Australian film unarguably gets top veteran festival award

The medals were out on Saturday (November 9) night for the announcement of awards at the fifth Veterans Film Festival at the Australia War Memorial.

Movie review / ‘Pain and Glory’ (M)

Five stars from DOUGAL MACDONALD for Pedro Almodovar’s latest movie. It doesn't get much better.

Movie review / ‘Last Christmas’ (PG)

“Last Christmas” turns out to be a subtle yet merciless, loosely disguised, satire on Christmas mercantilism, interwoven with a poignant romantic thread, writes movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘Happy Sad Man’ (M)

Costing relatively little to highlight the plights of four men with mental issues, "Happy Sad Man" is more than just a message movie, says reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Giving Canberra a spin on the ‘circuit of horror’

Director Tony D’Aquino is lucky to be back in Australia in one piece – he’s just been on what’s called the "circuit of horror” as he prepares for the general release of his R-rated, Canberra-made feature, “The Furies”, writes art editor HELEN MUSA.

Movie review / ‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ (M)

"Brittany Runs a Marathon" mixes comedy and message with a plea for tolerance of Brittany’s problems and a hope that she will find resolution of them. Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD is non-plussed.

Movie review / ‘Balloon’ (M)

Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD enjoys a new out-and-out thriller that sustains its tensions to the very end.

Movie review / ‘Yuli: The Carlos Acosta Story’ (M)

"To say 'Yuli: The Carlos Acosta Story' blew me away is an understatement." Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD likes this film.

Drama, comedy and documentaries on parade

Drama, comedy, documentary and animation will all be on parade when the Veterans Film Festival returns next month with a four-day program, writes HELEN MUSA.

Film review / ‘After The Wedding’ (M)

Meet powerhouse New York business woman Theresa and Isabel, who lives in India where she helps in running an orphanage. The link between them is that they are both the mother of Grace, the bride. Confused about that? Don’t be, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘Blinded by the Light’ (PG)

A big tick from film reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD: "'BLINDED by the Light' is a joyous film that reaches its destination by combining adversity with determination, as any good drama should. 

Movie review / ‘Promised’ (PG)

Film reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD wasn't thrilled with "Promised".

Movie review / ‘Slam’ (M)

“Slam” is topical, provocative, credible, a compelling example of movie-making craft and, above all in this anxious era of Islamic confrontation, challenging, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘Zombieland 2: Double Tap’ (MA)

"Zombieland 2: Double Tap", the sequel to 2009's ”Zombieland", has the same principal characters played by the same actors (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) with the same zany flavour, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘Strange But True’ (MA)

The plot of "Strange But True" is a little short of film noir, compensating for that stylistic omission by being long on cliché and improbabilities, reports movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Hitchcock, Bergman and festival of famous films

Hitchcock, Bergman and another thoughtful start to the Canberra International Film Festival from Andrew Pike.

Breathless playing in afternoon of musical delights

Pianist Andrew Rumsey and colleagues devised and presented a varied and highly entertaining afternoon of music, writes reviewer TONY MAGEE.

Movie review / ‘Hustlers’ (MA)

"Its depiction of women’s demeanour as they empty the wallets and credit cards of men they’ve not previously met may give women filmgoers a warm glow and a sense of triumph at the film’s reversal of gender stereotypes." Reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD's been to see "Hustlers".  

Movie review / ‘Working Woman’ (MA)

One day, Benny kisses Orna. She has to decide whether to give a well-paying job the quick flick or soldier on. DOUGAL MACDONALD reveals more in his review of "Working Woman".

Movie review / ‘Gemini Man’ (M)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews "Gemini Man", enjoys it, but "just don’t expect great intellectual or artistic merit".





Three robbers put man in hospital

A man is in hospital after a group of three 19-year-olds robbed and injured him in Glebe Park early this morning (November 14).


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