When the covid jab comes, who goes first?

"Having a vaccine available in the US and not available in Australia will put pressure on the Australian government. Public health is political and the race for a vaccine has intensified the politics," writes MICHAEL MOORE.

Eight Canberrans to remain in quarantine longer than 14 days

ACT Health officials in charge of quarantining returning Canberrans from overseas are taking no risk with public health.

Why we can’t afford a #scottycomelately

"The stimulus package was a difficult decision for a government with its tunnel vision on a budget surplus. It is a good decision. It just took too long," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Death cap mushrooms sprouting early this year in Canberra

Canberrans have been warned against picking and eating death cap mushrooms that can prove fatal.

Rollouts of vaccinations still ‘up in the air’, ACT senator forecasts

Canberra delivered something of bleak reports on past and future rollouts of the vaccinations to combat cases of coronavirus.

Why should the young be paying the coronavirus bill?

Intergenerational fairness puts a COVID-19 obligation on older people, says MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Government steps up duty to protect residents on two fronts

The ACT government has hired more medical staff to assist in testing Canberrans against COVID-19 cases. 

Kids wait years, but it’s not the Health Minister’s fault

"Is this really the sort of society you are happy to be part of? A society where a child’s access to life-defining health care is dependent on their ability to pay for it," writes Winnunga Nimmityjah Health and Community Service CEO JULIE TONGS. 

Roll up for the vaccine rollout around Canberra

MEDICAL clinics around suburban Canberra have begun to embrace the rollout of vaccines to protect against further coronavirus outbreaks. After the public reportedly overwhelmed the...

Sensational day as Dutton goes down to virus

Coronavirus hits at the heart of Morrison's government, with Peter Dutton infected, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN

Canberrans stuck inside Brisbane for three days during outbreak

Canberrans trapped in Brisbane during the city's three-day COVID-19 lockdown have been advised to follow Queensland government's public advice "unless it is absolutely essential for you to return".

ACT travellers warned of concern over spreading Kiwi virus risk

Three identified Auckland locations have caused concerns for ACT Health over travellers heading into Canberra.

How good was the ‘Lucky Country’ in the crisis?

"While Australia is at risk of the corrupting influence of political donations, the Prime Minister has been very clear that the back-to-work approach will give priority to the best health advice available," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE. 

Nurses won’t be forced to vaccinate against coronavirus

Frontline nurses in the ACT are not at risk of losing their jobs in the pandemic should they oppose being forced to vaccinate against COVID-19.

When political points trump the public’s health

"There are questions voters need to ask themselves going into the ACT election: who will prioritise health and life? Who will provide leadership in resilience, tenacity, dynamism, agility and social consciousness?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Feasibility study on drug injecting rooms to be considered

Drug injecting rooms took another step further to becoming a reality in the ACT.

Virus crisis / Woman in her 70s makes three in the ACT

 A WOMAN in her 70s is the latest confirmed case of COVID-19 in the ACT. She has been admitted to Canberra Hospital. 

Woolworths confirm fears over salmonella outbreak

A potential presence of salmonella has been detected in Woolworths Coleslaw.

Asbestos-affected victims finally have their pay day

Victims suffering from asbestos roof insulation inside their Canberra homes may never find closure, but after contracting mesothelioma many of the families have finally earned a degree of justice. 

Tracing app takes to the streets with optimism

Chief medical officer Brendan Murphy predicts more than 50 per cent take-up of COVID tracing app, reports MICHELLE GRATTAN.





CIMF / Subtle virtuosity of voices raised in song

Some composers focused on human separation, physical and emotional, one reflected on musical issues and others looked to the sea and the sky for inspiration. 


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