Healthy Drinking / Unwind, enjoy a drink, but…

Dietician CLARE WOLSKI says a lot of the nutritional focus at Christmas goes to what we are eating but, what about what we drink? Can we keep a lid on the Christmas calories just by focusing on what’s in our cup? Yes, indeed.

Health / Yoga, Pilates, whatever… it’s all exercise to me!

"You are supposed to clear your mind of everything but I can’t do that and am perfectly relaxed having a good think about important things such as will there be any pork fillet left at the butcher when this is over?" writes WENDY MACKLIN

Healthy Eating / Making the most of moderation

"Our brains compartmentalise each event of 'unhealthy' eating and we struggle to see the big patterns of eating which are undermining our progress," writes dietitian CLARE WOLSKI

Healthy Eating / Feel a whole lot better about carbohydrates

"Rather than demonising carbohydrate as a nutrient, we can make some small changes to the way we eat them and feel a whole lot better," writes dietitian CLARE WOLSKI

Healthy Eating / Super simple tricks to get through festive fare

Dietitian CLARE WOLSKI has some super simple tricks for anyone looking to get through Christmas with minimal weight changes

Healthy eating / When post-exercise hunger pangs bite

WHETHER you’re an early riser or prefer to sweat it out at the end of a long day, many of us struggle with what...

Healthy eating / Nuts: the good, the bad and the choices

"Nuts can be 'good snacks' and 'great for heart health', but they're also labelled 'fattening'. What are we meant to believe?" writes dietitian CLARE WOLSKI

Healthy Eating / The weight that comes with age

"If women keep food intake and exercise the same as they go through menopause weight gain is highly likely," writes CLARE WOLSKI

Carroll / Walking the fine line between healthy weight advice and fat shaming

BEING overweight increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, muscle and joint problems, and some cancers (including endometrial, breast and...

Healthy Eating / Help the immune system fight colds and flu

AS we head through the cool weather, it's a good time to look after the immune system, which is a sort of a microscopic...

Girls get a kick out of self confidence

Reporter KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK meets two budding champions of the martial arts – both aged 10.  

Healthy Eating / Getting healthy habits to stick

"Ask yourself, honestly: 'What do I want? What will I feel good about doing?'" writes dietitian CLARE WOLSKI

Mental Health / When the carer starts to lose it

HEIKE HAHNER looks at an emerging mental problem among the caring professions – compassion fatigue

Arts / Play raises awareness ‘Out of the Blue’

LEADING men’s health organisation OzHelp and Melbourne performance company HealthPlay, are bringing the play “Out of the Blue” to The Q, Queanbeyan Arts Centre tomorrow...

Healthy eating / Taking the worry out of ‘what’s for dinner?’

THIRTY minutes of planning can save hours of worrying when it comes to the daily question of: "What's for dinner tonight?". Without a little bit...
Clare Wolski

Healthy Eating / Is weight worth all the worry?

"If we want to get technical about it, our weight is only telling us the gravitational relationship between us and the earth," writes Healthy Eating columnist CLARE WOLSKI.

Healthy Eating / Taking the worry out of ‘what’s for dinner?’

THIRTY minutes of planning can save hours of worrying when it comes to the daily question of: "What's for dinner tonight?". Without a little bit...

Healthy Eating / Rage, rage against those sugar cravings

CLARE WOLSKI says that if you find yourself reaching for the work lolly jar or rummaging through the pantry looking for something sweet after dinner, your sweet-tooth and sugar cravings may be holding you back.

Community Services say the NDIS is not full

COMMUNITY Services Directorate Director-General Michael De’Ath says reports the NDIS in Canberra is at capacity are not true. "It was recently brought to the attention...

Labor promises more nurse lead walk-in centres

ANDREW Barr says a re-elected Labor government will build a new nurse-led walk-in health centre in Canberra’s inner north, taking the number of new...





Mint honours Olympic ‘Change-Makers’

THE Royal Australian Mint hosted a medallion presentation for the Australian Olympic Committee’s “Change-Makers” on December 4, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA


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