ACT slides deeper into debt as borrowing skyrockets

THE ACT continues to "significantly" outspend its income, according to the auditor-general Michael Harris. 

Can the Greens rise to challenge on planning?

"It looks as though the politicians and their bureaucracies are taking the ACT election result as an endorsement of barbarous behaviour and outlandish decisions on development," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

It’s a tough ask to walk the talk

"The most effective inaugural speeches to a parliament provide insights into personality, background and political motivation," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE. 

Political parties set for cash windfall

ACT Labor stand to benefit close to $1 million towards its party coffers following its electoral win in October.

Tower block plan to crimp precious Belco park 

"The park is important given how little else there was previously. Now it has become a vital piece of greenery to the growing neighbourhood. Extending Margaret Timpson Park is simple logic," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

What makes the Assembly’s new faces tick?

"The common theme of new politicians is to make a better world. Just what they mean by a better world varies considerably. These differences frame what a parliament should be – a place where ideas are contested," writes MICHAEL MOORE. 

Early impression: new government ‘not doing well’

"Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN has put together some early impressions of the ACT’s new Labor/Greens Coalition government and the picture isn't particularly pretty...

Poor suffer as farm land Barr bought stands idle

"What perplexes me is that over the past nine years Andrew Barr has been personally involved in or responsible for the purchase of up to 4000 hectares of urban-capable land at a cost of at least $60 million," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

Running Rattenbury in the race of his political life

Armed with six seats from the last ACT election, Greens' leader Shane Rattenbury comes emboldened to the coalition government with Labor, but braced and ready for the conflict ahead. Political reporter BELINDA STRAHORN reports… 

Why can’t Minister Mick be fagged feting the brave?

"Mick Gentleman may be a little crusty and sick of attending community gatherings... however, the fresh and enthusiastic approach of Emma Davidson, in her first Assembly and already a minister, shines through," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

‘Zealous’ Greens threaten the future of clubs

"The Greens use the spurious argument that these further restrictions will help address problem gambling. I've got news for them, they won't. Problem gamblers bet on anything. They are free to bet online and do," writes BILL STEFANIAK. 

Policy promises evaporate in post-election pact

"There are promises made by the coalition partners before the election that are either not mentioned in the parliamentary agreement or are given no priority," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

How much does it hurt to lose an election?

To the casual observer, politics might seem like a game at times, but the outcome of elections can be instant and extreme, not least for those MLAs who lose their seats, writes political reporter BELINDA STRAHORN

Less accountability is the price of cosy coalition

"Decades of Labor government have seen Canberra transitioning to a Melbourne-like downtown with leadership from developers rather than planners. Unfortunately, under this agreement, the ability for the Greens to manage this accountability has been severely constrained," writes MICHAEL MOORE.

Greens brave promise to heal the indigenous hurt 

"I commend the Greens for the bold, even courageous, commitment to seek to address a painful fracture in the local Aboriginal community," says columnist JON STANHOPE.

Talking to voters happens only during elections!

"Those attempting advocacy by contacting local politicians would most likely receive a 'do nothing' letter or email with reasons why, as local, elected politicians, they could do little to assist," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Will Libs finally have a chance at government?

"The Liberal Party across Australia has grown much more conservative and it will be difficult for the Liberal Party in Canberra to accept one of the prime lessons from this election is that a big majority of Canberrans do not want a conservative government," writes MICHAEL MOORE.

Who’s new and who’s who in the Assembly zoo

The election threw up some surprising results. Along with the defeat of a handful of sitting members, it ushered in some new faces and among them some interesting characters with diverse backgrounds. So, who's in, who’s out?

Ramsay gone, greens snare six seats as poll finalised

COUNTING in last weekend's ACT election was finalised tonight (October 23) confirming a Greens win to Johnathan Davis in Brindabella and Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay losing his seat in Ginninderra, where Liberal Peter Cain claimed the electorate's fifth seat for the Liberals. 

Perpetual government will fail democracy

"If the Liberal Party doesn't find some way to form an alliance with a credible territory-wide minor party or high-profile and electable independents then it's highly likely the Labor/Greens coalition will govern for many years to come," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.  





Artsday / QL2 dancers to explore Portrait Gallery

QL2 is coming to the National Portrait Gallery with 'This Is My Place', a performance that explores the gallery's creative spaces, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA in her daily arts round-up.

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