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What to do and when to do it around Canberra’s gardens and homes

Truly time for holly to step up

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT remembers he'd forgotten to write about holly... for decades! 

Fabulous and floriferous

CHRYSANTHEMUMS and dahlias are two of autumn’s most floriferous plants. The small-flowered varieties of Chrysanthemums are just coming into flower in our garden. The origin of...

To plant or not to plant?

SOME weeks ago I mentioned plants listed in Shakespeare’s works. Here is the promised list of plants that you could either plant at random...

Gardening / Getting a workout from weeds!

I LIKE to think of gardening as a great form of exercise. In fact, there’s increasing evidence that those who garden live longer! Gardens...

Gardening / A fortnight to spring fever!

WITH just two weeks until the official start of spring and planting fever starts in earnest for gardeners. It’s that time when you get excited...

gardening / The priority is to get planting

AS the second month of a very mild winter begins, there is so much to do in the garden, but where to start? I think...

Why size can matter with hardy magnolias

MAGNOLIAS present a stunning floral display at present. They are also incredibly hardy and mine survived the drought with very few losses, if any.  It...

Get the cool, beautiful blues

BLUE flowers give the feeling of coolness, especially on hot, summer days. Blue is one of nature’s most beautiful colours. Blue flowers blend with...

Peonies, coming ready or not!

Peonies, pots, lawns and mulch catch the eye of gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT this week.
tree climbing

Climbing competition to cap Canberra Tree Week

THE Australian Capital Tree Climbing Championships is one of the highlights of Canberra Tree Week 2016 which will run from Monday May 2 to...

Appeal of the new ‘Bells’

THERE is great excitement in the plant world here in Canberra. On March 12, 2010 the then-Chief Minister Jon Stanhope announced the plant chosen as...

Property Council wants help converting offices into apartments

THE Property Council’s ACT Executive Director Catherine Carter says thousands of square metres of commercial office space can be converted to bring more residents...

Open garden / Informal garden rich in nostalgia

Photos by Andrew Finch WHEN Fiona MacGregor moved into the house next door to her daughter and two grandchildren, the first thing they did was...

When roses are red, fingers are blue…

A LOVE of roses is the driving force behind a small and dedicated group of gardening volunteers, who think nothing of getting up early...

Count to three, then chop

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT has some pruning advice.

Steps to a great garden

STEPS and retaining walls are an extremely important part of the landscaping for the many homes creeping up the hills in outer areas of...

Gardening / Walk this way – with a purpose

I’M often asked where I get ideas for my column. Well may you ask, having now produced more than 1600 of them since February,1986,...

Now, let there be bright!

HELLEBORES brighten up the winter garden. Interestingly, the colourful parts of the plant are sepals rather than petals. To get the best out of hellebores,...

How sheets led Sarah to a life in linen

VINTAGE patterned sheets from the 1970s are the inspiration behind Oh Mabel – a little linen label by Canberran Sarah Power. The 32-year-old public servant...

When daphne’s dreamy fragrance fills the room

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT loves the intense fragrance and winter flowers of daphne.





Last month saw five indigenous deaths in custody

Families of people who have died in custody are still pushing for CCTV footage, audio and photos linked to loved ones’ deaths to be released publicly, writes ALISON WHITTAKER. 


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