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INDIGENOUS leader JULIE TONGS writes that we have to face the awful truth – the worst-performing government in Australia, when it comes to locking up Aboriginal peoples, is the ACT government. And enough is enough.
"IN the few days after my AstraZeneca shot, I was suddenly aware that my lungs felt much more expansive. The 50 laps in the pool – previously a bit of a struggle towards the end – were easy as pie." Why ROBERT MACKLIN can't wait for his second shot.
ROBERT MACKLIN continues his account of being robbed while asleep in bed and discovers he's not alone – there are around five burglaries and three cars stolen every day in Canberra. But what about the mental wellbeing of the victims?
IAN MEIKLE, editor, here: I want to highlight our letters page (P18) this week. We love publishing the views of our readers and over recent months the number of letters to the paper has gone nuts. Don't stop! Write to editor@citynews.com.au
The sooner we're all vaccinated against COVID-19, the better but don't panic, says MICHAEL MOORE. "Australia is in good stead thanks to the preventive measures taken by our range of governments."
“I PROBABLY don’t care what people think any more,” thespian John Bell tells arts editor HELEN MUSA. “When you get to 80, you’ve got nothing to hide." He's about to bare his soul on stage. Story Page 19.
“The ACT government has consistently cut funding for emergency departments despite an increase in demand and complexity, while virtually every other government increased funding." JON STANHOPE wonders how ACT Health gets it so wrong.
PALMERVILLE Memorial Forest is a seemingly forgotten piece of Canberra, where trees once planted to remember passed loved ones now lie dead or missing entirely, reports NICK OVERALL.
“Vaccines available in Australia have been widely used… had there been disastrous side effects, these would have become obvious through the multi-millions of people who have already been vaccinated," writes MICHAEL MOORE.
"JUST how much money can one agency spend on pop-ups, temporary thingys and events that deliver nothing substantial when so much of the urban infrastructure is being run down?" PAUL COSTIGAN would like to see the back of the City Renewal Authority.
WINE writer RICHARD CALVER knew that sparkling wine was supposed to be the drink that made you intoxicated faster, but not how. He shares what he discovered on Page 24.

Digital edition February 25

CANBERRA could be home to what is being touted as a “world first” village designed specifically for people with dementia. BELINDA STRAHORN has the story on Page 8.

Digital edition February 18

WITH 24 apartment towers and about 10,000 residents due to appear in the Woden Town Centre, the ACT government has not prepared the area for this new high-rise suburb, says "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Digital edition February 11

MARION Mahony Griffin was the less celebrated half of the husband-and-wife architectural team that won the job to design Canberra. February 14 marks the 150th anniversary of her birth and, on Page 18, BELINDA STRAHORN takes a closer look at her legacy.
"There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither works." Whimsical CLIVE WILLIAMS writes in praise of American cowboy philosopher Will Rogers on Page 11.
THERE'S more to migraine than headaches. In fact, "migraine warrior" Victoria Williamson would argue it's not a headache. "It can be a stabbing pain behind the eyes, plus nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity." She tells her painful story on Page 5.
BILL STEFANIAK lost a son to the effects of drug abuse. He finds it painfully hard to see any virtue in a move in the Legislative Assembly to decriminalise hard-drug possession. He explains why in a column this week.
BRASS helmets, a 1913 fire engine and a hand-drawn fire cart used in Queanbeyan in 1893… BELINDA STRAHORN visits the unsung Canberra Fire Museum in Forrest.
WITH the best spring in years and rain still tipping down through summer, gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT says it's little wonder that many plants flowering at the wrong time are seriously confused.

Digital edition December 24

WE'VE got the best of everything this week… top website stories, top arts events, top restaurants, all very top of the pops plus a jumbo crossword! Welcome to the holiday edition…





Festival focuses on books that afford ‘time to reflect’

Part of the burgeoning arts scene on the far south coast, the new Headland Writers Festival kicks off this weekend at Tathra.


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