‘Dad’s Army’ diversion belies prison incompetence

"The fevered announcement about the prospect of firearms in the prison diverted attention from the breath-taking incompetence of authorities in not having systems to prevent people casually breaking into the prison. Surely, a head or two should roll," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

ACT government moribund on cladding fears

"Inaction has been the hallmark of the ACT government on flammable cladding. They have known about the problem for the best part of a decade," says MICHAEL MOORE.

Library fines gone, but is that fair?

"Labor will attempt to present a fresh approach to counter the incumbency doldrums of nearly two decades. What are the chances that the next amnesty will be parking fines?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Utopia lost, we ‘desperately’ need change, says Coe

Utopia lost – after 19 years of Labor, the ACT 'desperately' needs change of government, says Liberal Opposition Leader Alistair Coe.

Why teens should get the chance to vote

"If young people wish to take part in our democracy, the Greens think they should have that option. That’s why we’re advocating for young Canberrans aged 16 and 17 to be given a chance to vote," writes MLA CAROLINE LE COUTEUR

Health figures reveal an uncaring ACT government

"Chief Minister Andrew Barr and his neo-liberal Labor and Greens colleagues have, in real terms, pumped huge amounts of money out of acute health care since 2012," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

Election 2020: We’re the underdogs, says stay-put Barr 

Almost two decades of a Labor government in Canberra has done little for the confidence of the party, with Chief Minister Andrew Barr saying they’ll be the “underdogs” coming into next year’s election, writes DANIELLE NOHRA.

Country folk targeted as hospital ‘consults’

Shafting people who live in the national capital region simply makes Canberrans bad neighbours, says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Housing crisis brought to you by Andrew Barr

"The housing affordability crisis in Canberra is in large measure a direct consequence of decisions deliberately taken by Andrew Barr and his Labor and Greens colleagues to abandon Community Housing Canberra," writes former chief minister JON STANHOPE.

Empty chair looms in fog of leadership despair  

"Surely voters for the 2020 ACT election should not have to be eyeing off the vacant chair as the best alternative to the present political parties," writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Man bites dog… with policy implementation

Man bites dog... with policy implementation, writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Greens call for optional voting for teens

The ACT Greens are calling for the introduction of optional voting for 16 and 17-year-olds in next year's territory election.

The political minefield of good manners in sport

"The stunning success of the Green Machine must be extremely galling for Barr, Berry and other ministers. For the sake of political appearances, they've presumably all felt the need to be seen to be supportive of the Raiders, all the while, one assumes, privately willing them to lose," writes JON STANHOPE.

The seesaw world of deciding fate of trees

"For the sake of credibility, residents need to believe that decisions around trees are based on the reality of the circumstances not on what seems to be a fundamentalist view that all trees must stay," writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

As Canberra bursts, Kowen Forest housing calls 

"The Taxation Review found that, when combined with all possible infill options, there was capacity for additional housing for about 100 years of population...

Idea that gives a real voice to community councils

"There is a serious disconnect between what the residents are looking for and what the government and its agencies think are the priorities," writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Spineless committee fails on petrol prices

"The committee report starts with a spineless approach: 'The committee stresses… it has been deliberately cautious and has taken a risk-averse approach'. Risk averse, seriously!" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE. 

Dry argument if the water doesn’t come through 

"It is simply not credible that the ACT government would have entered into a contract to build 5500 houses in NSW before having ensured a secure supply of water to those houses," writes columnist JON STANHOPE 

Labor tops next year’s cash splash

"Labor MLAs all make a donation of around $25,000 a year with the Chief Minister contributing close to $30,000. It is a similar story with the two Greens MLAs in the Assembly," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Libs paste Health Minister as ‘ignorant’

Canberra Liberals have slammed Labor Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith as "ignorant" after the minister failed to answer questions in the Assembly today.





‘Operation Ouch’ docs have the fun, fascinating facts

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