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KATE MEIKLE tells the amazing story of how a debilitating brain tumour propelled COLIN McCULLOCH into helping raise millions for charity.
The shelves at Canberra's largest emergency food charity are almost bare. St John’s Care at Reid is calling for urgent help to keep up with an increasing number of people in need. Story, Page 6.
MICHAEL MOORE reckons the major parties have only a minor interest in Canberra and in this week's column he's sharing a plan for ordinary voters to send them a message.
FIVE years ago, Campbell couple Helen and Eugene Holzapfel were on a dream holiday when Eugene tumbled down a staircase in the dark and their lives changed forever, reports DANIELLE NOHRA.
WITH Easter just a heartbeat away, all of us at "CityNews" would like to wish our readers and advertisers a peaceful and safe break.
READERS continue to ask gardening writer CEDRIC BRYANT for suggestions on hardy shrubs that provide colour in late autumn months and through the winter. He's got some this week.
"MANY families will first realise they've been 'consulted' when the four-storey apartment block starts to appear along their back fences," writes PAUL COSTIGAN, who has cracked the bureaucracy's fog of 'busy words'.
"ORGANISATIONS have been taken hostage, metaphorically, by the ACT government and, fearing retribution, choose silence and subservience over openness and honesty," growls JON STANHOPE on Page 6.
Whatever happened to radio star Scott Masters? ROD HENSHAW meets a man who found a gift in adversity and is using his skills to help families affected by cancer.
"FOR the first time, it appears there's a real opportunity for a prominent centrist independent in the ACT to have a chance at ousting Liberal senator Zed Seselja." That's MICHAEL MOORE'S view and you read it here first.
"IT'S annoying to constantly experience the culture within this ACT government that delivers a daily onslaught of spin… Don’t they realise how hollow they sound?" Columnist PAUL COSTIGAN maintains the rage on Page 10.

Digital edition February 28

PAUL COSTIGAN has some trees that need saving, JON STANHOPE says our prison is one of the most violent in Australia and, 30 years on, MICHAEL MOORE remembers the early days of self-government.

Digital edition February 21

An edition of unexpectedness: reviewer WENDY JOHNSON breakfasts at a new restaurant with odd opening hours – 9pm to 9am. And KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK visits an open garden in Fadden where even weeds are tolerated!

Digital edition February 14

"The ACT government inherited a fabulous urban forest. Our beloved trees are now being slowly and randomly squandered away. This is a national crime." PAUL COSTIGAN is pulling no punches on Page 9.
AN edition of wonder: PAUL COSTIGAN wonders how the planning minister keeps his job, ROBERT MACKLIN wonders what the bloody hell the PM's thinking and KATE MEIKLE wonders where her "boss baby" came from.
The death toll of trees being planted along the new tramway is rising, which is no surprise to horticulturist CEDRIC BRYANT, who says high summer isn't the time to be planting them.
THIS week, meet the astonishing Canberra karate champion Reece Cummings. The equally astonishing cover photo of him is by HOLLY TREADAWAY.

Digital edition 20 December

“MEN are uniquely unsuited to the business of politics. It should an occupation reserved for women.” Crazy or courageous? ROBERT MACKLIN makes his argument in our final, fabulous edition for the year.

Digital edition 13 December

IAN MEIKLE, editor, here: I wanted to put a special word in for this cracking Christmas edition, brimming with great reading and a big burst of PAUL DORIN's lovely Santa cartoons. I can't resist them!
"If the Labor Party was serious about reducing gambling harm from poker machines it wouldn’t own and operate 489 of them." JON STANHOPE sees hypocrisy in Labor's stance on 'gambling harm'.




Hawke, the cartoonist’s dream

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke died yesterday. He was 89. "CityNews" cartoonist PAUL DORIN remembers a man he could draw with his eyes closed.


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