Shared fascination with light and surface

MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE reviews “Transference”, online and at Craft ACT Craft + Design Centre, a collaborative exhibition by artists Robyn Campbell and Jo Victoria.

Battle of the big, binge-worthy blockbusters

"IT was only a matter of time until someone swooped up the trademark of "Binge" in this crowded streaming market," writes streaming correspondent NICK OVERALL.

Glass art surges with ‘disturbing’ emotions

Elliot wanted to capture these disturbing emotions and move them from her mind onto their work, writes MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE about Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott's online exhibition.

Cartoons at midnight, but not for the kiddiwinks

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL reveals an after-hours, animated humour-based cartoon platform that's strictly for adults. 

Trio plays with intensity and grace

Forte passages came across with intensity, quieter passages were delivered with style and grace, writes music reviewer TONY MAGEE about the Selby & Friends performance, “Let’s Get Personal”.

Serious comedy in an uploadable digital afterlife 

Not even “heaven” comes without strings in the virtual-reality afterlife where customers can upload and upgrade their lives, writes NICK OVERALL in this week's burst of streaming thrills.

Celebrate French classics in iso-comfort

Dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON finds that Deakin’s new French restaurant Ondine isn’t to be beaten by COVID-19, and has quickly revised its menu to suit transportable takeaway.

Celebrating trees in textiles

Textile artists pull no punches in demonstrating the significance of trees and their destruction in 'Tree Conversations', says reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE

The Empire’s striking back again… and again 

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL says the sun never sets on 'Star Wars' in the lockdown streaming world... 

Strong start to the best festival that never was

TONY MAGEE reviews the first performances of the Canberra International Music Festival's virtual response to its coronavirus cancellation with "The Best Festival We Never Had".

Claire conquers the problems in online performance

ROB KENNEDY salutes an online performance by Claire Edwardes and Ensemble Offspring.

Lots to look at, but no touching; go figure!

Lots to look at, but no touching; it's another week of steaming streaming with NICK OVERALL

The Gunning Arts Festival made a success of online

THE inaugural Gunning Arts Festival is done and dusted, but not really – you can still see it online.

Just when you’re sure it can’t get any weirder…

'Tiger King' is a global sensation, largely due to the internet going wild for Joe's eccentric image and character. But that's not all that's making storming streaming this week, says NICK OVERALL.

Review/ Withers gives a winning performance in online concert

Classical guitarist Matt Withers performs in a Canberra hotel room to a world audience. He even did an encore!

I do miss having a glass of wine at a bar

"I went to the bar and asked to see the bottle: it was a 2018. I asked for the 2016 as advertised, which was poured with a nod of apology and the wine was a different creature," writes wine writer RICHARD CALVER, remembering the days of sharing a drink with a friend... at a bar.

So, there’s this movie about a virus from bats in China…

NICK OVERALL looks at what people are watching in a global crisis and it's not what you think.

Baines’ paintings ‘lost in a surreal world’

Art / “Reality is OK For a Holiday”, Andrew Baines, until further notice. Reviewed by ROB KENNEDY.

Fruitful collaboration in new-world exhibition

craft / “Terra Celestial”, Artists-in-residence program 2019, Craft ACT: Craft + Design, and social media platforms until May 9. Reviewed by MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Images from a lifetime of journeying

Art / Jörg Schmeisser “The Journey Continues: Prints From the Family Collection”, Beaver Galleries. March 26-April 12. Viewable at or by appointment. Reviewed by ROB KENNEDY.





Top cop Neil is saddened by police violence overseas

Saddened by the racial violence at the hands of police officers in the US, Canberra’s chief police officer, Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan, says dialogue with the community is really important to prevent that from happening here.


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