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What to do and when to do it around Canberra’s gardens and homes

Delicate cyclamen or a fairy ready to fly?

Some of the tiniest plants have the most exquisite flowers, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Remember, it’s a big soak before planting

Always give shrubs from the nursery a good soak before removing them from the pot, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Cedric reflects on a decade of gardening advice

It’s been 10 years since gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT joined the team at ‘CityNews’, providing the best advice for local gardeners.

What’s not to like about hollyhocks?

In today’s gardens hollyhocks appear to be rarely grown. And yet they have a place in most gardens with large flowers on tall, stately stems up to two-metres tall, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

It’s a great time to grow natives

Many native plants are bred locally and perfectly acclimatised for this area, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Out of control and unruly, even in Cedric’s patch

Readers may assume I keep my garden immaculately. Not a weed to be seen and all the shrubs immaculately pruned? Far from the truth, this year, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Facing the future with a gardener’s optimism 

With the unseasonable weather, many plants were seriously confused, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Canberra’s year in the garden

We can grow a greater range of fruit trees, berries and edible crops than almost anywhere else in Australia, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Poinsettias are not just for Christmas

Poinsettia, with its brilliant red bracts, has been tied in with Christmas for centuries, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Banksias to take the breath away

The Botanic Gardens has the largest collection of native plants in the world, and now, the largest collection of banksias, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Time to plant dahlias and dianthus

Dianthus was once made into a 14th century plague treatment… perhaps we should try it, muses gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

The heights of cloud pruning

Cloud pruning, or shaping the plant to resemble clouds, is a Japanese concept known as Niwaki, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Austin’s ‘outstanding’ Olivia is rose of the year

The stunning soft-pink Olivia Rose Austin is a winner in every sense, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Open garden / Suzanne’s ‘unrestrained’ cottage garden

A DENSELY planted, shady cottage garden framing a 1925 pink weatherboard cottage in Bungendore will be open on the weekend of November 14-15, along with three other nearby gardens. 

Gardening / A golden garden surprise

Japanese barberry is the perfect accent plant, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Where the roses ramble and climb

An informal cottage garden with well-established rambling and climbing roses set among shrubs and mature trees will open this weekend (November 7-8) as part of Open Gardens Canberra's spring season.

Give growing blueberries a go

Every supermarket sells blueberries, but why not try growing them at home, suggests gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Gardening / The promise of a super spring

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says the promise of spring rain is setting the season up as the best in several years. 

Getting the hang of floral displays

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says it’s time to create floral displays in baskets or containers, which can last throughout autumn.  

Gardening / Colourful masses of cape weed 

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says conditions are perfect for colourful cape weed to bloom on the nature strips..





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