Letters / Police may see themselves as the aggrieved

Police may see themselves as the aggrieved, warns letter writer COLLISS PARRETT, of Barton.

Help the homeless by better managing public housing

There are two kinds of people in Canberra; those who work and pay taxes and those who don’t, says letter writer LUCINDA SPIER, of Campbell. 

Letters / We can do better: it’s up to us

Letter writer PETER TAIT says that to get better decisions about how we want Canberra to be, we need two things...

ACT government’s Orwellian ways with the truth

Letter writer MARTIN GORDON, of Dunlop, sees the ACT government's spin as Orwellian... "Rather than addressing the facts you create an alternative narrative (al la '1984')". 

Why we urgently need a new site for the hospital 

Letter writer ALISON HUTCHINSON, of Coombs, says a future site for Canberra Hospital needs to be identified now in the context of work currently being undertaken on public transport, demographic trends, land release and land use planning.

Letters / Remembering the lost canals of leafy Gungahlin

Letter writer SUE DYER, of Downer, when clearing her shed, came across the 1990's vision for Gungahlin... a world of "two and three storeys; human-scale housing" and canals! 

Letters / Tongs presses for AMC early prisoner release

Letter writer JULIE TONGS feels she's being ignored by the ACT government when it comes to the early release of vulnerable prisoners in the Canberra jail. 

Letters / Progressive government? You must be joking

The ALP and the Greens have legislated to deny an accused person in the ACT a basic right cherished and defended in liberal democracies for 800 years, namely the right to trial by jury. Shame on you, says letter writer Jon Stanhope.

Surely now’s the time to reconsider tram stage 2

Letter writer JACK KERSHAW, of Kambah, reckons cost and circumstance should influence the ACT government to reconsider sending the tram over the lake.

Get addictive smartphones out of our schools

Letter writer MURRAY MAY, of Cook, isn't mincing words; he wants 'addictive' smartphones out of ACT schools.

Park the tram and take the O-Bahn to Woden!

Letter writer IAN PEARSON, of Barton, says save the tram money and build an O-Bahn track to Woden, it works well in Adelaide.  

Flawed Hospital plans just a ‘Band-Aid’ solution

Letter writer ROBERT COURTNEY, of garran, finds it incomprehensible that the ACT government is going ahead with the SPIRE Project at the Canberra Hospital.

Please, please, Jon, return to the political fray

Letter writer HELEN WADE is pleading for former chief minister Jon Stanhope to return to the political fray.

Minister Steel not ‘stupid’, simply out of his depth

Letter writer RICHARD GORRELL, of Belconnen, says Minister Chris Steel's real weakness is his willingness to defer to his minders’ capricious, inaccurate or ill-informed advice. He is 'out of his depth'.

Housing ACT ‘dumbs down’ public housing project 

"WE'RE very likely to see Housing ACT once again cheapen and dumb-down a public housing project, in this case for chronically homeless people, through an opaque process it calls "Market Sounding," says letter writer JACK KERSHAW. 

Letters / Delivery drone noise threatens quality of life 

"It doesn’t take a lot of insight to work out that delivery drones are quality-of-life destroyers, no matter what marketing spin Wing serves up," writes reader MURRAY MAY, of Cook.

Mr Barr, what’s with the sad, ‘kaleidoscopic’ Christmas tree?

Leading our letters this week is criticism of the non-Christmas tree in Civic. 

What’s with planting all the new trees in this weather?

Reader KARNA O'DEA has written wondering why in this "horrible" dry season is the ACT government planting new trees. "It makes no sense unless you have someone like the householder prepared to be a tree guardian and water the poor things," the letter says.  

ICU nurses are under emotional pressure, too

Former registered nurse ANTHONY NOAKES, of Florey, writes that ICU 
nurses face the same emotional impact as doctors as they, too, care for
 critically ill patients and their families.

No more dangerous gum trees in the suburbs

"It is the real danger of eucalypts catching fire that should force the government to remove existing gum trees from Canberran verges and to...





Movie review / ‘Shirley’ (M)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews a mystery drama movie that turns out to be a homage to horror and mystery novelist Shirley Jackson, who may have by now faded from the memories of all but her most devoted aficionados. 


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