To be sure, pick your own bulbs

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT has a view about ordering bulbs on line. Don't!

Autumn and the leaves are likely to fall sooner

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT says the leaves are going to be falling earlier this year and summer is to blame. 

Truly time for holly to step up

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT remembers he'd forgotten to write about holly... for decades! 

Autumn’s afoot, asters are appearing!

Historical asters flower in late summer and throughout autumn, and they’re already popping up, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT. 

Celebrating the crinkled, colourful beauty of crepe myrtles 

Hardy crepe myrtle is long-flowering, suits small gardens and even the bark is stunning, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT

Time to give hellebores the ‘Chelsea chop’

Extreme, but effective… gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says it's time to cut back hellebore leaves to ground level.

Gardening / The summer of our discontent

There was rain, hail, dust, smoke and fire... it's been a challenging summer in the garden, says CEDRIC BRYANT. 

Back to the garden, but no despair!

NOW the holidays have mostly passed, it's time to reassess the garden and with the extremes of recent weather, it can be rather a pitiful sight.

Fill up the bird bath, blackbird has spoken

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT can’t imagine a garden without the sound and antics of birds.

Pleasing perennials for the Canberra climate 

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT suggests filling the garden with hardy perennials that thrive in the heat.

Drought-hardy cistus is a comforting sight

Cistus is the perfect drought-resistant plant and its large, fragrant flowers are stunning in early summer, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT

Cedric’s dreaming of a red Christmas

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT suggests presenting a brilliant show of real red plants for the Christmas table. 

Make the most of of summer watering

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT reveals the most effective method for watering garden beds in the face of a hot, dry summer.  

Flowering feijoa is simply the best

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says feijoa makes an excellent evergreen hedge. 

Trees take gardens to new heights

A garden is not really a garden without trees, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Climbing clematis thrives on neglect

Clematis is a magnificent climber that  thrives almost on neglect, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT. 

Banksias are the natives to beat

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT says Robert Brown could be Australia's forgotten botanist. 

Let’s talk about the bees and the trees

"I am repeatedly asked about the effect of climate change on gardening from individuals to groups. So let's consider a few facts..." here's this week's gardening column from CEDRIC BRYANT.

Every year, the annual decisions

Annuals have a place in most gardens; Floriade wouldn't survive without the infill of instant colour, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Gardening / Getting excited about perennials

Can anyone really get excited about new plants? Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says he certainly can, especially with the incredible range of perennials.





Virus crisis / ACT infections rise by nine to 62

THERE have been nine new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, bringing the ACT’s total to 62, but no evidence of local transmission.

ACT virus cases hit 80


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