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Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN sees a downside to this week's reductions to JobKeeper and JobSeeker...

Time to be serious – it’s time to choose

"It's hard to be serious about the ACT elections having suffered through the last week or so of spin and over-the top, last-minute promises," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. "They do not inspire. They say nothing to excite."

Can Morrison preach his way to an economic recovery?

Can Morrison use his "bully pulpit" to inspire the confidence vital for economic recovery? asks political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

All’s fair in love, war… and elections!

Political reporter BELINDA STRAHORN reports from the ACT election frontline...

Labor says it’ll put $3 million into tourism marketing

Three-million dollars will be funnelled into tourism marketing over four years under an ACT Labor government. 

Free meals for students and more social workers under Labor

A re-elected ACT Labor government will trial serving students free breakfast and lunch, three days a week, at five public schools, and will hire 25 youth and social workers for public schools. 

Libs promise to reduce red tape for small businesses

A Canberra Liberals government will lower taxes and red tape reductions in a bid to strengthen the local economy and create more jobs.  

Greens commit $50 million to energy-efficient homes

The ACT Greens have made an election promise to commit $50 million into a "Just Transition Fund", which will help low-income households, renters, vulnerable groups and businesses be more energy-efficient. 

Labor promises more schools in Canberra’s north

Weeks out from election day, ACT Labor is promising more schools, this time a new $85 million high school in Taylor and a new $35 million primary school in north Gungahlin. 

Liberals promise to halve hospital wait times

The Canberra Liberals are "declaring war" on hospital wait times, saying they'll halve wait times and turbocharge elective surgeries and emergency departments under a Canberra Liberals government. 

Labor’s shame in a young mother’s cry

"That the people who suffer most from this heartless monopoly release of land are from the working class or households with annual gross incomes of under around $110,000 shames the ACT Labor Party," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

Election 2020 / You have the  power – not the parties

"Ignore the political parties and take voting power into your own hands," says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Election 2020 / Libs looking for third seat in must-win electorate

There are 25 seats up for grabs in the October 17 ACT election and there is one seat in each of the five electorates of five members that will effectively decide the election – the fifth seat. This week we look at Murrumbidgee.

Labor commits $99 million to renew school infrastructure

Over four years, an ACT Labor government will commit $99 million into renewing school infrastructure. 

Labor promises low-interest loans for non-government schools

A re-elected ACT Labor government will offer non-government schools government-backed low-interest loans to invest in sustainable upgrades to schools.

Liberals promise more gap-free and after hours GP services

Under a Canberra Liberals government there will be more gap-free and after hours GP services across Canberra. 

Election 2020 / Deafening silence of the Greens

"A city of towers with less community and cultural facilities and diminishing greenery is not what people had expected to be the outcome of having the ACT Greens as part of government," writes"Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Woden tram comes rattling into election’s view

As pre-polling looms, the major parties are starting to fire policies and promises into the election mix. And then there's the tram... here's another "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE.

Now the Libs add a sports centre in the north

AS they did in Tuggeranong last weekend, the Canberra Liberals have today (September 20) announced plans to build a new, $12.7 million indoor multipurpose sports complex if they win the ACT election next month. 

Libs find a fifth candidate for Kurrajong

Third time lucky? After two earlier embarrassing false starts, the Canberra Liberals have settled on IT project manager and company director as its fifth candidate for Kurrajong.





No lawbreakers welcome on a Liberals government board

Any individual or company that's breached the law will be banned from holding a position on a government board, under a Canberra Liberals government. 

Carlos is missing, help needed


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