Andrew Barr does away with the EPIC board

ANDREW Barr has announced he's legislating to abolish the showground board. "Legislation introduced in the Legislative Assembly today will pave the way for the integration...

The fight for Mary Porter’s seat begins

THE ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green says the name of the candidate elected to replace Mary Porter in the ACT Legislative Assembly should be...

Moore / Elections get a strong dose of health

“The Coalition government has made a rod for its own back by attacking family doctors in a manner that has turned long-term allies into antagonistic forces," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Gallagher calls for urgent meeting with PM

CHIEF Minister Katy Gallagher has requested an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the impacts  of the Federal Budget on the Territory. Ms...

Greens push terror changes

THE ACT Greens are proposing the ACT Government remove preventative detention from counter terror laws, which currently allow the state to detain people without...
joy burch launching arts policy

Parton / The wobbly Joy of being a minister

“Being a government minister requires the same skillset as the CEO of a major corporation and those skills don’t grow on trees, " writes columnist MARK PARTON

Moore / Needles still hard for Labor

“It is entirely inappropriate that the prison officers should be the ones making decisions about the spread of disease,” writes MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Government’s outrageous attack on planning

"In an outrageous attack on the Territory’s planning leasehold and economic sustainability, the University of Canberra is being given a free hand by the ACT government to commercialise its land," says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Hanson calls for Mr Fluffy Board of Inquiry

JEREMY Hanson is calling for a Board of Inquiry into the Mr Fluffy fiasco after work on a long term solution is complete. "The Mr...

Gallagher no confidence fail

The Federal Election campaign has been referred to as dull and lifeless, but for a pleasant change Canberra’s local politics this morning was anything but.

A housing election for 2016?

THE peak bodies ACTCOSS and ACT Shelter have joined forces to unveil a year long campaign on Canberra’s housing affordability crisis. “We’re inviting Canberrans to...

Moore / When pollies get the vision thing

“The 'SkyTran' system could have people coming to the city from Gungahlin in driverless, car-sized pods in a fraction of the time light rail would take," writes politician columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Political survival may turn on social media

“Innovative use of social media seems to be the hallmark of Barr. He works this form of media relentlessly," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Jayson Hinder duly anointed to take Mary Porter’s seat

ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green says Jayson Hinder is set to replace Mary Porter in the ACT Legislative Assembly. The names of the candidates who...

Libs plan ‘no-confidence’ move on Barr

TREASURER  Andrew Barr has been accused of being "deceptive and secretive" over what the Opposition claims is a reluctance to be transparent, participative or collaborative about...

Shane tables his medical marijuana legislation

SHANE Rattenbury has tabled an exposure draft bill that would give Canberrans access to medical cannabis. “Since I released this legislation in July this year...

Brendan rails against the LVC

THE Liberals' Brendan Smyth has taken umbrage with the idea that developers making huge windfalls from rezoning should pay something back to the community. “As...

Exposed: Barr’s $3 billion budget black hole

"Since releasing the debt genie from its bottle in 2013 net debt in the ACT has ballooned to Skywhale proportions… As of today, every Canberra household is nominally indebted for $18,000 to cover the repayment cost of the existing debt," writes JON STANHOPE.
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A draft biosecurity strategy awaits Canberrans’ input

SHANE Rattenbury has released a draft "Biosecurity Strategy for the ACT" for public consultation. “A biosecurity outbreak like equine influenza could threaten our local animals...

Enormous consortia vie to own Canberra’s courts

SIMON Corbell and Andrew Barr have joined up to let us know they shortlisted two large groups of companies that are not bidding to...





Beating the iso-blues at the zoo

THE tigers are getting restless, the cheetahs are lonely and the meerkats are bored... since the National Zoo and Aquarium was forced to close on March 25 because of COVID-19 restrictions some of the more sociable animals are missing out on seeing people pass by every day. 


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