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What to do and when to do it around Canberra’s gardens and homes

Open Garden / Having designs on living sustainably

DESCRIBING their 10-hectare property in Bywong as “experimental”, landscape designers Jennie and Chris Curtis say they use their small farm as a way of...

Gardening / Time to make the most of camellias

AUTUMN is the time for planting camellias. When we had our Yass nursery, one customer expressed surprise we didn’t have a particular variety in...

Open garden / Emma’s garden where the children play

LARGE deciduous trees frame and shade Emma Kain’s garden, where the focus is on fun and creativity for her three children, aged 10, eight...

Do you want to clean without using chemicals?

THE Canberra Environment Centre is holding a chemical free cleaning workshop on Tuesday the 26th of August, where they will teach you how to...

Gardening / Delights of being in the garden

THIS is a delightful time in the garden with a succession of flowering shrubs complementing the burst of colour from perennials. I walked around...

Sad tinge to a beautiful garden opening

WHEN Maria White’s dear friend and running buddy Marg van Belkom was diagnosed with motor neurone disease last year, Maria decided to fundraise by...

The Death Cap Mushrooms are out again

ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Kelly today alerted the community that Death Cap mushrooms have been found in the ACT. Dr Kelly said...

Gardening / Winter joy of hardy hellebores

WINTER flowers are always in demand for colour in the garden and none more so than hellebores or “Winter Rose”. Although no relation, the name...

Gardening / Enjoying fuchsias before the fall

MAYBE it’s a strange time to talk about fuchsias, when in only a few weeks their leaves will fall. But it is a great...

Gardening / Fuchsia grows back into affection

FRENCH botanist Father Charles Plumier, considered one of the most important of the botanical explorers of his time, introduced fuchsia to the western world....

Liberals move for seperate water meters for unit owners

ALISTAIR Coe says many Canberrans living in complexes are paying unfair water bills because of laws that force them to split costs with other...

Open gardens / Rare glimpse of Braidwood gardens

AN 1850s flour mill, a thriving slow-food farm, properties steeped in history and newer gardens are among the attractions of this year's Braidwood Open...

Gardening / Cheerfully going to pot (plants)

THE popularity of indoor plants waxes and wanes with an upsurge in popularity at present. Not only here, but quoting from “The Garden”, the...

Open garden / Informal garden rich in nostalgia

Photos by Andrew Finch WHEN Fiona MacGregor moved into the house next door to her daughter and two grandchildren, the first thing they did was...

Gardening / A well-red column for Christmas

THE colour of Christmas is red, from the Father Christmas costume to plants decorating the Christmas table and poinsettia is also synonymous with its...

Gardening / Shadow over magnificent magnolias

MAGNOLIAS present a magnificent floral display in spring, particularly in the older southside suburbs, yet it's hard to imagine that in the wild they...

Gardening / Less rain means more love for birds

AS spring arrives our national floral emblem, Acacia pycnantha (or Australian Golden Wattle) patiently waits for warmer weather to fully open in flower. More of...

Gardening / The lazy days of summer gardening

THE next few weeks are a quiet time in the garden and, with the welcome rain of the last few weeks, most are looking...

Open garden / An invitation to relax

WITH a vast blue timber pergola drenched in purple wisteria, Els Wynen’s garden welcomes visitors straight away with an inviting place to relax. The slate...

Gardening / The call of coloured themes

FROM time to time, I am asked to create gardens with coloured themes, the most popular being the soft pastel flowers of pink, white,...





Cops search for driver of a blue and purple Mazda

The driver of a Mazda 6 sedan sped off when police attempted to stop it in Gungahlin on Monday (April 12) morning. 


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