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Canberra Confidential / When Corflutes die and go to…

ARTIST Tom Buckland won only the Children's Choice award netting him $500 for his ingenious work of recycling called "Carpflute" at Queanbeyan's Clearwater Sculpture...

Canberra Confidential / No help with the street tree from hell

LONG-suffering pensioner and department-store Santa John Wright has been wrestling with the heartlessly deaf ACT bureaucracy for years about the enormous street tree that...

Canberra Confidential / Dedicated followers of fashion

Clint takes to the catwalk WHO's who in Zoo? Well, it's not long-time and popular managing director Clint Hutchinson who is "scaling back" his involvement in...

Canberra Confidential / A log in the bog

THE naughty ratepayers of Queanbeyan have copped a finger wagging from their council’s water and sewer manager Andre Pretorius about the extraneous things they're...

Election Confidential / Revealed: naked Northbourne

CANBERRANS traversing the soon-to-be-high-rise corridor we used to know as Northbourne Avenue now have their first glimpse of the Labor government's promised "urban meadow"...

Canberra Confidential / In praise of the ‘age-friendly’ footpath

"A RE-ELECTED Labor government will make our suburban streets and paths even better so it’s easier for children to walk or cycle to school,...

Canberra Confidential / When pretty boys paraded

THE Araluen (population 300) sports day is back after a break of, oh, 30 years. As our picture shows of the crowd-stopping, late '70s...

Canberra Confidential / Kim’s troubled sign language?

IS irrepressible Labor aspirant Kim Fischer, fighting to be seen in the cluttered field jostling for a seat in Ginninderra, at odds with the...

Canberra Confidential / Hold the hard hats, here come the babies

THE ACT election, the gift that keeps on giving; how CC wishes the caretaker period could go on and on (like a Federal election)...

Canberra Confidential / Karl launches from next door

IN faraway, unloved Tuggeranong, untroubled by government promises of squillion-dollar trams, Labor candidate Karl Maftoum,  battles impossible odds to get elected to the southern...

Canberra Confidential / Parton sees red

"I DO believe you are correct. Canberra always does better under Labor. No argument here." Oops! That was the recently endorsed Liberal candidate for...

Canberra Confidential / Raiders turn on Barr

THE politics of football have arrived. As the heroic Raiders raise the hopes of a city with a brave dash to the NRL finals,...

Canberra Confidential / A Boeing moment

WHAT were the statistical chances… ACT numberplates 727 and 747 innocently parked beside each other? Our sharp-eyed inner-south snout snapped the duo and surrendered...

Canberra Confidential / Snapper with a distant view

CANBERRA-based Persian photographer and new-age nomad Parisa Applegarth is a people person, but not in the conventional sense. Her interest in photography lies with...

Canberra Confidential / Smiley-face politics

NO one can accuse Labor candidate for Ginninderra Kim Fischer of not being unrelenting in her quest to claim a seat in the expanded...

Canberra Confidential / Perils of Pauline

  NO-ONE in our omnipresent nanny state seems to give one when it comes to removing this offensive graffiti daubed on the Mitchell end of...

Canberra Confidential / Life, death and climate change

"OTHER than life and death, climate change will be one of the only collective experiences in our lifetime to touch every human on the...

Canberra Confidential / Kids get their crossing

IN March, Kaleen parents Annette Healy and Bryce Gray approached "CityNews" worried the ACT government had forgotten the safety of children at Maribyrnong Primary in...

Canberra Confidential / Steve’s on top of the world

LOCAL eight-ball champ Steve Woods is one of the Australian team to pocket the World 8ball Pool Championships for the first time in 20...

Canberra Confidential / Old school bites back

HAS "The Canberra Times" finally bitten the hand that has fed it for years? To the chagrin of competing media, government spinners have shamefully...





Boris Johnson overstates Australia’s climate ambition

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson put Scott Morrison on the spot when he told their joint news conference he thought the Australian PM had “declared for net zero by 2050”, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.


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