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Canberra Confidential / Cartoonist pulls no punches

WHAT to do with a pair of boxer Mike Tyson’s jeans? That was the creative challenge “CityNews” cartoonist Paul Dorin faced recently as he...

Review / ‘Hail, Caesar!’ (PG) ***

INITIALLY, Hollywood studios didn’t make movies. They made money. And took themselves very seriously in an industry waxing fat making shadows on a screen...

Canberra Confidential: Watch your step in Civic

THE pack-up after an event the size of the Multicultural Festival is a gigantic job and it's accomplished with impressive speed, but CC wonders...

Canberra Confidential / Merry Christmas, everyone!

BAH, humbug! It’s getting to look a bit too much like Christmas too soon. As CC chases this column’s deadline (in September), we wonder...

Canberra Confidential: Over before it starts

MUST be the stress of being in the ratings period, but the conditions for much of MIX106.3’s listener-attracting on-air competitions seem to suggest no...

Canberra Confidential

Throwing in the Towell “CANBERRA Times” reporter Noel Towell got an uncomfortable mention in a Federal Estimates hearing last week when Labor Senator Kim Carr...

Canberra Confidential / When mother knows best

“MY hero is Mum. When I got my own police station she knitted me a teddy bear. I was hoping for a coffee mug,”...

Canberra Confidential: Shufflin’ in Kingston

"LOOK who I ran into?" says reader Donna McMillan, who was more than a little surprised to find LMFAO's Redfoo - in his trademark bright...

How much is that doggy…

HOW much is that doggie... what the!!!? Snapper Silas Brown was loitering in Fyshwick when he happened across a commercial furniture store with this,...





Lake Burley Griffin gets a $3 million makeover

Construction and repair work worth $3 million has started on Lake Burley Griffin's more than half a century old lake walls.


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