Joy Burch resigns from Cabinet, but will seek re-election

MAKING way for a very serious cabinet reshuffle in the ACT Government Joy Burch has announced she is leaving cabinet, but will seek re-election...

Spilling the family into a public life

Katy Gallagher’s sister, exposed through the Canberra Hospital controversy, joins a long and involuntary list of ‘useful’ political relatives, says MICHAEL MOORE

Stanhope / Strategy signals end of hope for young families

"The strategy ignores almost everything that the community has told the government about its housing choices and will in fact deliver the exact opposite of what the community asked for.

Liberals concerned about ACT income tax

BRENDAN Smyth says the Canberra Liberals are calling on the Chief Minister to rule out levying his own income tax increase. “Andrew Barr looks to...

Mary Porter tucks her baton back in the napsack

LONG serving Labor back bencher Mary Porter has been moved to inform the media that she has her "FEET FIRMLY ON THE GROUND" and...

Stanhope rides forth to savage Labor over refugee policy

FORMER ACT chief minister Jon Stanhope has strongly criticised Labor’s recent hard line on asylum seekers and refugees, saying the party’s policies on mandatory...

Andrew Barr off to New Zealand to plead the airport’s case

ANDREW Barr says he's heading to New Zealand this week to meet Ministers in New Zealand and their tourism and aviation industry representatives to...

Katy Gallagher nominated to the Senate unopposed

ACT Labor’s Administrative Committee has endorsed Katy Gallagher to replace Senator Kate Lundy as the Labor Senator for the ACT. “At the close of nominations,...

When Mal walked away

Now in his 40s, MARK PARTON’S learnt that you can’t trust random emails from people from Nigeria, car salesmen with white shoes and pretty much every elected member of every parliament in the nation...

Shane stands up for live music

SHANE Rattenbury is moving in the Assembly for the Government to develop a policy to support live music and events in our community. “Live music...

Katy bowing out. In words and pictures

CHIEF Minister Katy Gallagher announced her impending departure from the Legislative Assembly at lunchtime today in the Assembly Courtyard. Getting down to brass tacks Katy...

Brendan wants a Parliamentary Budget Officer

BRENDAN Smyth says the Canberra Liberals will introduce legislation to establish an independent Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) to provide clarity and non-partisan analysis of...

Finally Canberra gets Forensic Mental Health Orders

CHIEF Minister Katy Gallagher has announced the passage of new laws surrounding mental health. “These laws are culmination of seven years of work which involved...

Can tweet-happy Shane deliver on prison reform?

"Shane Rattenbury is a Minister. He has the wherewithal and the responsibility to put his own words into action. Failure to do so reflects complacency and incompetence as a minister," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE. 

Meegan Fitzharris heads to the Assembly floor

ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green says Andrew Barr's Chief of Staff Meegan Fitzharris is set to replace Katy Gallagher in the ACT Legislative Assembly. Australian...

Moore / Jostling for a shot at the polls

“Reaching out to the people and building a personal profile through such methods as door knocking, media, social media and community involvement are key to success," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

$600 million to change a life?

DESPITE spending thousands of dollars trying to bully a paltry number of twitter followers into believing a tram is a universal panacea, the Government...

Hanson once again calls for Joy Burch’s resignation

JEREMY Hanson has again called for Joy Burch to resign or be dumped from Cabinet and for Andrew Barr to cut ACT Labor’s financial...

Liberals to stick to renewable energy targets

NICOLE Lawder says that if elected the Canberra Liberals will continue with the current legislated targets of 100 percent renewable energy for the ACT...

Gallagher shows some spine

There are no votes in supporting prisoners, but Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, who is also Health Minister, has put public health in front of politics with the announcement of a needle and syringe program for the ACT prison – a big step in terms of public health, says MICHAEL MOORE




Legislation expands opportunities for nurse practitioners 

Nurse practitioners are now equal to a doctor, dentist or eligible midwife when it comes to being reviewed and credentialed for clinical privileges.

Peonies, coming ready or not!


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