Why size can matter with hardy magnolias

MAGNOLIAS present a stunning floral display at present. They are also incredibly hardy and mine survived the drought with very few losses, if any.  It...

Gardening / Unsprung, but spring’s here!

WHILE it’s September, so far as the weather is concerned, most gardeners don’t consider spring’s sprung until October.   However, nature presses on with bulbs...
strawberries feature cropped

Gardening / Strawberries come with some work

STRAWBERRIES would have to be the world’s most popular fruit and now's the perfect time to replant strawberries that have been in for more...

Gardening / Nasties that lurk in the garden

I WANT to look this week at some of the nasties in our gardens and how to deal with them. An excellent ACT government...

Gardening / Enjoying the fruits of mild weather

AFTER an amazing autumn, we’re now into the second week of winter and the mild weather continues. I am still picking tomatoes growing outside and...

Gardening / Busy time for trees and roses

THERE'S nothing quite like fruit off your own trees and the next couple of months will be the busiest time of the year for...

Get in quick for winter colour

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT suggests tough winter flowers to give the garden colour in the colder months.

Gardening / Time to start on summer veggies

AS I write, the temperature is predicted to be 27C in Canberra with snow in the mountains down to 1200m! However, it is fairly...

Gardening / Resist the seed temptation

Don’t try to bring seeds into Australia from overseas, the penalties are dire, warns gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.

Cedric names a new camellia

“CITYNEWS” gardening guru Cedric Bryant has unwittingly found a new camellia cultivar growing in his Canberra backyard, which has been formally registered with Camellias...

Gardening / Oh dear, what can the matter be?

TWO elderly ladies, dressed in their finery at the Chelsea Flower Show, were having a heated discussion on a plant-name pronunciation. According to the...

Gardening / Colourful masses of cape weed 

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says conditions are perfect for colourful cape weed to bloom on the nature strips..

Mystery of the missing moth

DESPITE the cooler summer, I have found no evidence of codling moth in our apples or invasion of fruit fly. Conversely, the mosquitoes just love...





Grant winners with a common goal of inclusion

On a day that celebrates people with disability and the contributions they make to the community, the ACT government has announced $125,000 worth of grants to create more opportunities for people with disabilities in the region.


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