Letters / Why all dogs need to be on a leash

"Dog owners need to know that although their own dog may be well behaved in company, sadly some dogs have issues that have not yet been and maybe cannot be remedied," says letter writer JAN DARBY, of Gordon.

Letters / Bitten by dogs five times!

Letter writer DAVID HOBSON, of Spence, runs or walks most days in his local nature reserves and parks and reckons he's been bitten at least five times by unleashed dogs.

Letters / Time to fix the ugly development eyesores

Its time to fix the ugly development eyesores around the suburbs, says letter writer Sue Dyer, of Downer.

Letters / I care about Collaery!

"Columnist Robert Macklin asks 'Who cares about Bernard Collaery?'. Well, I do, for one," says WENDY WHITHAM, of Hawker. She's not alone, either. 

Letters / Government fines rather than fixes tram problem

I must be one of the “cynical Canberrans” who “are still scratching their heads over a police crackdown on jaywalking”, says letter writer LEON ARUNDELL.

Letters / Radiation fears from 5G rollout ‘well founded’

Letter writer Dr MURRAY MAY, of Cook, says that Kate Swan’s fears about the rollout of 5G are well founded and that 244 scientists from 41 countries have raised called on the World Health Organization to reduce public exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Letters / Greens joined at the hip to Labor’s decisions

COLUMNIST Michael Moore has touched on a vitally important issue central to the quality of our democracy here in Canberra (“Sitting in the centre...

‘Fix My Street’ facility fixes nothing in Hughes!

Letter writer BEC HENSON says the government’s ‘Fix My Street’ service isn’t working for her in Hughes.

Letters / More hamster-wheel consultation awaits?

The City Renewal Authority’s latest report has caused much consternation and incredulity among many individuals and community groups, says letter writer SUE DYER, of Downer.

Letters / Trees, please, but no untidy gums

"At least 90 per cent of Belconnen residents I have questioned over the last few years do not support the government’s obsession with continually planting gum trees," says letter writer JUSTINE LANGDON, of Cook.  

Letters / Bush capital eroded by greed

"The vandalisation and resumption of some of the Kippax ovals by the ACT government is yet another of their notorious land grabs to increase their perception for high density and to make money," says letter writer KARNA O'DEA, of Aranda

Letters / This government is testing the true believers

"Surely even the government’s most rusted-on supporters cannot vote for this tired, complacent and high-taxing regime to be given another term!" says letter writer COLIN LYONS, of Weetangera.

Letters / Sign up and support independents

"We need a non-aligned party or independents who can hold the balance of power and who are then able to force the major parties to recognise the importance of catering to the needs of many ordinary people," says letter writer RIC HINGEE of Duffy.

Letters / The Labor government is misnamed

"The ACT Labor government is misnamed. It would be more accurate to call it the Land Sales and Developers' Consortium," says letter writer HOWARD CAREW, of Isaacs.

Letters / Scientists and their inconvenient facts

"We can only hope we see more climate action, but action that actually works as opposed to more and unhelpful hot air," says letter writer MARTIN GORDON.

Letters / Jon Stanhope, where are you?

An unhappy Florey bus commuter is finding the changes to the bus timetables hard going and wonders where Jon Stanhope is at a time like this.

Trust lost in government processes

Like columnist Michael Moore, letter writer Dr Julie Kidd says she won’t be voting for either of the major parties.

Letters / Distorting iconic names to spin development

Letter writer JULIET RAMSAY mounts a spirited defence of Lake Burley Griffin and West Basin.

Tram has already cost ‘many millions of dollars’

IN the April 18 edition of "CityNews", columnist Jon Stanhope gave a critique of the ACT's parlous Budget situation and explained that up to...

Letters / Disgusted by tram ‘party’

The tram launch party cost has CEDRIC BRYANT hopping mad.





Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

The Extinction Rebellion has caught the wry eye of cartoonist PAUL DORIN.


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