Movie review / ‘Poms’ (M)

Reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD finds new movie “Poms” a bit same old same old.

Movie review / ‘The Hustle’ (M)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews “The Hustle”.

Movie review / ‘All Is True’ (M)

How did Will Shakespeare spend his last years after retiring in 1613 until dying reputedly on his 52nd birthday in 1616? Reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD sees a film that gives some insight.

Movie review / ‘The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir’ (M)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews "The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir". He's given it three stars.

Movie review / ‘Top End Wedding’ (M)

Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD endures the noisy comedy of errors that is "Top End Wedding".

Movie review / ‘Long Shot’ (M)

Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD enjoys "Long Shot" for its pure escapism, its cynicism about the US political system and its delectable star.

Movie review / ‘The Hummingbird Project’ (M)

“The Hummingbird Project” falls into the category of sci-fi adventure. That may surprise moviegoers who expect films thus categorised to tell stories about creatures from other planets invading earth, writes reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘The Chaperone’ (M)

Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD has some fond words for "The Chaperone".

Movie review / ‘The Trouble With You’ (M)

"The Trouble With You" (M) *** THIS dramatically variable movie – comical one moment, complicated next, confused in between – won the SACD (Society of...

Movie review / ‘Burning’ (M)

"I liked this film a lot, more than I expected." He doesn't write that very often, so four stars and a thumbs up from reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD has got to be worth a look...

Movie review / ‘Breaking Habits’ (M)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews the new film 'Breaking Habits'.

Movie review / ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ (PG)

Reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD was surprised to be alone in the cinema watching “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”. He says it's refreshingly different and deserves wide exposure.

Movie review / ‘The Aftermath’ (M)

Reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD enjoy the potent mixture that is the war drama 'The Aftermath'.

Movie review / “Little” (PG)

WRITER/director Tina Gordon’s film is about a bossy bitch who learned at school that the only way to get one’s own way is to...

Movie review / ‘Galveston’ (MA)

"Galveston" fits into a small but well-shaped collection of genres – drama, thriller, crime, road movie, writes reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie Review / ‘The Happy Prince’ (MA)

Reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD gets wild (four stars) about a new Oscar Wilde movie.

Movie review / ‘Mid90s’ (MA)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews the new movie "Mid90s".

Behind the seams of the ‘Dressmaker’ hit film

The National Film and Sound Archive is turning the spotlight on the costumes from the hit film "The Dressmaker" in a look at haute couture fashions worn by actors Kate Winslet, Sarah Snook, Judy Davis and Rebecca Gibney, reports HELEN MUSA.

Movie review / ‘Us’ (MA)

THIS is American director Jordan Peele’s second feature film. The first, “Get Out”, was a well-balanced mixed-race horror film that attracted favourable critical and...

Movie review / ‘Dumbo’ (PG)

Tim Burton’s live-action (with a generous sprinkling of CG additions) remake of that film is a 21st century rebuild of a story that stretches fantasy to delightful limits, writes movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.




Concert warms up to magnificent finish

Further into the ode the orchestra warmed up and started sounding better, writes ROB KENNEDY.


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