Footpaths: concrete is cheap… healthcare is not

"In the 16 years that I have lived in North Canberra, the abysmal condition of the suburban footpaths never ceases to amaze me." So says reader GREG SWINDEN in this letters extra on footpaths, falls and failures.

Woden tram looms as an ‘expensive millstone’

"There is a danger Light Rail Stage 2 will become an expensive millstone round ratepayers’ necks," says letter writer DAVID DENHAM, of Griffith.

Letters / A welcome step in fixing failed drug laws

"I find it difficult to understand why people who have suffered under illicit drug policy want that same policy to continue," says letter writer MARION McCONNELL, of Giralang.

Letters / Too fast, no helmets and two to an e-scooter

Letter writer STEVE ELLIS, of Hackett reckons the police have enough to do without having to spend lots of time apprehending illegal scooter users...

Letters / Why can’t they just cut the ‘forest of weeds’?

Reader DAPHNE HARDING, of Farrer, lives near a thick, tall forest of weeds that could prove to be a fire hazard in the summer and also a haven for snakes, but no one in authority wants to cut it. 

Letters / Mystery of the Audi car-window smashing 

JINGWEI JAI's car passenger window was smashed in Braddon. There were other passenger windows smashed in Belconnen. The mystery that binds them together is they are all Audis.

Letters / Call for inquiry into Army chopper bushfire

Letter writer PAUL VARSANYI, of Kambah, wants to see an independent investigation into the Army's role in starting the devastating bushfire in Namadgi National Park earlier this year.

Letters / Pokies ‘inefficient’ in helping the community

"It is incorrect to claim that 'problem gamblers bet on anything'. Poker machine addicts’ compulsive gambling relates to the psychological manipulation of poker machines," says letter writer KARINA MORRIS, of Weetangera.

Letters / Let’s genuinely do something about planning 

"We need a circuit breaker before everyone climbs back into their bunkers," says letter writer PETER TAIT, bemoaning that "planning for the city we want to live in continues to be a hot issue". 

Letters / ‘Urban vandalism’ threatens Woden town square 

The Woden Valley Community Council is pushing back on a 24-storey building that's going to create wind and overshadow public space, says president FIONA CARRICK. 

Letters / The hydrogen fuel era has arrived

Letter writer Dr DOUGLAS MACKENZIE, of Deakin, has "a strong feeling" that the era of hydrogen fuel has arrived.

Letters / No more of the same, please 

Letter writer SUE DYER, of Downer, is pining for better planning outcomes, citing the pre-election promises of the main parties. 

Letters / Two towers with different design stories

On the basis we have to look at them, architect JACK KERSHAW compares the impact of two Woden tower blocks on the local environment.

Letters / Cashed up and don’t care

Letter writer MURRAY MAY, of Cook, says the return of the Barr government suggests there is a good proportion of people in Canberra cashed up and untroubled by rising rates and taxes. 

Letters / 30 years on, the waterfront plan’s an ‘old lemon’

Letter writer JACK KERSHAW calls for the tram to Woden to be re-routed.

Letters / Canberra can survive a change of government

Andrew Barr is unpopular, Alistair Coe is of a lower profile but that is not a disqualification. History is full of new leaders proving their opponents wrong, says letter writer MARTIN GORDON, of Dunlop.

Letters / West Basin spin confuses public consultation

"Regardless of the West Basin infill, the apartment estate can still be stopped," says letter writer JULIET RAMSAY, of the Lake Burley Griffin Guardians.

Letters / 19 years… too long for any party to be in power

LEN GOODMAN leads the burst of election letters and reporter DANIELLE NOHRA's interview with AWM's new chief Matt Anderson has caused a flurry of critical opinion. 

Letters / Canberra was much better when it was smaller

Letter writer RIC HINGEE says he remembers how much better Canberra was when it was smaller, "but now we have a situation where population growth is contributing to climate change".

Letters / Angry at what government has done to this city

"I’m challenging the media to take a stand against the ACT government on what it has done with this city, which has become the concrete capital of Australia. We are seeing the slow death of the bush capital," says letter writer NOEL BARTONE.





ACT Heritage Council gets new perspectives

The ACT Heritage Council has today (March 2) announced its new leadership, and four new members to help conserve and tell the story of the Canberra region.


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