Letters / Two towers with different design stories

On the basis we have to look at them, architect JACK KERSHAW compares the impact of two Woden tower blocks on the local environment.

Letters / Cashed up and don’t care

Letter writer MURRAY MAY, of Cook, says the return of the Barr government suggests there is a good proportion of people in Canberra cashed up and untroubled by rising rates and taxes. 

Letters / 30 years on, the waterfront plan’s an ‘old lemon’

Letter writer JACK KERSHAW calls for the tram to Woden to be re-routed.

Letters / Canberra can survive a change of government

Andrew Barr is unpopular, Alistair Coe is of a lower profile but that is not a disqualification. History is full of new leaders proving their opponents wrong, says letter writer MARTIN GORDON, of Dunlop.

Letters / West Basin spin confuses public consultation

"Regardless of the West Basin infill, the apartment estate can still be stopped," says letter writer JULIET RAMSAY, of the Lake Burley Griffin Guardians.

Letters / 19 years… too long for any party to be in power

LEN GOODMAN leads the burst of election letters and reporter DANIELLE NOHRA's interview with AWM's new chief Matt Anderson has caused a flurry of critical opinion. 

Letters / Canberra was much better when it was smaller

Letter writer RIC HINGEE says he remembers how much better Canberra was when it was smaller, "but now we have a situation where population growth is contributing to climate change".

Letters / Angry at what government has done to this city

"I’m challenging the media to take a stand against the ACT government on what it has done with this city, which has become the concrete capital of Australia. We are seeing the slow death of the bush capital," says letter writer NOEL BARTONE.

Letters / Scrap ‘theme park’, build a National War Museum

Reader JACK KERSHAW, of Kambah, wants to see the War Memorial expansion scrapped in favour of building a National War Museum.

Letters / Rates, the gift that just keeps on giving

Grinding rate rises didn't need to be this way. There was a moment in history lost to the territory's ratepayers, says letter writer LUCINDA SPIER.

Letters / Liberals lack the policies to govern

Letter writer NOEL BAXENDLI, of Macgregor, says a change of government may be good in any democracy, but it must be to an alternative government ready to govern.

Letters / Shocked that Hughes dodged a land-swap bullet

JACKY FOGERTY, of Hughes, is shocked that land in her suburb was nearly part of the controversial West Basin land-swap. 

Letters / Come October, I’m giving Mr Coe a go

"At this stage, I just want the Barr government gone. All Alistair Coe needs to do to be an effective leader of Canberra is to listen to the community." Letter writer BEC HENSON, of Hughes is in no doubt.

Letters / Electioneering as quiet as a cemetery at midnight  

"Those running for public office would be wise not to treat the electorate with contempt or indifference because as individuals we capable of dispatching you to the rubbish bin of history." Letter writer JOHN LAWRENCE, of Flynn, is holding nothing back.   

Letters / Tardy government ‘decimating’ community clubs

"The ACT government is decimating our club sector on a purported gaming harm platform, yet is failing to spend funds raised to help Canberrans impacted by gambling," bemoans letter writer GWYN REES, of ClubsACT.

What’s woken Andrew Barr from his slumber?

What has woken Andrew Barr from his long slumber and made him aware of what the developers are trying to get away with in Canberra wonders letter writer ANN COOPER, of Wanniassa.

Letters / Lamenting the concrete canyons of Canberra 

"Our beloved horse paddocks have been exchanged (without any community consultation) to provide an international housing estate, writes COLIN BLAIR, of Curtin. "How is this possible in a so-called democracy?"

Letters / After 24 years of Labor, we risk a dictatorship

Letter writer TIM MATHER says any society that elects a government of the same party for 24 years is asking to be subdued and subject to dictatorship.

Letters / Racial crisis calls for meaningful ideas

Letter writer MARTIN GORDON, of Dunlop, says the hijacking of the protests about the wrongful death of George Floyd are a bigger travesty when they spiral into looting, and grandstanding rather than meaningful ideas.

Letters / Time to share the ACT tax secrets

Letter writer PETER BRADBURY reckons it's time for a fair-dinkum community debate on tax in the ACT. 





Peelman’s bringing Vienna to Canberra

Canberra International Music Festival’s director Roland Peelman today (November 23) launched the 2021 autumn event, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.


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