Who’s Yvette Berry going to upset next?

Who's Yvette Berry going to upset next? Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN has some idea.

Busy Berry does herself no favours at Woden meeting

"After Minister Berry had left, last night's meeting, it returned to talking about the state of the government (being not responsive to community), the need to continue with their advocacy, and how difficult it is to get their local politicians to pay any attention to the realities of Woden’s needs," writes PAUL COSTIGAN

Demise of democracy starts with cash in a plastic bag

"In the ACT it is getting harder and harder to fathom decisions around planning and development. The planning debacles of the city may well be simply incompetence, but how long will it be before light shines on this issue?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Foul play as Labor attacks men’s sport 

"Andrew Barr’s government has engaged in an almost ceaseless and politically motivated, campaign since the last election against the clubs that dared express the clearly treasonous view that perhaps it was time for a change of government," writes JON STANHOPE.

Developers come before people in Canberra 

"Wasn’t former Justice Dennis Cowdroy’s appointment announced in May? The ACT government has constantly used delaying tactics to ensure the Integrity Commission is not able to undermine it at the next election," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE 

Planning’s brutal behaviour goes unchecked

“There was spin and more spin and loads of quotes from the chief planner, but nothing about what was happening with the master plan for the Manuka Oval precinct.” The inner south is angry about planning, writes PAUL COSTIGAN.

Heartless ACT government retreats on housing

“It beggars belief that none of the ministers sitting around the Cabinet table didn’t understand or did not air concern that by making limited...

The winning ways of our wasteful tram project

“If you thought that on the strength of the business case and Light Rail Stage 1 that no fiscally responsible government would or should have proceeded with the project, wait until you see the business case for Stage 2,” writes JON STANHOPE

The sensible world of centre politics

“The drivers of the Centre Alliance, such as seeking accountability, refusing to ‘horse trade’ and being willing to take on hard issues would be a huge improvement to ACT politics,” writes MICHAEL MOORE.

Retiring Vicki’s always had the community at heart

“Agree with her or not – it is clear that Vicki Dunne has made a significant contribution to the ACT community before and during...

‘I’m alright, Jack’ rules the city’s housing market

“The announcement to increase the population of Civic and the inner-north came out of the blue and has not, so far as I can...

When pesky problems come home to roost

"Despite the obvious that our elected ones should represent the residents’ aspirations, they blindly use the scripts prepared by others in bureaucratic silos," bemoans Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Barr’s breath of fresh air on wellbeing

Provided it isn’t hijacked by self-interest, a new health initiative has the potential to take Canberra to the highest possible level of wellbeing in the world. Not a bad goal, says MICHAEL MOORE.

Deepak turns right and calls for a ministerial voice

From washing cars to a seat in the Legislative Assembly, Deepak-Raj Gupta is not a man easily distracted from his ambitions. DANIELLE NOHRA talks to the impending new member for Yerrabi… 

Where was the leadership, Chief Minister? 

"The Chief Minister has handed the poisoned chalice to Rachel Stephen-Smith. It would have been appropriate for Andrew Barr to show leadership and take responsibility for the Health portfolio himself," writes JON STANHOPE.

Can this tired government win an election?

"How long before we say goodbye to the 'bush capital'? Melbourne seems to be the model for the plethora of apartments that spill on to the footpaths, dominate the skyline and create the slums of the future," writes MICHAEL MOORE.

Do our politicians keep the right company?

"Residents are well aware that the real outcomes are set through the regular meetings between the politicians and the development and property industries," writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Can tweet-happy Shane deliver on prison reform?

"Shane Rattenbury is a Minister. He has the wherewithal and the responsibility to put his own words into action. Failure to do so reflects complacency and incompetence as a minister," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE. 

Sorry record of a government that’s stopped caring

"It had not escaped the notice of the Aboriginal community that the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, was not present at the Sorry Day commemoration and had not issued a statement about its significance," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

Pollies take a new look at babies

“Members of the Standing Committee will need the wisdom of Solomon to sort out the issues and bring improvements for expectant mothers,” writes MICHAEL MOORE.




Discovering another side to the Potter people

“Magic and witchcraft maybe the driving forces behind the Melbourne hit success ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, but it’s the human elements of the play that give it flesh and blood,” says arts editor HELEN MUSA.


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