Government neglect makes the hospitals sick

"If you are one of the 40 per cent or so of Canberrans who don't have private health insurance and given the government's clear disdain for you and your healthcare needs, do you wonder why you would ever vote for the Labor or Greens parties ever again?" writes JON STANHOPE.

Travellers’ covid ban to the ACT extended until January 6

Restrictions for travellers coming from Greater Sydney including the northern beaches, Central Coast and Wollongong to Canberra have been extended by a further week.

Kiss goodbye to that big, family wedding

In the age of coronavirus, only tiny weddings are allowed and the extended family barbecue is out, says MICHELLE GRATTAN

AstraZeneca rolls out in the ACT

A few Canberra Health Services doctors were the first to receive an AstraZeneca vaccine this morning (March 10), marking the beginning of its rollout. 

Barr’s breath of fresh air on wellbeing

Provided it isn’t hijacked by self-interest, a new health initiative has the potential to take Canberra to the highest possible level of wellbeing in the world. Not a bad goal, says MICHAEL MOORE.

ACT’s covid response gets a $63 million boost

The ACT government is giving Canberra’s COVID-19 health response and services a $63 million boost.

‘Deadly’ mushrooms on the rise, warns health chief

The growth of poisonous death cap mushrooms is expected to increase heading into autumn, sparking a warning from Canberra's health chief. 

Health figures reveal an uncaring ACT government

"Chief Minister Andrew Barr and his neo-liberal Labor and Greens colleagues have, in real terms, pumped huge amounts of money out of acute health care since 2012," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

Canberrans encouraged to seek mental health and wellbeing help

A community group is leading the way to encourage Canberrans to look after  their mental wellbeing after a difficult year.

Government steps up duty to protect residents on two fronts

The ACT government has hired more medical staff to assist in testing Canberrans against COVID-19 cases. 

Death cap mushrooms sprouting early this year in Canberra

Canberrans have been warned against picking and eating death cap mushrooms that can prove fatal.

Two-thirds of schools at risk of lead contamination

"The Education Directorate is aware of the presence of lead paint and other hazardous materials across our school network – we don’t need to order inspections because we know where the hazardous materials are".

Don’t be complacent ACT on covid cases: Health Minister

The ACT government are considering contingency plans should concerns that an unexpected coronavirus outbreak could affect vulnerable Canberrans.

ACT Health continues rollout despite AstraZeneca concern

Fears over one of two vaccines in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus has been dismissed by government authorities in Canberra. 

Canberrans stuck inside Brisbane for three days during outbreak

Canberrans trapped in Brisbane during the city's three-day COVID-19 lockdown have been advised to follow Queensland government's public advice "unless it is absolutely essential for you to return".

Virus crisis / Hotel quarantine greets homecomers

Hotel quarantine for returning Aussies and 'hibernation' assistance for businesses is the latest in the COVID:19 battle reports MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Eight Canberrans to remain in quarantine longer than 14 days

ACT Health officials in charge of quarantining returning Canberrans from overseas are taking no risk with public health.

For heaven’s sake, it’s quarantine, not prison

"Listening to whingers complain about hotel rooms and the food delivered for them gets up my nose. And drawing a prison comparison is hyperbole. Anyone who has been in a prison must have been cringing at such a ludicrous comparison," writes MICHAEL MOORE.

When political points trump the public’s health

"There are questions voters need to ask themselves going into the ACT election: who will prioritise health and life? Who will provide leadership in resilience, tenacity, dynamism, agility and social consciousness?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Canberra nurse talks up an historic first COVID-19 vaccine

Most vaccinations are obscured from prying eyes, delivered behind a bed screen or a surgery curtain.





Daly’s wonderful forms and perfect glazes

Greg Daly is one of Australia’s foremost ceramicists and has forged a special position with lustre glazes, writes reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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