Gardening / More to weeping than meets the eye

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT has some important advice about pruning weeping cherry trees

Gardening / Of beetles, elms and ash trees

MORE than 60 million Dutch elm trees have died over the past century, but in Australia we are fortunate to not have the disease...

Gardening / Lovely flowers for late summer

ONE of the most colourful flowering shrubs for late summer/autumn is crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica). With stunning colours from red to pink to white...

Gardening / A stinker, but not for perennials

A stinker of a hot summer maybe, but not for perennials, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Gardening / Spring bulbs are calling for attention

NOW, half-way through summer, it's time to start thinking about autumn planting. The next couple of months are a busy time for the home gardener...

Gardening / Make the most of watering

A NEW Year starts, but the garden’s new year began in spring when life emerged from the cold with a hundred shades of green...

Gardening / The lazy days of summer gardening

THE next few weeks are a quiet time in the garden and, with the welcome rain of the last few weeks, most are looking...

Gardening / A well-red column for Christmas

THE colour of Christmas is red, from the Father Christmas costume to plants decorating the Christmas table and poinsettia is also synonymous with its...

Gardening / Paws for thought in the garden

KANGAROO paws not only flower in summer, but some varieties can flower most of the year. One person who promotes kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos flavidus)...

Gardening / ‘Bells’ bring lots of flowers

CAMPANULAS or "Canterbury Bells", a favourite perennial in gardens for generations, flower from now until autumn and once the flowers finish the leaves remain...

Gardening / Fuchsia grows back into affection

FRENCH botanist Father Charles Plumier, considered one of the most important of the botanical explorers of his time, introduced fuchsia to the western world....

Gardening / Great tree for tight spots

WALTER Burley Griffin’s vision of a garden city has long given way to the bush capital, which has now been replaced by a concrete...

Gardening / Warm response as plants burst forth

IT takes just a few warm days and, suddenly, there's an explosion of growth in the garden. Bulbs, corms and rhizomes all store energy...

Gardening / The climbing ways of wisteria

WISTERIA is in all its glory in some places and, in others, coming to the end of its flowering period with its almost-overwhelming fragrance....

Gardening / There’s no stopping lilacs

LILAC is a hard plant to kill, which means it's one of those that anyone can grow successfully. It's almost a given that lilacs, renowned...

Gardening / Gardeners just want to have fun!

GARDENS shouldn't be solely focused on plants, but should be fun places for adults and children alike. Today I'm illustrating a couple of fun ideas;...

Gardening / In praise of rhododendrons

NATURE is truly amazing; no matter how hard the ground, bulbs have a way of pushing their leaves through in places that I cannot...

Gardening / Getting the yard spick ‘n’ span

AS we head towards warmer weather and the prospect of spending more time outdoors, now's the right time for spring cleaning in the garden. I've...

Gardening / Prune roses any time you like!

ROSES can be pruned at any time, it doesn't have to be traditionally at the end of August/early September. Some readers, who have attended...

Gardening / Spring delights of the pearl bush

SPRING is one of the most exciting times in the gardening calendar and the Pieris family, commonly called pearl bush (the panicles of flowers...




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