ICU nurses are under emotional pressure, too

Former registered nurse ANTHONY NOAKES, of Florey, writes that ICU 
nurses face the same emotional impact as doctors as they, too, care for
 critically ill patients and their families.

No more dangerous gum trees in the suburbs

"It is the real danger of eucalypts catching fire that should force the government to remove existing gum trees from Canberran verges and to...

Dangers of delivering rushed election promises

The ACT government is pushing ahead of the election two rushed and sparsely-detailed 2016 ALP election promises so they can be "delivered" to the point of no return by October, says letters writer SUE DYER, of Downer. 

Letters / What is it, Minister, you don’t want us to know?

"I find it very disturbing that the ACT government has willingly partnered with the Commonwealth in the implementation of its draconian and authoritarian national security regime." Great letters this week.

‘Staggering’ ACT rate rises in a low-interest world 

Letter writer MURRAY MAY, of Cook, says his rates have risen "an astounding" 161 per cent or 20 per cent per annum over the past eight years. "In a low-interest environment, where does Andrew Barr think the money is coming from to pay for these outrageous increases?" he asks.

Letters / Woman fined for ’emergency’ parking

"Jon Stanhope is right – the government doesn't give a damn. It wants your money, but not for acute health care," fumes letter writer COLLIS PARRETT, of Barton.

Letters / Trolley laws untroubled by any prosecutions

Letter writer RICHARD GORRELL cannot believe Minister Chris Steel is reliable or sincere in his promise to tackle afresh the broader problem of litter. 

Letters / We’ve got the trees, now they need the time

COLIN Lyons and Murray May (CN, letters, October 3 and 10) complain about the new suburbs of Coombs and Wright, particularly the lack of...

Letters / Greta’s a ‘shining example’ of not letting 16-year-olds vote

That "angry, ill-informed and seemingly disturbed little Swedish girl Greta Thunberg" is a shining example of why 16-year-olds should not have the vote. says letter writer BILL STEFANIAK , of Narrabundah.

Letters / Meeting turns ‘feral’ as residents react to hospital plans

"The Spire Project Public Forum to advise residents of the new building structure at Woden Hospital became feral with near all of the attending residents opposing the project," reports letter writer ROBERT COURTNEY, of Garran.

Letters / Government policies ‘seriously diminish’ our city

"The ongoing and incisive commentary by Paul Costigan, Michael Moore and Jon Stanhope in 'CityNews' about what constitutes planning and development in Canberra is testimony to how this city is being seriously diminished by the policies of this government," says letter writer COLIN LYONS, of Weetangera.

Letters / Why all dogs need to be on a leash

"Dog owners need to know that although their own dog may be well behaved in company, sadly some dogs have issues that have not yet been and maybe cannot be remedied," says letter writer JAN DARBY, of Gordon.

Letters / Bitten by dogs five times!

Letter writer DAVID HOBSON, of Spence, runs or walks most days in his local nature reserves and parks and reckons he's been bitten at least five times by unleashed dogs.

Letters / Time to fix the ugly development eyesores

Its time to fix the ugly development eyesores around the suburbs, says letter writer Sue Dyer, of Downer.

Letters / I care about Collaery!

"Columnist Robert Macklin asks 'Who cares about Bernard Collaery?'. Well, I do, for one," says WENDY WHITHAM, of Hawker. She's not alone, either. 

Letters / Government fines rather than fixes tram problem

I must be one of the “cynical Canberrans” who “are still scratching their heads over a police crackdown on jaywalking”, says letter writer LEON ARUNDELL.

Letters / Radiation fears from 5G rollout ‘well founded’

Letter writer Dr MURRAY MAY, of Cook, says that Kate Swan’s fears about the rollout of 5G are well founded and that 244 scientists from 41 countries have raised called on the World Health Organization to reduce public exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Letters / Greens joined at the hip to Labor’s decisions

COLUMNIST Michael Moore has touched on a vitally important issue central to the quality of our democracy here in Canberra (“Sitting in the centre...

‘Fix My Street’ facility fixes nothing in Hughes!

Letter writer BEC HENSON says the government’s ‘Fix My Street’ service isn’t working for her in Hughes.

Letters / More hamster-wheel consultation awaits?

The City Renewal Authority’s latest report has caused much consternation and incredulity among many individuals and community groups, says letter writer SUE DYER, of Downer.





Emergency services to work through the night

THE ACT ESA has vowed to work through the night to respond to more than 1750 calls for assistance from the severe storm activity.


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