Does Canberra need more taxis?

ACT Greens spokesperson on transport Amanda Bresnan hangs out with Dickson taxi driver Peter to find out more about driving this town around.

Liberals promise blinky lights

ALISTAIR Coe and Jeremy Hanson are promising that if elected to government the Canberra Liberals will improve safety for children by installing flashing signs...

Libs request Ombudsman review of Speaker

LIBERAL MLA Alistair Coe (pictured) has written to the ACT Ombudsman requesting a review into the practices and decisions made by the Speakers' Office...

Mud flies in a tit-for-tat tussle

LABOR’S John Hargreaves has the propensity to put his foot in his mouth. He is no longer a minister. He is no longer Government...

Coe confronts drones

THE ACT Government’s point-to-point speed cameras can be used for car tracking by unmanned aerial vehicles or "drones",  according to minutes released under freedom of...

Grattan / Politics podcast: Katy Gallagher on transitioning from chief minister to senator

Former ACT chief minister Katy Gallagher, now a federal Labor senator with new responsibilities in the shadow ministry, admits she has found the jump...

Coe blames Rattenbury for slow buses

ACTION’s performance has deteriorated under Shane Rattenbury’s first year in charge, with not one performance indicator showing improvement, says Liberal transport spokesman Alastair Coe. “ACT Government annual...

Budget axe falls on ACT Health

Chief Minister Gallagher has said the Commonwealth Budget contains huge cuts in funding to the ACT's health system. “The Abbott Government has unilaterally walked away...

A small sum for domestic violence from the ACT Government

SIMON Corbell has announced an extra $300,000 in funding to address family and domestic violence. The funding from the Confiscated Assets Trust Fund will...

ACT Budget: No ‘slash and burn’ as deficit lives on

Government cannot “save the city from the Federal Liberal Party”, says Treasurer Andrew Barr

ACT QT: Liberals laughing, leadership spills

Who are the suits sitting in the chamber and what have they done with my beloved Opposition?

Contradictions fly as Mrs Fluffy gears up to run for Labor

THE "Canberra Times" has the bombshell news that the convenor of the Fluffy Owners and Residents' Action Group, Brianna Heseltine, has joined the Labor...

Independent Joel McKay wants a dragway

JOEL McKay, independent candidate for Brindabella, is calling on the next ACT Government to fund a new Canberra International Dragway.? “For many years now, Canberra...

Minority Government is no unstable black sheep

At an ACT Greens orchestrated "Dynamic democracy" forum in the Legislative Assembly this afternoon, Crikey's Bernard Keane and University of Tasmania academic Kate Crowely strung together the oddities of Australia's current political character under the banner "How minority governments have changed the political landscape in Australia".

Teachers to stop work

ACT school teachers are expected to stop work next month to support the Independent Education Union's push to close the pay gap between ACT...

More shameless spin hides the wasteful West Basin plan

"The West Basin makeover by the ACT government is a huge national insult being carried out in the name of urban design," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN

Call to arms to fight Fyshwick waste centre

"The community council in partnership with the Fyshwick Traders are pointing out the obvious, that there is the potential for an increase in damaging air quality and noise," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

A review into domestic violence deaths

SIMON Corbell says the Domestic Violence Prevention Council will undertake a review into domestic violence deaths in the ACT. “The review will consider actual cases...

Moore / Meegan puts her neck out to keep kids safe

"No matter how much flack she takes, the Health Minister can rest easy having taken evidence-based action to keep young people as safe and healthy as possible," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Housing crisis brought to you by Andrew Barr

"The housing affordability crisis in Canberra is in large measure a direct consequence of decisions deliberately taken by Andrew Barr and his Labor and Greens colleagues to abandon Community Housing Canberra," writes former chief minister JON STANHOPE.





Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

They get some odd characters at the COVID-19 testing sites...

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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