Why do women gain weight during menopause?

During menopause, hormonal changes can affect the way fat is distributed in the body, but ageing is more likely to be the cause of any weight gain associated with menopause, writes NICHOLAS FULLER.

Deb takes to the treadmill to support the Classic 

WALKING this year’s Mother’s Day Classic will be a first for Deb Whitfield, even if it is in the comfort of her own home.

When alcohol steps up to fill the social isolation void

Worried about your drinking during lockdown? These eight signs might indicate a problem, writes NICOLE LEE.

People tested, but no cases of coronavirus in ACT

A "HANDFUL" of people have been tested for novel coronavirus in the ACT, with all returning negative results, says the territory's chief health officer Dr Kerryn Coleman. 

Everything you need to know about alcohol and hangovers

WITH the holiday season well underway and New Year’s Eve approaching, you might find yourself drinking more alcohol than usual. So what actually happens to our body as we drink alcohol and wake up with a hangover?

Don’t let Christmas eating make you sick!

Large family gatherings and cooking and eating outside, makes Christmas a high-risk period, says ANU researchers with just under one-third of all foodborne outbreaks in Australia happening in summer.

Hotter, longer summers bring health threats

“Heat changes your life – and can end it. I just don’t think people are aware of just how easily it can take hold." MRS...

Don’t let the sun catch you crying, be prepared

When it comes to preventing skin cancers and avoiding ageing skin, consultant dermatologist Dr Diana Rubel says it’s important to be prepared.

The vitamin boost blessed by the sun

The most effective way to get vitamin D – which supports the immune system and helps build healthy bones – is from the sun, reports DANIELLE NOHRA.

Age is no limit to these gals when it comes to exercise

In an unusual but inspiring coincidence, seven members from Curves Weston celebrated huge milestones, with four turning 70, three turning 80 and one turning 90 this month.

The science behind ‘trendy’ diets

Clare Collins, Lee Ashton and Rebecca Williams look into the science behind diet trends such as mono, charcoal detox, Noom and Fast800.

Healthy Eating / Resolve to change your food environment

IN Australia we live in an "obesogenic society". The structure of our food systems and lifestyles make it very easy to gain weight and...

Healthy Drinking / Unwind, enjoy a drink, but…

Dietician CLARE WOLSKI says a lot of the nutritional focus at Christmas goes to what we are eating but, what about what we drink? Can we keep a lid on the Christmas calories just by focusing on what’s in our cup? Yes, indeed.

Health / Yoga, Pilates, whatever… it’s all exercise to me!

"You are supposed to clear your mind of everything but I can’t do that and am perfectly relaxed having a good think about important things such as will there be any pork fillet left at the butcher when this is over?" writes WENDY MACKLIN

Healthy Eating / Making the most of moderation

"Our brains compartmentalise each event of 'unhealthy' eating and we struggle to see the big patterns of eating which are undermining our progress," writes dietitian CLARE WOLSKI

Healthy Eating / Feel a whole lot better about carbohydrates

"Rather than demonising carbohydrate as a nutrient, we can make some small changes to the way we eat them and feel a whole lot better," writes dietitian CLARE WOLSKI

Healthy Eating / Super simple tricks to get through festive fare

Dietitian CLARE WOLSKI has some super simple tricks for anyone looking to get through Christmas with minimal weight changes

Healthy eating / When post-exercise hunger pangs bite

WHETHER you’re an early riser or prefer to sweat it out at the end of a long day, many of us struggle with what...

Healthy eating / Nuts: the good, the bad and the choices

"Nuts can be 'good snacks' and 'great for heart health', but they're also labelled 'fattening'. What are we meant to believe?" writes dietitian CLARE WOLSKI

Healthy Eating / The weight that comes with age

"If women keep food intake and exercise the same as they go through menopause weight gain is highly likely," writes CLARE WOLSKI





The many benefits of moving through dance

With so many diverse dance classes and programs in the ACT, everyone is bound to find a style that suits them best. This is a sponsored post.


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