Netflix doing well from the devil’s work

The good people at Netflix have found a way of getting the devil to work miracles for them by turning "Lucifer" into a smash hit, writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL.

Kisses and accolades for spectacular ‘Kate’

"Kiss Me Kate" at The Q gets the thumbs up from reviewer BILL STEPHENS.

Movie review / ‘The Mole Agent’ (G)

Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD says "The Mole Agent" is a deeply moving film that expands the conventional boundaries of documentary storytelling by going into a Santiago aged persons’ home.

Movie review / ‘Fast and Furious 9’ (MA)

“Fast and Furious 9” scarcely wavers from the formula. "It’s a money mine for director Justin Lin and his team. Same old same old. And whose money? Yours," writes movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘From the Vine’ (M)

"Marco’s ambition, intention, desire, yearning – call it what you like – lead the film out of the realm of possibility and abandon it on the crags of ridiculousness." Two stars for "From the Vine" from movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Russell sparks fireworks from his violin

Musica da Camera's "Music for the People catches the ear of reviewer GRAHAM McDONALD.

Scoop that makes a sub-cub reporter 

It's all about young achievers – a teenage musical prodigy and a nine-year-old journalist – for streaming columnist NICK OVERALL, who rather tellingly also admits: "When I was nine I think I was still chasing my dream to become a dinosaur."

Movie review / ‘Cousins’ (M)

"Cousins" is a film with an intensity that examines the status of M?ori women from, in one case, kindergarten to old age. DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews it.

Movie review / ‘Heroic Losers’ (M)

“Heroic Losers” was Argentina’s entry at the 2020 Oscars and reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD gives it whopping 4.5 stars!

Movie review / ‘Percy vs Goliath’ (PG)

"For a civil, as opposed to criminal, lawsuit movie, by and large, 'Percy v Goliath' works well enough," says reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Connectivity and communication through jewellery

This thoughtful exhibition is quite large, and many works provoke viewers to consider several issues society is currently grappling with, says reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

A heart-warming journey through the human experience

“Come From Away” is heart-warming entertainment in spades presented in an upmarket performance style that obviously resonated with the audience, says reviewer HELEN MUSA.

The burden of these stories is the truth behind them

A mosaic of anecdotes depicts the trials, tribulations, failures and successes experienced by student and qualified nurses, doctors and surgeons, says reviewer PHILLIP MACKENZIE.

Highly textured harmonies that defy description

Despite a slight hitch, “Burden of Truth” was a concert of the highest quality, says reviewer ROB KENNEDY.

Honest, intimate photos fill gaps in indigenous history

The images are honest, dramatic, disturbing, warm, domestic, intimate, as well as historic on an international scale, writes reviewer CON BOEKEL of the exhibition, “Mervyn Bishop: Australian Photojournalist".

‘Exquisite’ Gore exudes star quality in spades

The rapport between Lorina Gore and her accompanist Alan Hicks was obvious as they seemingly breathed together, says reviewer BILL STEPHENS.

In the trenches, the war streams on

It's a khaki march into the streaming world for this week's streaming column with NICK OVERALL. 

Latham’s ‘Vietnam Requiem’ a moving triumph

"CHRISTOPHER Latham’s “Vietnam Requiem” was a triumph and quite possibly the most moving concert performance this writer has ever attended," writes reviewer CLINTON WHITE.

Emotive end to a performance of breathtaking dance

"The dancers commanded unwavering attention from the opening moments of the performance, to the lengthy curtain call with a standing ovation." Thumbs up from reviewer SAMARA PURNELL for the Sydney Dance Company's new show.

‘Milk’s’ dream-like fusion of struggles and affirmations

"SOME theatre is a matter of cultural necessity. 'Milk' is one such theatre!" writes reviewer JOE WOODWARD.





New law reins in donations from developers 

MICHAEL MOORE looks at legislation coming into full effect on July 1 to deal with some of the concerns around inappropriate political donations, especially from property developers.


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