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Digital edition September 19

THE cover on June 13 featured the grim plight of Leah Yaxley, aged 32 and facing no choice but a double mastectomy. DANIELLE NOHRA caught up with her post-surgery and it's a story to warm your heart.

Digital edition September 12

HERE'S a wonderful young person all Canberra should be proud of. FARZANA CHOUDHURY, the ACT Young Lawyer of the Year, is a credit to our community and a name we reckon you'll be hearing more of.

Digital edition September 5

Radio station 2CC has a new drivetime announcer. Experienced broadcaster Leon Delaney is from the Gold Coast and is all ears to learn about Canberra. He spoke to DANIELLE NOHRA.
If you read one article in this week's edition, make it JON STANHOPE's blistering expose of how the ACT government's unrelenting war on community clubs is purposefully discriminating against men who play in club-supported sport.
THERE’S something about the Federal government’s court case against former ACT attorney-general Bernard Collaery that’s not quite right. And what’s worse is that hardly anyone seems to care, writes ROBERT MACKLIN.
WHEN her blood sugar levels started to rise after taking a new job in Woden last year, business analyst Kate Swan set out to figure out why. She couldn’t believe what she found, reports DANIELLE NOHRA.
THE ACT government has been “highly condemned” in the national Galah Award category for the most expensive and inefficient program in Australia – ie Light Rail Stage 1. JON STANHOPE says just wait for Stage 2!
Columnist PAUL COSTIGAN takes no prisoners in his dismissal of the NCS’s "stupid suggestion” to remove and replace Commonwealth Bridge.
"It seems that ACT Labor has a view on how democracy works that no longer aligns with the view of residents." Another cracking Canberra Matters column from PAUL COSTIGAN.
HEAD of the ANU’s Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion Laboratory Christine Charles reckons the cost of fuel could be among the reasons humans haven’t been back to the moon in 50 years. But she’s working on some alternatives, reports DANIELLE NOHRA.
THIS week's cover subject, Leonard Weiss, was a good sport in providing lots of animated poses for star snapper HOLLY TREADAWAY, whose images were then entrusted to graphic designer KARL SPELLER, who meticulously built the wonderful published montage.
PHOTOGRAPHER HOLLY TREADAWAY said she nearly cried at the beauty of Canberra’s Luminescence Children’s Choir as its young members sang while she photographed them for this week's cover story.
"TO get back to where we should have been with the number of trees, Canberra needs an injection of at least 40,000 trees," but that's not happening, says Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.
"Andrew, mate; Scomo here. I understand you need a hand out…" JON STANHOPE at his wicked best on Page 6.
Brushed off by two doctors three times, Leah Yaxley kept pressing until she got the terrible diagnosis no 32-year-old expects to hear. She tells her astonishing story to DANIELLE NOHRA.
DESPITE feigning affection for classical music, movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD finds himself teetering on the rapturous with his review of Elton John's biopic "Rocketman". It's on Page 27.
IAN MEIKLE, "CityNews" editor, here: despite knowing our craft reviewer Meredith Hinchliffe for decades, it took HELEN MUSA's story this week for me to learn of Meredith's astonishing donations to CMAG. Now the whole town will know about our model philanthropist.
A TERMITE walks into a bar and says… sorry, you'll have to pick up the punchline from our witty wine writer RICHARD CALVER's popular column on Page 24.
KATE MEIKLE tells the amazing story of how a debilitating brain tumour propelled COLIN McCULLOCH into helping raise millions for charity.
The shelves at Canberra's largest emergency food charity are almost bare. St John’s Care at Reid is calling for urgent help to keep up with an increasing number of people in need. Story, Page 6.




Petrol prices: we’ll be watching you, says committee

The Select Committee on Fuel Pricing is recommending an ongoing monitoring of petrol prices around Canberra in its final report, which was presented to the Legislative Assembly today. 


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