Letters / Jon Stanhope, where are you?

An unhappy Florey bus commuter is finding the changes to the bus timetables hard going and wonders where Jon Stanhope is at a time like this.

Trust lost in government processes

Like columnist Michael Moore, letter writer Dr Julie Kidd says she won’t be voting for either of the major parties.

Letters / Distorting iconic names to spin development

Letter writer JULIET RAMSAY mounts a spirited defence of Lake Burley Griffin and West Basin.

Tram has already cost ‘many millions of dollars’

IN the April 18 edition of "CityNews", columnist Jon Stanhope gave a critique of the ACT's parlous Budget situation and explained that up to...

Letters / Disgusted by tram ‘party’

The tram launch party cost has CEDRIC BRYANT hopping mad.

Letters / Where are the Libs on standing up for planning?

Got a letter to write? Editor@citynews.com.au

Wax and polish for Canberra’s first lady

Every five years Canberra's first lady gets a thorough wash, wax, and polish. At 113 years old, she’s still in great condition and she deserves nothing less. Here are this week's top letters to "CityNews".

‘Unrepresentative’ tribunal doles out pay rises

ONCE again the completely unrepresentative ACT Remuneration Tribunal has given large increases to senior public servants and politicians that will flow on to other officials, says letter writer RIC HINGEE.

Letters / Contempt for our trees

THANK you for Paul Costigan's column "The neglect and shame of our mistreated trees" (CN, February 14). I do not usually respond to news...

Letters / Let’s call out all bad behaviour

I FEEL compelled to respond to Kate Meikle’s “Calling out bad 'good blokes'” column (CN, February 14). If we’re going to generalise about the...

Letters / Costigan right to call out the Dickson mess

COLUMNIST Paul Costigan is right to question the ACT government’s ability to not only satisfactorily manage the public’s ongoing accessibility to the Dickson commercial...

Letters / Jewel in the crown

IT’S not only the ACT government playing the role of “poacher and gamekeeper” for the “Ginninderry urban development” (CN, December 20) but it also...

Letters / Gender no bar to helping kids in crisis

Gender should not be a bar to helping kids in crisis, writes STEVE ELMS, Canberra father, uncle, grandfather.

Letters / Lies or imagination at Christmas?

ARE we really lying to children? Or is the issue just one of imagination? ("The Santa myth; do you tell them lies or not?"...

Letters / Thank you, Paul and Michael

URBAN development and renewal in a city the size and age of Canberra should be innovative, creative, exciting, visually and physically appealing, high quality...

Letters / Stop looking stupid, delete the rainbow roundabout

IS BURT (the Braddon United Retailers and Traders) really serious about making the roundabouts in Braddon “celebrated icons” of adversity, challenges and triumphs ("Seven...

Letters / Dismayed community snubbed over Dickson block

PAUL Costigan’s astute observations about the devaluing of community inputs to ACT government consultation processes would strike a loud chord with many who attended...

Letters / Time to get serious about stolen cars

I AM concerned at the apparent complacency shown by our Emergency Services bureaucracy to the dangers of vehicles being stolen and then set alight...

Letters / No, Cedric, glyphosate is safe

CEDRIC Bryant’s recent letter (CN, October 31) contains a number of factual errors that need to be corrected. Not one country around the world has...

Letters / Damage to trees ignored

I STRONGLY endorse the comments of reader Bjorn Moore ("Grumpy". CN, October 25) about the extent of illegal parking in Canberra. I have contacted several...




Seaweed inspires Ryder’s ‘highly’ original art

IN Canberra’s increasingly sophisticated arts-science scene, Julie Ryder is one of the main players, writes HELEN MUSA.

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Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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