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What to do and when to do it around Canberra’s gardens and homes

High and mighty renovation

HIGH ceilings with clerestory-style windows to maximise daylight and a family-friendly kitchen feature in Christine Mercer and Martin Wardrop’s contemporary, sustainable extension on their 1950s red-brick house in O’Connor. The house has been entered in […]

Feast for the senses

WITH fragrant lavender lining the driveway, foliage aromas from scented-leaf geraniums and herbs including mint, rosemary, thyme, basil, coriander, marjoram, oregano and sage, Barbara Preston’s shady O’Connor garden is a feast for the senses. “I […]

1Open Garden Bungendore-0077

Living the good life

“It’s not about self-sufficiency, as such – we believe in self-reliance and mutual dependence,” says David Watson, whose Bungendore farm, Mill Post, is a working livestock property that incorporates a wildlife refuge. It will be […]