‘Deadly’ mushrooms on the rise, warns health chief

The growth of poisonous death cap mushrooms is expected to increase heading into autumn, sparking a warning from Canberra's health chief. 

Labor to boost walk-in clinics’ services

WALK-in healthcare centres will treat a wider range of injuries and illnesses if Labor is re-elected next month.

Targets missed: how does ACT Health get it so wrong?

“The ACT government has consistently cut funding for emergency departments despite an increase in demand and complexity, while virtually every other government increased funding to meet the increase in demand and complexity," writes JON STANHOPE.

Grattan / PM moves to draconian measures

Entertainment venues are being closed in draconian measures to fight the virus, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Pool restrictions leave northsiders desperate for a dip

Recent pool restrictions have further compounded the frustrations of swimmers this summer throughout Canberra's northern suburbs.

Stand up for lives over vaccine profits 

"In an attempt to deal with the pandemic, there has been huge financial support from taxpayers. Governments are right to support a waiver of the international restrictions on vaccine patents," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Has Australia become too dependent on China?

Yes, we're too dependent on China, but changing that is easier said than done, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Two Canberrans test positive amid hotel quarantine

Two Canberrans arriving in hotel quarantine overnight have returned a "weak positive" test result for COVID-19, according to ACT Health.

Study: E-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking

There's "insufficient" evidence to suggest that using e-cigarettes help smokers quit, instead, a new study shows a non-smoker is three times more likely to take up cigarettes if they use e-cigarettes. 

ACT travellers, residents warned of COVID-19 aftermath ahead

ACT residents and Canberra visitors that have spent time in Greater Brisbane over the past 18 days have been asked to enter a form of quarantine.

Kiss goodbye to that big, family wedding

In the age of coronavirus, only tiny weddings are allowed and the extended family barbecue is out, says MICHELLE GRATTAN

ACT’s covid response gets a $63 million boost

The ACT government is giving Canberra’s COVID-19 health response and services a $63 million boost.

Extension of out-of-home care to age 21 to prevent ACT homeless

A fear that teenagers unable to live with their families could "end up homeless, jailed or as new parents" all within 12 months of leaving out-of-home care has prompted a call for accommodation be lifted and apply to needy 21 year-olds.





Frydenburg foreshadows a ‘politically convenient’ budget

Given a grim covid picture internationally and a long way to go with the vaccine program locally, Treasurer Josh Frydenburg's focus on recovery, with difficult decisions still some way off, is both sound and politically convenient, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.


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