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Podcast / Minister David Littleproud on bushfires, drought and the Nationals

In this podcast, he says while “the man on the street” can link climate change and the bushfires, but “as elected officials, we’ve got a responsibility” to wait for the right time to have such discussions, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

ACT government moribund on cladding fears

"Inaction has been the hallmark of the ACT government on flammable cladding. They have known about the problem for the best part of a decade," says MICHAEL MOORE.

Firestorms: Has Rattenbury picked the right trees? 

"The ACT government cannot simply plan for the chance that there’s another major fire in Canberra. Things have changed dramatically," warns "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Labor’s post-mortem leaves the hard work still to be done

The messages for next time from Labor’s 2019 election post-mortem are clear. Have a better strategy. Have a stronger narrative, fewer policies, greater emphasis on economic growth. Have a better leader, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Drought loans for regional small businesses

Those set to benefit would include harvesting and shearing contractors, carriers, stock and station agents, and businesses dealing in agricultural equipment and repairs, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Library fines gone, but is that fair?

"Labor will attempt to present a fresh approach to counter the incumbency doldrums of nearly two decades. What are the chances that the next amnesty will be parking fines?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Utopia lost, we ‘desperately’ need change, says Coe

Utopia lost – after 19 years of Labor, the ACT 'desperately' needs change of government, says Liberal Opposition Leader Alistair Coe.

Government targets activist groups who ‘expose’ businesses

The government has the activist group Market Forces squarely in its sights as it considers ways to stop environmental organisations persuading financial and other businesses to boycott companies in the mining sector, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Why teens should get the chance to vote

"If young people wish to take part in our democracy, the Greens think they should have that option. That’s why we’re advocating for young Canberrans aged 16 and 17 to be given a chance to vote," writes MLA CAROLINE LE COUTEUR

Health figures reveal an uncaring ACT government

"Chief Minister Andrew Barr and his neo-liberal Labor and Greens colleagues have, in real terms, pumped huge amounts of money out of acute health care since 2012," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

Government to announce more home care packages for seniors

More federal government money will be announced within weeks for home care for the aged, after a damning royal commission finding that many people die before their packages arrive, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Ken Wyatt juggles identity and politics

As an Indigenous man in a senior government role, Ken Wyatt is ambitious but pragmatic, as he struggles to bridge the gap between indigenous expectations and political realities, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

UC chancellor to oversee indigenous ‘voice to government’

Two prominent indigenous Australians, Tom Calma and Marcia Langton, have been appointed to chair a senior advisory group to oversee an extensive process for developing options for an indigenous “voice to government”, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Election 2020: We’re the underdogs, says stay-put Barr 

Almost two decades of a Labor government in Canberra has done little for the confidence of the party, with Chief Minister Andrew Barr saying they’ll be the “underdogs” coming into next year’s election, writes DANIELLE NOHRA.

Time to listen to the concerns of young people

"The drought has emphasised just how tough farming is across Australia. Progressive thinking might include encouraging farmers with an alternative source of income by providing access to investment in solar energy," says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

PAUL DORIN has drawn a cartoon with nothing to say that has plenty to say.

Albanese needs some meat in his first ‘vision statement’ next week

One question mark about Albanese is whether as the election approaches he will be seen as representing Labor’s past rather than its future, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

John Setka blames his resignation on Albanese

Setka said his decision to resign had “everything” to do with Albanese, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Country folk targeted as hospital ‘consults’

Shafting people who live in the national capital region simply makes Canberrans bad neighbours, says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Housing crisis brought to you by Andrew Barr

"The housing affordability crisis in Canberra is in large measure a direct consequence of decisions deliberately taken by Andrew Barr and his Labor and Greens colleagues to abandon Community Housing Canberra," writes former chief minister JON STANHOPE.





Despite the chaos, Andrew’s still framing

Despite construction and road closures near Akuna Street and City Walk, owner of Civic ProFrame and Canlab Photographics reassures Canberrans that they’re still open for business. This is a sponsored post.


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