Gardening / The lazy days of summer gardening

THE next few weeks are a quiet time in the garden and, with the welcome rain of the last few weeks, most are looking...

Gardening / The call of coloured themes

FROM time to time, I am asked to create gardens with coloured themes, the most popular being the soft pastel flowers of pink, white,...

Gardening / Time to make the most of camellias

AUTUMN is the time for planting camellias. When we had our Yass nursery, one customer expressed surprise we didn’t have a particular variety in...

Gardening / Delights of being in the garden

THIS is a delightful time in the garden with a succession of flowering shrubs complementing the burst of colour from perennials. I walked around...

Gardening / Winter joy of hardy hellebores

WINTER flowers are always in demand for colour in the garden and none more so than hellebores or “Winter Rose”. Although no relation, the name...

Gardening / Fuchsia grows back into affection

FRENCH botanist Father Charles Plumier, considered one of the most important of the botanical explorers of his time, introduced fuchsia to the western world....

Gardening / Shadow over magnificent magnolias

MAGNOLIAS present a magnificent floral display in spring, particularly in the older southside suburbs, yet it's hard to imagine that in the wild they...

Gardening / Cheerfully going to pot (plants)

THE popularity of indoor plants waxes and wanes with an upsurge in popularity at present. Not only here, but quoting from “The Garden”, the...

Gardening / Enjoying fuchsias before the fall

MAYBE it’s a strange time to talk about fuchsias, when in only a few weeks their leaves will fall. But it is a great...

Pretty as a ‘Poker’

KNIPHOFIA, commonly called “Red Hot Poker”, were very popular in the ‘60s but less so in the ‘70s. Like many plants they are a fad...

Hang on to scorched foliage

WITH the distinct possibility of more extreme heat before autumn, it is important not to cut back heat-affected foliage. This will only expose the soft...

Gardening / Colourful native plants miss the party

UNFORTUNATELY, Floriade still has no real displays of our wonderful range of native plants, which are bursting forth in colour at this time and...

Gardening / Taking care of tree ferns

UP to 80 per cent of tree ferns die due to lack of information about siting and watering requirements. Tree ferns, or Dicksonia antarctica,...

Gardening / A dry argument for gardens

AS we appear to be having increasingly longer periods of dry weather, it’s worth considering drought-tolerant plants for the garden. While some think them...

Good time to sort out the garden

Winter is the ideal time to reassess your garden. It’s looking bare, the leaves have fallen and there will be few flowers until the bulbs emerge in spring. Take take a slow walk around the garden and make plans, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Back to the garden, but no despair!

NOW the holidays have mostly passed, it's time to reassess the garden and with the extremes of recent weather, it can be rather a pitiful sight.

Gardening / In praise of kangaroo paws

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT shares his love of kangaroo paws. 

Choose greys in the garden for a contrast to colour 

Silvery-grey foliage and white flowers don’t have to be boring, says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

When roses are red, fingers are blue…

A LOVE of roses is the driving force behind a small and dedicated group of gardening volunteers, who think nothing of getting up early...

Joy down the garden path

I NEVER cease to enjoy a relaxing walk through the Botanic Gardens, considered by most in Canberra as “our” botanic gardens, although we do...





Kat speaks up about minority communities

Canberra activist Kat Reed hopes to raise the profile of diverse young people in the community after being recently named Young Canberra Citizen of the Year. 


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