Gardening / Passion to grow new plants

IT’S always exciting to see new plants appearing in garden centres. Often it’s not strictly a new plant, but a combination of crosses of existing...

Gardening / Dripping a way through heat

WOW, what a storm; I thought the roof of our carport was going to head skywards. It stopped almost as soon as it started,...

Gardening / Big fruit from small trees

A LACK of space is no impediment to enjoying fruit from one’s own trees. There is a range of miniature fruit trees that can...

Look out for the rare, red wattle

With some rare plants it’s best to buy them when you can. One such is Acacia leprosa “Scarlet Blaze”, the red wattle, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Fill up the bird bath, blackbird has spoken

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT can’t imagine a garden without the sound and antics of birds.

Spring brings the blackbird

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT is looking forward to the imminent arrival of spring and his favourite blackbird.

Pretty as a ‘Poker’

KNIPHOFIA, commonly called “Red Hot Poker”, were very popular in the ‘60s but less so in the ‘70s. Like many plants they are a fad...

Gardening: Making scents of a plant survey

THE UK’s Royal Horticultural Society recently invited its members to list their favourite scented plants for each season Thousands of online entries poured in for...

Gardening / Playing favourites with flowers

I AM often asked what my favourite flower is, particularly during garden talks. Taking the cue from the famous English gardener Christopher Lloyd: “My favourite...

Gardening / Why fruit trees need bees

WHEN planting fruit trees it is of the utmost importance to be aware of cross pollination. For bees to transfer pollen from one tree's...

Gardening / Paws for thought in the garden

KANGAROO paws not only flower in summer, but some varieties can flower most of the year. One person who promotes kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos flavidus)...

Gardening / Pioneers dug in for good

Canberra’s first gardening club is celebrating its 90th birthday and there is much to celebrate, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Beloved by birds and best in show

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT sings the praises of the dogwood.

Give growing blueberries a go

Every supermarket sells blueberries, but why not try growing them at home, suggests gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT.

Joy down the garden path

I NEVER cease to enjoy a relaxing walk through the Botanic Gardens, considered by most in Canberra as “our” botanic gardens, although we do...

Gardening / Flushed and ready for summer

“Normally, I recommend that one hour a week of drip watering is sufficient for most gardens, although new gardens may initially need several hours to build up the moisture levels," says gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT

Gardening / Hard talk about landscaping

AUTUMN is planting time but while it's still early days of the new season, it's also a good time to consider some hard landscaping,...

It’s time to be planting evergreens

“AUTUMN time is planting time”, as the saying goes, and time for putting in evergreen trees and shrubs., says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Every year, the annual decisions

Annuals have a place in most gardens; Floriade wouldn't survive without the infill of instant colour, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Get in quick for winter colour

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT suggests tough winter flowers to give the garden colour in the colder months.





Jazz graduate busks her way to a win

SECOND place-winner in the under-18s category, duo TacocaT, stole the show with their showbiz savvy when the Braddon Busking Competition for 2020 wound up...

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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