Rollouts of vaccinations still ‘up in the air’, ACT senator forecasts

Canberra delivered something of bleak reports on past and future rollouts of the vaccinations to combat cases of coronavirus.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN.

Stay calm, sooner we’re vaccinated, the better

"It's easy to misunderstand the focus of the more sensible parts of the media on failure to deliver on promises rather than failure to deliver on vaccines," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Shot in the arm may not be a shot in the arm

"What really troubles me is that even before I get that second needle AstraZeneca might well be obsolete. There’s absolutely no guarantee that one of these new killer strains won’t have slipped through the borders and run riot in one of our big cities," writes "The Gadfly" columnist ROBERT MACKLIN.

Travellers cleared to leave ACT lockdown, fly out to Brisbane

Around 70 per cent of returning travellers from Brisbane were expected to leave ACT quarantine immediately.

Targets missed: how does ACT Health get it so wrong?

“The ACT government has consistently cut funding for emergency departments despite an increase in demand and complexity, while virtually every other government increased funding to meet the increase in demand and complexity," writes JON STANHOPE.

Don’t be complacent ACT on covid cases: Health Minister

The ACT government are considering contingency plans should concerns that an unexpected coronavirus outbreak could affect vulnerable Canberrans.

ACT travellers, residents warned of COVID-19 aftermath ahead

ACT residents and Canberra visitors that have spent time in Greater Brisbane over the past 18 days have been asked to enter a form of quarantine.

Feasibility study on drug injecting rooms to be considered

Drug injecting rooms took another step further to becoming a reality in the ACT.

Roll up for the vaccine rollout around Canberra

MEDICAL clinics around suburban Canberra have begun to embrace the rollout of vaccines to protect against further coronavirus outbreaks. After the public reportedly overwhelmed the...

How unselfishness has served Australia well

“Vaccines available in Australia have been widely used in places such as Italy, the US and the UK. Had there been disastrous side effects, these would have become obvious through the multi-millions of people who have already been vaccinated,” writes MICHAEL MOORE.

Eight Canberrans to remain in quarantine longer than 14 days

ACT Health officials in charge of quarantining returning Canberrans from overseas are taking no risk with public health.

ACT Health continues rollout despite AstraZeneca concern

Fears over one of two vaccines in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus has been dismissed by government authorities in Canberra. 

Family member becomes fifth confirmed covid case 

A man in his 20s has returned a positive result to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. 

AstraZeneca rolls out in the ACT

A few Canberra Health Services doctors were the first to receive an AstraZeneca vaccine this morning (March 10), marking the beginning of its rollout. 

ACT Health identifies close contacts to new covid cases

A further two travellers from a repatriation flight have been placed in isolation amid concerns that a number of returning Canberrans from overseas could also be affected and test positive for coronavirus. 

Construction begins on intensive care unit expansion

The $13.5 million expansion of the Canberra Hospital’s intensive care unit is underway and will be complete by the end of the year, according to ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith. 

Two Canberrans test positive amid hotel quarantine

Two Canberrans arriving in hotel quarantine overnight have returned a "weak positive" test result for COVID-19, according to ACT Health.

‘Deadly’ mushrooms on the rise, warns health chief

The growth of poisonous death cap mushrooms is expected to increase heading into autumn, sparking a warning from Canberra's health chief. 

Nurses won’t be forced to vaccinate against coronavirus

Frontline nurses in the ACT are not at risk of losing their jobs in the pandemic should they oppose being forced to vaccinate against COVID-19.





Enacting the lead up to the Vietnam War

Even as the drums of war are beating inside the heads of some political players in Australia, the drums of peace appear to be beating in the arts world — and the Vietnam War has a lot to do with it, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.


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