Gardening / The mighty bee battles chemical sprays

BEES are vital to the environment and a third of the food we eat is pollinated by bees. The value of insects pollinating crops and...

Gardening: Beware of the big-tree surprise!

  ANYONE buying a new home that has been landscaped by the builder and/or developer, beware. It would appear that trees are often purchased without the...

Gardening: A big show of happiness

“When visiting open gardens, look for simple ideas that have been used in parts of the garden," writes CEDRIC BRYANT

Gardening: The joy of perennial favourites

“From now and over the next couple of months perennials should be dug up and divided," says CEDRIC BRYANT

Gardening / Great news for small fruit trees

THE increasing availability of dwarf fruit trees, which can be grown in reasonable-size containers, is great news for people who live in townhouses with...

Gardening / Why fruit trees need bees

WHEN planting fruit trees it is of the utmost importance to be aware of cross pollination. For bees to transfer pollen from one tree's...

Good time to sort out the garden

Winter is the ideal time to reassess your garden. It’s looking bare, the leaves have fallen and there will be few flowers until the bulbs emerge in spring. Take take a slow walk around the garden and make plans, says gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Gardening / Perennials always hit the spot

PERENNIALS are still the best plants for filling in bare spots in a garden. I know that I rave on about them, but there’s a...

Gardening / Big burst of new-release roses

THIS is one of the most exciting times of the year for gardeners who love roses. The new season's choice is overwhelming with three...

Special winter flowerers in a season of their own

ONE special variety of winter-flowering clematis is Clematis cirrhosa “Wisley Cream”. It is so special that it has been awarded the prestigious Award of Garden...

Time to give hellebores the ‘Chelsea chop’

Extreme, but effective… gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says it's time to cut back hellebore leaves to ground level.

Floriade: Bec’s sustainable skills of living thriftily

THIS year Floriade has a bit of a radical streak, with a lot of “home and garden” ideas presented as ways to take action...

Gardening: Tall tales of unloved conifers

MANY people shun conifers and their appeal has been in decline in gardens for many years. All of which is unfortunate as they can, as...

The mowing program has been enhanced!

SHANE Rattenbury has announced the start of the enhanced 2015-16 Canberra-wide mowing program. “This season’s mowing program has commenced earlier than previous years to...

Gardening / The Old Dart goes bush

AUSTRALIAN native plants  are in huge demand overseas, especially from florists in the UK and Europe. Large quantities are shipped by air to meet...

Gardening / Hardy hydrangeas full of flowers

“I knew of one lady who sprayed the hydrangea dead flower heads with blue paint to give the appearance of them being in flower in winter!" writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT

Fireweed menace spreads to Coombs

CANBERRANS are again being urged to report infestations of the pest plant Madagascan Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) after it was discovered in Coombs. “Fireweed was discovered...

Gardening / Growing gardens in no time at all

HERE are two Canberra gardens started from scratch and developed in a relatively short time. Firstly, Aileen’s. She is retired and has established several gardens...

Gardening / Hail the mighty magnolias

ONE of the most magnificent plants about to flower are magnolias. Ranging from shrubs to small trees they need sufficient space to grow gracefully;...

Big news for little trees

THE National Bonsai and Penjing Collection at the National Arboretum Canberra has received a new selection of bonsai, including the uncommon cape cotton bush, after...





Reformed planning system will ‘protect’ Canberra’s character

Following community and industry concern, the ACT government will reform Canberra's planning system by simplifying it and making sure it protects the character and diversity of the city. 


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