Ten is too young to be sending kids to detention

"It is an indictment on our community that the age of criminal liability in the ACT is just 10 years old and we have a system that countenances sending such young children to Bimberi, the ACT youth-justice centre," writes politics columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Planning plodders learn nothing from the past

"As is now the norm, almost everywhere across Canberra, what gets considered, and usually approved, is what the developer proposes will be great for...

Libs mute as government lops trees and shrubs

"The chainsaw gang being allowed to chop down so many trees at the Yarralumla dog park is beyond unacceptable – except maybe to those comfortably ensconced within this Labor/Greens coalition," says "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Candidates nominate to fill Coe’s Yerrabi seat

Three Canberra Liberal candidates will nominate to fill former Opposition leader Alistair Coe's seat in Yerrabi.

Gun-shy government stays away from statues

"Those of us fretting about having foisted on us yet another statue of some boring, old, white geezer should relax. It is extremely unlikely to happen in our lifetimes," writes JON STANHOPE in a brilliant column about... statues. 

Can Greens protect equity and green spaces?

"At a time when Melbourne City Council is planting more and more trees to reduce temperature in the city, the ACT government has been hell-bent on more and more intense development with less and less trees. It makes no sense," writes politics columnist MICHAEL MOORE. 

Kill off the CRA and start caring for all of Canberra

"Just how much money can one agency spend on pop-ups, temporary thingys and activation events that deliver nothing substantial when so much of the urban infrastructure is being run down?" asks "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Less talk, the work’s been done for the Greens

"The ACT Greens need to stop talking. They need to stop using spin and to cease producing stuff with loads of busy words. They need to do something," says "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

More ministers, but fewer days in the chamber

"The average number of sitting days in the first and second Assemblies, when Rosemary Follett was Chief Minister, was around 50 days. The most recent 'Annual Report of the ACT Legislative Assembly' provides evidence of a constant decline," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Racism, poverty and the politicians who don’t give a stuff 

"I was not really surprised by the Labor and the Greens so shamelessly putting politics before principle... I found the puerile rationale conjured up by them for opposing the twin inquiries an insult to the intelligence." writes columnist JON STANHOPE. 

Infill prices killing the dream of owning a house

"For almost a decade the government has strangled the supply of land for standalone housing in favour of units and apartments. It’s all a part of the Labor/Greens' dream that 70 per cent of new dwellings must be urban infill," writes MARK PARTON. 

Green power trounces Steel’s stupid park plan

"At the core of the Coolo Park fiasco is how an unresponsive bureaucracy controls the ACT’s politicians at the expense of common sense, community aspirations and the future of this city in a landscape," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Greens debutantes share humour and passion

Political writer MICHAEL MOORE discovers two new Greens members who bring passion, mirth and drive to the Legislative Assembly.

Woden takes brunt of developer-led planning

"With 24 apartment towers and about 10,000 residents due to appear in the Woden Town Centre, this government has not prepared the area for this new high-rise suburb," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Tara takes (almost) everything in her stride

A broken ankle isn't slowing new minister Tara Cheyne from taking everything in her stride. She talks to BELINDA STRAHORN.

A wet-lettuce Budget for weird times

"Gone is the ultra-conservatism of the Canberra Liberals as Elizabeth Lee stepped right into Labor’s political territory," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE. 

Independent inquiry called for scheme to prop up businesses

The ACT government has been forced to defend a small business scheme that was set up to stimulate Canberra's economy from the effects of the global pandemic.

Uniting Church supports drug decriminalisation bill

The Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT, and its service arm, Uniting, has today (February 12) labelled Canberra's proposed drug law changes a breakthrough, saying the council is in full support of it. 

Critical Lee is prepared to work together

Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee has used her Budget reply to slam the Labor/Greens government for its shortcomings in its first 100 days of office.

Government ‘dismisses’ inquiry into prison racism

The ACT coalition government has been accused of covering up systemic racism inside Canberra's prison after deflecting calls for an external independent inquiry into the treatment of indigenous inmates.





Youth-dedicated space opens in Gungahlin

Gungahlin may be home to the ACT’s second youngest median population, but up until yesterday (April 7) the rapidly-growing suburb lacked a dedicated space for youth.


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