quick to turn on the Raiders. Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
KATE MEIKLE tells the amazing story of how a debilitating brain tumour propelled COLIN McCULLOCH into helping raise millions for charity.

An important DECADE of local political history drew to a close at a packed press conference in a chilly courtyard at the Legislative Assembly this week when Jon Stanhope, with almost perfect political timing, put the prospect of getting his spring garden organised ahead of pressing on as Chief...
"HELL on the high water" doesn't phase veteran, local yachtsman Erik Adriaanse as he faces his 29th Sydney-to-Hobart Yacht Race. He explains why to TIM GAVEL.
TEDDIES, dogs and mums are the victims of flint-hearted bureaucrats quietly turning off the family-fun cash and throttling the grassroots Round Town program. FREYLA FERGUSON shames them a little on Page 3. In CANBERRA CONFIDENTIAL, we catch up with former WIN TV newsreader Jessica Good, who has returned to town with a lovely surprise; arts editor HELEN MUSA previews the Latin Film Festival and our gardening guru CEDRIC BRYANT says it’s time to plan for fruit trees.
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ALL very seasonal this week – gardening guru CEDRIC BRYANT is planting now for spring’s rewards and Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN is dodging winter’s phlegm! Roll on summer, we say. Until then, get clicking...
THE grass is coming back to Green Square. After being chased by reporter LAURA EDWARDS for a response to an August letter from the Kingston traders unhappy about the square’s reviled drought-proof plants, the Chief Minister’s office told us on Monday they’d – ahem – “mislaid” the letter. By the time we published the story, this morning they have magically conceded to the return of the lawn. The Liberals are in lather of self-congratulation, but it was “CityNews” that was making the noise, Steve Doszpot.
CityNews 24 March
POLITICAL commentator MICHAEL MOORE pulls no punches: “It will only take one more serious thump to make it nigh on impossible for the Barr government to recover enough to win the election.” Trams and union deals come crowding in. It’s a column not to be missed. Page 4.
CityNews 23 February

Digital edition 23 February

NICHOLE OVERALL's done it again! Another smashing local history column, this time revealing the only man in Canberra ever sentenced to hang. Did he? Page 11 of this terrific edition has the answer.

NOW there’s a smile. On the front cover this week snapper SILAS BROWN has caught cancer survivor Ross Green’s lust for life and, inside, he tells reporter KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK: “Before the cancer you wouldn’t have even got me on a rollercoaster, but now I’m thinking about jumping out of...
Knock, knock. Who's there? No one, actually. Traditional election door knocking is, among other things, a casualty of campaigning in a covid world, reports BELINDA STRAHORN.

Digital edition 20 December

“MEN are uniquely unsuited to the business of politics. It should an occupation reserved for women.” Crazy or courageous? ROBERT MACKLIN makes his argument in our final, fabulous edition for the year.
MONGOLIA is celebrating its National Day and this week, in a special feature, we get a glimpse of what this remote nation gets up to every July. It might surprise you.
So might TIM GAVEL’s column, which features plucky 12-year-old Emily Ernst and her fight against the bureaucracy to keep playing rugby league with the boys.
And so might MICHAEL MOORE’s defence of the (unelected) families of politicians. There again, there’s always something to be surprised (and delighted) about in “CityNews”.
Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.





Student rag still fighting the good fight at 70

OUTRAGE, depravity, Menzies, Hawke, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the Telstra Tower shown as a phallus – they’ve all appeared on the covers of “Woroni”, the ANU’s student rag.


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