Moore / What’s Labor got to hide from an integrity commission?

"Emasculating an integrity commission says more about the approach of the Barr government than any mismanagement or bullying of the past. It is unconscionable.

Rattenbury has fingers crossed for integrity commission start

Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN reports the an ACT integrity commission is almost a reality.

Moore / Why Health doesn’t need an expensive check up

"The impression created by the ACT opposition and reported in the media is that the whole hospital is 'rooned'," writes MICHAEL MOORE

Arts / Musos play in protest to save music course

CANBERRA’s fondness for turning on a music demo was once again on show today (September 5) outside the ACT Legislative Assembly as concerned staff...

Moore / It’s time to let the cops loose on the bikies

"Jeremy Hanson and the Liberals have it right. Labor are still sitting on their hands. Increasing police powers must always be done reluctantly – but the time has come," writes MICHAEL MOORE

Stanhope / Labor strikes at the ‘heart’ of the community

"The government appears to believe that it knows best and that only it can be trusted to disburse funds raised by clubs for community support," writes JON STANHOPE

Stanhope / Oh, Shane, the price the poor will pay for this

"Analysis of the ACT Budget uncovers some quite startling detail. Most remarkable perhaps is the revelation that the claimed surplus is an illusion," writes JON STANHOPE

Moore / Union takes big stick to ‘complacent’ minister

"If the CFMEU can't get action without taking extreme steps, what can ordinary citizens expect?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Needles still hard for Labor

“It is entirely inappropriate that the prison officers should be the ones making decisions about the spread of disease,” writes MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Shamefully towing the zero lot line

"Until the government can get planning systems under control and the Opposition plays a vigorous part to rein in the gross affront to our city, its unique character will be lost," writes MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Arrogant Labor’s thumbs up to cynical polling

"Attempting to present a black and white answer for support of 'urban renewal and increased density around major centres and transport corridors' screams 'it depends'. Not ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’," writes MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / All good when good politics meets good policy

"The Office of Mental Health and Wellbeing, according to Minister Rattenbury is a 'territory-wide vision for mental health and suicide prevention in the ACT through a process of collaboration and co-design'," writes MICHAEL MOORE

Stanhope / Has Labor turned its back on Canberra’s battlers?

"Andrew, Shane, Yvette and the rest have ordained that it’s a south-facing, two-bedroom flat on the tenth floor for those aspiring homeowners who used to be Labor's traditional base," writes JON STANHOPE

Moore / Liberals accused of ‘corrupting’ rates probe

"The Liberals' lost-in-spam explanation is either a really bad excuse or their website management is extremely poor," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Health goes back to the future

"The Health restructure timing did coincide just too neatly with the auditor-general's announcement. It is hard to believe that this is a coincidence," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Moore / Is it time for ‘Donald’ Barr to go?

WHAT was in the Chief Minister’s mind when he launched a Trumpesque and unfettered attack on the local media? Or what wasn’t in his...

Moore / Assembly has another run at the right to die

“The amendments were an appalling demonstration of arrogance, misuse of power and ideology trumping local democratic processes,” writes MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Poll highlights dodgy deals in the ACT

"The ACT Labor Party is basically a gambling business. Through associated companies it, in effect, has the licences to a large proportion of Canberra’s poker machines.," bemoans political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Stanhope / Hard lessons if schools collide with risky business

"In reflecting on the decision to funnel NSW children into a few low-enrolment ACT schools, I couldn't shake the feeling it represents a form of discrimination," writes columnist JON STANHOPE

Moore / Labor hell-bent on getting us into apartments

"It's time for government to respond positively to the majority rather than caving to the aspirations of a few developers and a handful of misguided planners who 'know best'.," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE




Woman saved from car in Farrer

A WOMAN has been cut from a car after she was involved in a single-car crash on Marshal Street in Farrer.  Firefighters used hydraulic rescue...

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