Gardening / Cheerfully going to pot (plants)

THE popularity of indoor plants waxes and wanes with an upsurge in popularity at present. Not only here, but quoting from “The Garden”, the...

Gardening / Time to make the most of camellias

AUTUMN is the time for planting camellias. When we had our Yass nursery, one customer expressed surprise we didn’t have a particular variety in...

Gardening / A well-red column for Christmas

THE colour of Christmas is red, from the Father Christmas costume to plants decorating the Christmas table and poinsettia is also synonymous with its...

Gardening / The lazy days of summer gardening

THE next few weeks are a quiet time in the garden and, with the welcome rain of the last few weeks, most are looking...

Gardening / Less rain means more love for birds

AS spring arrives our national floral emblem, Acacia pycnantha (or Australian Golden Wattle) patiently waits for warmer weather to fully open in flower. More of...

Gardening / Shadow over magnificent magnolias

MAGNOLIAS present a magnificent floral display in spring, particularly in the older southside suburbs, yet it's hard to imagine that in the wild they...

Gardening / Enjoying fuchsias before the fall

MAYBE it’s a strange time to talk about fuchsias, when in only a few weeks their leaves will fall. But it is a great...

Gardening / Delights of being in the garden

THIS is a delightful time in the garden with a succession of flowering shrubs complementing the burst of colour from perennials. I walked around...

Gardening / Fuchsia grows back into affection

FRENCH botanist Father Charles Plumier, considered one of the most important of the botanical explorers of his time, introduced fuchsia to the western world....

The easy-growing, sun lovers

SALVIAS make a wonderful display with many varieties flowering from spring to autumn and even into early winter.  Salvias belong to the mint family, Lamiaceae,...

Gardening / Sweet and seasonal, but why?

ST Patrick’s Day, on March 17, is traditionally the time to plant sweet peas. In Britain, St. Patrick’s Day is, of course, in spring. So,...

Gardening / When the rain comes…

REGULAR rain has been hugely beneficial for gardens and, combined with mild weather, many shrubs are flowering better than for several years. I'm hearing...

Gardening / Stressed trees start shedding leaves

WITH summer's heat and minimal rainfall our trees are suffering. As the water table continues to fall, trees are already starting to shed their...

Days of blossoms and new leaves 

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT is getting terribly excited about the extremely popular deciduous viburnums.

Get ready for rose planting

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT shares his tips for rose-planting preparation… pruning, saving, removing and replanting.

When roses are red, fingers are blue…

A LOVE of roses is the driving force behind a small and dedicated group of gardening volunteers, who think nothing of getting up early...

Lots of deciduous delights

SEEING the old-fashioned Tamarisk tetrandra with its soft-pink flowers on long racemes in older gardens is a reminder to discuss deciduous shrubs. In modern, instant...

Gardening / Unloved, but lovely to grow

UNLIKE today, fuchsias were all the rage in the late ‘60s and ‘70s and, like the large fuchsia nurseries abounding in NSW and Victoria,...

Gardening / Colourful option for the ‘Gaza’ strip

WHAT to do with the centre between the concrete strips for driveways? I know this sounds old-fashioned in today’s world of driveways with wall-to-wall...

Gardening / Make a big day of planting trees

THIS time of the year is perfect for planting trees, if for no better reason than Sunday, July 29, is National Tree Day (or...





Cathy arrives job-ready for Ausdance ACT 

Cathy Adamek is Ausdance ACT's first full-time director in five years, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.


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