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CityNews 2 March
IN a big call, Pets columnist HEIKE HAHNER says: "Living without animals maybe more hygienic, less stressful, easier, cheaper or simply more convenient, but it's not normal."
MICHAEL MOORE hails a public servant who admits a mistake; TIM GAVEL looks at ways to get people out to winter games and Joe Roff tells DANIELLE NOHRA he has $500,000 to give away.
A JOYOUS edition, proof positive that spring has arrived and Floriade is poised to blow away winter’s grey cobwebs. Click on to the digital edition of Canberra’s favourite weekly magazine... Available also on your ipad or iphone.
A HEARTBEAT before the election was called, our veteran political columnist MICHAEL MOORE called it for Labor. This week, Kevin Rudd’s biographer (and “CityNews” columnist) ROBERT MACKLIN says the PM’s a goner, thanks in no small part to Rupert Murdoch. One of our writers is right, but which one? Time will tell.
CityNews March 9
WHICH name is applicable to a male presiding officer? It's a word of eight characters and "3 across" in this week's general knowledge crossword on Page 17.
"This government is sitting on another planet while residents are being subject to massive damages to the cherished urban fabric of our bush capital," writes PAUL COSTIGAN
CityNews May 26
“I AM not advocating for teachers to have to come in earlier, but maybe some more thought needs to be given to staggering school start times,” writes a seriously beleaguered Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN.
CityNews 30 March
"NOBODY goes into politics to be in opposition," Alistair Coe tells ROD HENSHAW in a profile piece on the new, determined ACT Opposition Leader.

We took one fabulous dress and persuaded four very different, well-known Canberra identities to model it in the name of Frocktober, the month-long awareness campaign for ovarian cancer. Snapper-to-the-stars SILAS BROWN got a page of lovely photos. For the rest of October, the dress (and the opportunity to have...
This edition comes with an alert from columnist NICHOLE OVERALL to keep an eye skyward, for history shows it’s the season for UFO sightings!
CityNews June 9
WHO knew of such a calling? The break-up recovery coach. FREYLA FERGUSON meets Joanne Fernance, who sees the possibility of emotional growth even when a relationship collapses.

HERE’S something to keep TAMS on its toes; a free iPhone application that lets you photograph and email a municipal problem instantly to Canberra Connect. We put it to the test and TAMS rose to the task! The story is on Page 3. Elsewhere, SONYA FLADUN is rightly gobsmacked...
JON STANHOPE was maligned by a flack from Shane Rattenbury's office. With devastating effectiveness, the former chief minister unpicks the current minister's integrity on Page 10.
MICHAEL MOORE reckons the major parties have only a minor interest in Canberra and in this week's column he's sharing a plan for ordinary voters to send them a message.

Digital edition December 12

SHANNON Mortlock is struggling to feed drought victims – the unwanted animals she has taken in to her not-for-profit sanctuary at Williamsdale. The pastures are bare and every spare cent she earns goes to buying feed, but she can't keep going without help. Page 3 has the story.
"SINCE the last election, the Labor-Greens government has been using every possible tactic to delay the onset of the Integrity Commission," writes MICHAEL MOORE who believes ACT voters have deliberately been kept in the dark over corruption.

WHAT strange (and wonderful) city we live in: ELERI HARRIS reports that the jackhammers are ringing out on London Circuit again and are likely to be back there by year’s end as two development plans seem to be colliding; and in a city where billboards are illegal, the bureaucratic...
GEORGE and Iris Barlin have been married for 75 years. That’s right, 75 years. Their blessed love story traces delightfully the evolution of Canberra, especially in this important year. Reporter STEPHEN EASTON and photographer SILAS BROWN spend a little time with this remarkable couple.
CityNews 23 June
Dietitian CLARE WOLSKI tackles the contentious health benefits of cows' milk, historian NICHOLE OVERALL reveals a local bushranger with a big reputation and KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK discovers that marching girls (and boys) are back.
“DIWALI is like Christmas. We exchange gifts and sweets, it’s an exciting family time,” says Deepak-Raj Gupta, president of the Canberra India Council. KATE MEIKLE explains all things Diwali on Page 18.





‘Wharfians’ master the right amount of comedy in tragedy

Each performer mastered the necessary stretch to get on top of the delicate balance between the comic and the tragic, writes reviewer JOE WOODWARD of the "The Wharf Revue: Good Night and Gook Luck".


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