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Clues to kids’ loos

FAMILIES are increasingly opting for a dedicated children’s bathroom and while the temptation is to go small and low in fixtures and fittings, parents...

Garden / In praise of the lovely lilac

  ANYONE can have a wonderful spring garden, just look at Floriade, but the real challenge for gardeners is maintaining colour throughout the year. A stunning,...

Made in China and a big hit for centuries everywhere

THE outstanding Osmanthus fragrans is a Chinese plant that became an instant hit when introduced to British gardens in 1771 by the famous plant...

Gardening / Conifers get some good press

CONIFERS are among the oldest living plants in the world. For example, 4500-year-old specimens of the ancient Bristlecone Pine, Pinus longaeva, battle the elements in...

Lisa’s love of mod and whimsy

“MY husband has no interest in decorating – he doesn’t see what the big deal is,” says Lisa Barrett, stay-at-home-mum and the creative mind...

Is Cedric mad or what?

“AM I mad or what?” says “CityNews” gardening guru Cedric Bryant of his decision to open his Watson garden to the public in the...

Laid-back home of stories, treasures and warm soul

“EVERYTHING here has a history, a soul, a story to it, and I love that,” says Nanette Louchart-Fletcher of her laid-back and welcoming Higgins...

Gardening / Amazing selection of new-season roses

ROSE-planting time has arrived and the selection of new roses for 2016 is amazing. Australia has many world-class rose growers including Swane's (NSW), Treloar's (Victoria)...

When Teresa goes hunting for treasure

WITH an elegant home full of eclectic, antique gems, Red Hill dressmaker and bargain hunter Teresa Zarlenga says she would never walk into a...
valentine ant

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than looking for ants on Mount Majura?

YOU could find the love of your life this Valentine’s Day at a special guided activity searching for the valentine ant on Mount Majura....

New Anzac Hebe goes on parade

“GARDEN”, from the French “jardin”, by definition in the dictionary is “a piece of ground for the cultivation of plants, herbs, fruit, flowers or...

Open Garden / Ursula’s secret garden of memories

Photos by ANDREW FINCH   COMPLETELY hidden from the road, Ursula Reid’s secret Queanbeyan garden backs on to the river and features a riverside walkway, a...

The passion for peonies

PEONIES are aptly described as: “Whilst the flowers of the tree peony are extravagant and sumptuous, the herbaceous kinds are smaller, but have a...

Glorious colours complete the autumn picture

Gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT loves to potter among the flowers on cool autumn days.

Open Garden / Trudy’s year-round, edible garden

Trudy Yogini has created year-round, edible garden in Ainslie and it's open to the public soon.

Truly time for holly to step up

Gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT remembers he'd forgotten to write about holly... for decades! 

Fabulous and floriferous

CHRYSANTHEMUMS and dahlias are two of autumn’s most floriferous plants. The small-flowered varieties of Chrysanthemums are just coming into flower in our garden. The origin of...

Yes, but Emily didn’t have to dig the bluebells up!

Despite Emily Bronte's affection for them, gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT has a word of warning about the English bluebell; it spreads like wildfire and could be a menace for the small garden.  

Tina’s ‘healing’ garden of plants and mosaics

Gardening is healing for mosaic artist Tina van Raay, whose Campbell garden is her expression space, art gallery, meditation zone and respite for friends and family. 

Open Garden / Boulders and bush, but nicer

AN excellent Australian native garden in Calwell has been designed as a continuation of Tuggeranong Hill bushland. Interesting form and foliage is a hallmark of...





Extension of out-of-home care to age 21 to prevent ACT homeless

A fear that teenagers unable to live with their families could "end up homeless, jailed or as new parents" all within 12 months of leaving out-of-home care has prompted a call for accommodation be lifted and apply to needy 21 year-olds.


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