Canberra’s politicians get a pay rise amid entitlement changes

THE ACT Remuneration Tribunal has determined that the denizens of the Legislative Assembly are in need of a pay rise. The tribunal considered the Wage...

Team Zed’s got the message

Zed says you asked for it and the Liberals say they’ve ‘absolutely’ got it: A strong, hard-working, unified team. As they turn into the...

Brendan rails against the LVC

THE Liberals' Brendan Smyth has taken umbrage with the idea that developers making huge windfalls from rezoning should pay something back to the community. “As...

Liberals promise to duplicate William Slim Drive

ALISTAIR Coe says a Canberra Liberals Government will duplicate William Slim Drive from Ginninderra Drive all the way to the Barton Highway. “The Canberra Liberals...

Concerns Telopea Park School’s oval is to be redeveloped

PARENTS and carers of children at Telopea Park School are concerned about the ACT Government's plans to sell part of the school's historic Montgomery...

Determined Coe starts the long, hard slog

“NOBODY gets into politics to be in opposition.” So says ACT Liberal Opposition Leader Alistair Coe. It’s an ironic observation given that all of...

Money flows in for the Parties

ELECTIONS ACT has released the political party's annual returns. Labor is out in front with $289,088 in gifts and $305,466 in other receipts for a...

Brendan laments the payroll tax shambles

SHADOW Treasurer Brendan Smyth is not impressed by recent manoeuvrings over changes to payroll tax. "Even with the government’s announcement on the 24th of June...

So what went wrong for the Northbourne trees?

THE Liberals' Alistair Coe is asking unkind questions about the Government justifications for clear felling the urban forest of Northbourne Avenue to make way...

Barr extends developers’ tax holiday

ANDREW Barr says the ACT Government will stand up for Canberra against Liberal government cuts by adding another two years to a stimulus package...

Planning tweaks introduced

MICK Gentleman has introduced an omnibus bill that makes a number of minor changes to Environment and Planning Directorate (EPD) legislation. “The Planning, Building and...

Stanhope / Strategy signals end of hope for young families

"The strategy ignores almost everything that the community has told the government about its housing choices and will in fact deliver the exact opposite of what the community asked for.

Public asked to pay more to political parties in electoral reforms

SIMON Corbell has tabled two reports into the ACT Electoral Act and introduced legislation making changes to the electoral system. The Attorney-General announced that...

Moore / Government’s outrageous attack on planning

"In an outrageous attack on the Territory’s planning leasehold and economic sustainability, the University of Canberra is being given a free hand by the ACT government to commercialise its land," says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Law Reform Advisory Council call for major changes to discrimination law

A REVIEW of discrimination laws in the ACT has recommended fundamental changes to help the community fully understand discriminatory conduct. The review of the Discrimination...
floriade bubblers

A tap installed at Floriade merits a joint media release

SHANE Rattenbury and Katy Gallagher have, with a week and a half left to run at the event, announced the installation of a glorified...

Hanson on Barr’s ‘vicious personal attacks’ and ‘perceptions of a smell’

JEREMY Hanson says it is not good enough that Andrew Barr has responded with vicious personal attacks following questions about the mounting perceptions of...

The Greens on drugs

THE ACT Greens have announced their plan to trial pill testing at festivals and host a drug law reform summit in the ACT. "The...

Moore / Time to grasp prison needles

“This is a health and human rights issue rather than a moral issue. The issue is not just one for warders, although they are integrally involved in the well-being of prisoners, it is one for the whole community," says columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Needles still hard for Labor

“It is entirely inappropriate that the prison officers should be the ones making decisions about the spread of disease,” writes MICHAEL MOORE





Movie review / ‘Made in Italy’ (M)

In "Made in Italy" Liam Neeson plays Robert, an artist whose painting career is stalled and whose spirit is depressed. Does it get any better? Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD has the answer.


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