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DANIELLE NOHRA reports on an ugly and intimidating side of our community where people with disabled parking permits are shamefully abused for looking 'normal'.
WHO doesn't love a good horoscope? We reckon the one we run each year (and weekly) by astrologer JOANNE MADELINE MOORE is always worth a peep. Happy New Year? Find out of Pages 22-23.

Digital edition December 19

ARTIST Annette Boyd lives her life in knots. She teaches macrame, which appears to be enjoying a resurgence. “The simple act of knot tying calms you, it grounds you, it makes you forget everything," she says.

Digital edition December 12

SHANNON Mortlock is struggling to feed drought victims – the unwanted animals she has taken in to her not-for-profit sanctuary at Williamsdale. The pastures are bare and every spare cent she earns goes to buying feed, but she can't keep going without help. Page 3 has the story.
IF I was the Corrections Minister, I would sack every single one of the senior officers who thought it appropriate and reasonable to leave me swinging, in blissful ignorance, in the breeze." Former Chief Minister JON STANHOPE has some advice for Shane Rattenbury.

Digital edition November 28

AFTER a spate of burglaries left the community of Florey unsettled last year, one brave local decided to write 100 letters to 100 residents in a bid to restore the northern suburb's community spirit. This lovely story's on Page 5.

Digital edition November 21

FRUSTRATED by the silence from Canberra’s police, Liz Mikita, the daughter of Irma Palasics, a woman murdered in McKellar 20 years ago, is now calling on Police Minister Mick Gentleman to intervene. But will he?

Digital edition November 14

ROBERT MACKLIN has discovered a former Australian Army officer discreetly serving time among segregated pedophiles in the ACT prison. He was tried in secret, the Federal government changed his name and erased his identity. How could this happen in Australia?
Kangaroos used to lie rotting on the roadside near organics guru Gerry Gillespie’s home until he refined an ancient composting technique and turned them into liquid fertiliser for his veggie patch. Gulp! Story, Page 14.
A YEAR out from the next ACT election, Chief Minister Andrew Barr tells reporter DANIELLE NOHRA that Labor may be the underdog, but he's going to be around for the fight and beyond.
Clue: 5 across, dedicated computer experts (5). Answer: nerds... and thanks to their patient help we're now able to offer a FREE daily crossword and sudoku on citynews.com.au. No silly subscriptions, just tap the top right of the home page and you're into it.
FIFTY-five years ago tomorrow – October 17, 1964 – with the sails of small boats billowing behind him, Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies inaugurated Lake Burley Griffin, a project of enormous controversy as "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL reports...
"IT'S a sad day when after nearly 60 years on this planet you have to say that you do not want to see the sun come up ever again." Occasional "CityNews" pets columnist HEIKE HAHNER is suddenly homeless and despairing for her future. Her story is on Page 10.
"A PERVERSE outcome of the ACT government’s fixation with high-rise development and its rush to densify Canberra will almost certainly be that the city's ultimate population will be much higher than ever envisaged," writes JON STANHOPE on Page 15.

Digital edition September 26

“IT is apparent that the ACT fuel market is not meeting consumer expectations”. Damn right, says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE in his pasting of a "spineless" Assembly committee's weak response to petrol-price gouging.

Digital edition September 19

THE cover on June 13 featured the grim plight of Leah Yaxley, aged 32 and facing no choice but a double mastectomy. DANIELLE NOHRA caught up with her post-surgery and it's a story to warm your heart.

Digital edition September 12

HERE'S a wonderful young person all Canberra should be proud of. FARZANA CHOUDHURY, the ACT Young Lawyer of the Year, is a credit to our community and a name we reckon you'll be hearing more of.

Digital edition September 5

Radio station 2CC has a new drivetime announcer. Experienced broadcaster Leon Delaney is from the Gold Coast and is all ears to learn about Canberra. He spoke to DANIELLE NOHRA.
If you read one article in this week's edition, make it JON STANHOPE's blistering expose of how the ACT government's unrelenting war on community clubs is purposefully discriminating against men who play in club-supported sport.
THERE’S something about the Federal government’s court case against former ACT attorney-general Bernard Collaery that’s not quite right. And what’s worse is that hardly anyone seems to care, writes ROBERT MACKLIN.





ACT to provide water relief for Braidwood

THE ACT will provide water to Braidwood for six months, after the town’s supply dried up due to low inflows and bushfires in the region.


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