Time to take stock of the pots

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT urges gardeners to check on any long-neglected pot plants.

Serious time to pick flowers

IT is easy to forget a forward planting program for summer flowers with spring bursting forth in all its floral splendour, Floriade and all...

A touch of Floriade at Cockington Green

Floriade has been reimagined this year, with sponsored plantings at more than 130 locations. Arts editor HELEN MUSA had a sneak preview at Cockington Green.

Garden that hangs around

HANGING gardens are ideally suited for balconies and townhouses. Note, I say “hanging gardens”, not hanging baskets. I see plenty of hanging baskets in gardens,...

Gardening / Gallery’s secret fern garden

THERE is a hidden treasure with plants forming the basis of a sculpture garden in Canberra. It is the Fiona Hall Fern Garden at...

Vale gardening guru Merylyn Condon

FORMER 2CC Garden Guru Merylyn Condon has passed away. Merylyn was a part of the on-air team at 2CC for over 7 years and only...

Gardening: Make the most of magnolias

  RIGHT now, magnolias present a stunning sight; the abundance of flowers almost outshines any other plant, just look at the illustrated display of Magnolia...

Gardening / Colourful rewards of patient years

  IT takes years of crossing and recrossing hundreds of plants before they are ready for commercial production and sale. To illustrate, here are two examples...

Gardening / Hail the mighty magnolias

ONE of the most magnificent plants about to flower are magnolias. Ranging from shrubs to small trees they need sufficient space to grow gracefully;...
wildflower ramble

Black Mountain Wildflower Ramble this Saturday

WILDFLOWER lovers are asking the public to join them for the Burbidge/Chippendale tradition of celebrating the spring flowering with the 44th annual Black Mountain...

How Elizabeth turns tomatoes into zucchinis

A VEGGIE-growing challenge has become much more for public servant Elizabeth Goodfellow, who started the 100 kilos Summer Veg Challenge at Bowning, north of...

Gardening / When things go to pot, the pots get going

THIS summer has been a swift learning curve for old-timers like me, gardening for half a century, right through to those new to gardening....

Pop-up for summer: Sculpture Garden restaurant revived

LAUNCHING what new NGA director Gerard Vaughan called calls "a reformulation of the Sculpture Garden restaurant", media and gallery staff today joined food mover...

Gardening: A big show of happiness

“When visiting open gardens, look for simple ideas that have been used in parts of the garden," writes CEDRIC BRYANT

Gardening / 50 shades of grey, sort of

RED, orange and yellow flowering plants are out; pinks, whites, mauves and purples are definitely in with contrasting silver or grey foliage. That’s the feedback...

Blossoms that herald spring

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT has some suggestions of picking the best blossom trees to welcome the spring.

Gardening / Passion to grow new plants

IT’S always exciting to see new plants appearing in garden centres. Often it’s not strictly a new plant, but a combination of crosses of existing...

The joys of gardening in Canberra’s special climate

WELCOME to a new year of gardening. Ours is a wonderful climate of seasons, cold in winter, some hot days in summer and a...

Gardening / Lovely flowers for late summer

ONE of the most colourful flowering shrubs for late summer/autumn is crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica). With stunning colours from red to pink to white...

Gardening: Howard’s way with tomatoes

TOMATOES are the most popular grown vegetable or fruit, whichever you prefer, around the world. The range of varieties is astounding, none more so than...





Passionate Maria goes the extra mile for clients

Real-estate agent Maria Selleck is passionate about Canberra property and believes her reputation for integrity and fair dealing is second to none. This is...


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