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Labor tops next year’s cash splash

"Labor MLAs all make a donation of around $25,000 a year with the Chief Minister contributing close to $30,000. It is a similar story with the two Greens MLAs in the Assembly," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Libs paste Health Minister as ‘ignorant’

Canberra Liberals have slammed Labor Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith as "ignorant" after the minister failed to answer questions in the Assembly today.

Berry’s spin runs distraction from Dickson rezoning

"The government continues to be incapable of being transparent, lacks real listening skills and is unable to take residents with them on how such necessary developments could happen, says Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Government ‘angry’ at uncompliant big business

Columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN says the government appears angry with big business for not selling Liberal policies nor relating to “quiet Australians”.

Asking questions about Gladys Liu is not racist

What's the betting that when Scott Morrison and Donald Trump are exchanging views on China in Washington in a week or so, the President might be curious about Gladys Liu? writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Liu defends herself after concerns about her Chinese associations

The Liberal member for Chisholm, Gladys Liu, has strongly proclaimed her loyalty to Australia and her support for the government’s policy on China, amid a row over her record of past associations with organisations with links to the Chinese Communist party.

When a conscience vote turns to blackmail

"It is neither thoughtful nor respectful for one or two members of parliament to attempt to push their view on such an issue by any form of bullying, let alone threatening government," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Good governance lost to condescending spin

"ACT ministers often make announcements that people have trouble taking seriously. They look like puppets with strings pulled by bureaucrats," writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN looks at the cashless credit card

Sarah Henderson wins her way back to parliament

Former assistant minister Sarah Henderson, who lost her marginal seat of Corangamite at the election, will return to parliament after winning preselection for a Victorian Senate vacancy on Sunday, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Who’s Yvette Berry going to upset next?

Who's Yvette Berry going to upset next? Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN has some idea.

When schmoozing the PM gets you a black eye

It was all gain for Scott Morrison when he took a bunch of senior colleagues to Nine’s Monday fundraiser which reaped mega dollars – the exact amount is unclear - for the Liberal party. Maximum productivity for minimum effort, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Busy Berry does herself no favours at Woden meeting

"After Minister Berry had left, last night's meeting, it returned to talking about the state of the government (being not responsive to community), the need to continue with their advocacy, and how difficult it is to get their local politicians to pay any attention to the realities of Woden’s needs," writes PAUL COSTIGAN

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Here's cartoonist PAUL DORIN's take on where the economy is right now.

Government blocks its ears over Tamil family

As the federal court prepares to deal with the last ditch effort in the Sri Lankan Tamil family’s fight against deportation, Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton are finding “border control” politics a lot more difficult than usual, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Demise of democracy starts with cash in a plastic bag

"In the ACT it is getting harder and harder to fathom decisions around planning and development. The planning debacles of the city may well be simply incompetence, but how long will it be before light shines on this issue?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

16 years on, is this Canberra’s worst building mess?

“The Tuggeranong house has been sitting there unfinished and being quietly dangerous and unpleasant for 16 years. The planning and regulatory bureaucracies have allowed this to continue unchecked. They should have cancelled the lease," writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Australia’s dependency on China leaves Yang stranded

An investigation officer from the Chinese Ministry of State Security told Yang Hengjun: “Australia was dependent on China for its trade and economy, and Canberra wouldn’t help me, let alone rescue me."

Yang calls on Morrison to help get him home ‘ASAP’

Yang Hengjun has appealed to Scott Morrison to please “help me go home as soon as possible” in a message his supporters say came via Tuesday’s visit to him by Australian officials.

Foul play as Labor attacks men’s sport 

"Andrew Barr’s government has engaged in an almost ceaseless and politically motivated, campaign since the last election against the clubs that dared express the clearly treasonous view that perhaps it was time for a change of government," writes JON STANHOPE.




Chamber wants to fete business survivors

With the average life expectancy of a business based in Canberra at only about five years, Canberra Business Chamber chief Michael Schaper wants to fete the city's oldest business survivors.


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