Wine / From spuds to shiraz, the Mitolo journey

"The evening was punctuated by various exclamations of praise for this intense and complex shiraz." Wine columnist RICHARD CALVER waxes lyrical about a Mitolo shiraz.

‘Compelling’ book tells Fredrikson’s extraordinary story

The result is a compelling, meticulously researched, and very readable, account of Fredrikson’s career, and a fascinating insight into the inspiration and process which drove this extraordinarily creative individual, writes reviewer BILL STEPHENS of the book "Kristian Fredrikson Designer".

Theatre / ‘Bold’ Richard worth braving the rain for

“Rockspeare: Richard III”, Lakespeare and Co. At Live in Ya Lounge Studio (Mallee Pavilion, EPIC), August 7-8. Reviewed by ARNE SJOSTEDT.

The Emmy elbowing makes a start 

With the Emmy award nominations announced, the elbowing has just begun, writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL. 

Movie review / ‘Black Water: Abyss’ (MA) **

“Black Water: Abyss” doesn’t need great acting and doesn’t get it, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD. Its best ingredient is the aerial shots of North Queensland and its rain forests.

Movie review / ‘Deerskin’ (MA)

IS it a thriller? A psychological drama? A black comedy? A story of obsession? A fantasy escape from every restraint that human morality can devise? DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews "Deerskin".

Movie review / ‘We’ll End Up Together (M)

“We'll End Up Together” is a film that belongs to François Cluzet as Max, in a great performance in a happy-ender made more credible by the close shaves traversed before arriving there, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Life-affirming play’s met with a ‘good laugh’

If there’s ever a time where a good laugh is needed, this is it. Karen Vickery’s fine production of this very funny and life-affirming play provides comedy and drama equally, writes theatre reviewer LEN POWER about "Brighton Beach Memoirs".

Wielhorski’s enthusiast legacy inspires bold cello playing

Perhaps it’s partly the large gap in time since I’ve heard anything live, but I truly believe this was a concert of the first rank, writes music reviewer TONY MAGEE.

‘Polished and refined’ return to live performance

The Luminescence Chamber Ensemble has returned to live performance and reviewer TONY MAGEE was there.

The Sultans of Stream soldier on

Coronavirus can't stop the music or the ingenuity, writes streaming columnist  NICK OVERALL 

Movie review / ‘Unhinged’ (MA)

"Unhinged" is not a “nice” film. Russell Crowe plays a man beset by an awful family tragedy, who happens to be driving the pick-up truck that doesn’t move off after the light goes to green.

Movie review / ’23 Walks’ (M)

"23 Walks" a tale of the human condition as old age begins to bite, telling it like it is when two strangers, no longer young, meet in a London park while walking their dogs, says reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’ (PG)

"'The Secret: Dare to Dream' isn't a bad movie. It’s merely a pot-boiler about people dealing with not only a wild storm but also some of life’s realities that they’d rather not have to confront," writes reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Wine / Go early, go cheap is the mantra of the times

"Wine Australia says that the fastest growing segment of the wine market was the $6-$9.99 a bottle market with the value of sales in that segment growing 31 per cent in the month to early April," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER.

Streaming / The hot news is in the number of views 

"Movie production companies are cooking up an almost perfect, what I’m going to call "marvelesque" formula, in order to get people watching." And the numbers confirm that it's working, writes the "CityNews" star of streaming, NICK OVERALL.  

Dining / The Turkish that always delights

"Ottoman is housed in a gorgeous, glass, art-deco pavilion in Barton, surrounded by water features and gardens. It’s worth visiting for the surroundings alone," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON.

Movie review / ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’ (MA)

"The Burnt Orange Heresy" is in the best tradition not of film noir as classically defined by pessimism, fatalism, and menace but of murder, greed and other varieties of dishonesty, writes reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘Babyteeth’ (M)

“Babyteeth” comes with a generous sprinkling of comedy to moderate our awareness of the inevitability of its underlying sadness, writes movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD. 

Brand’s resolved, powerful lockdown thoughts

The full force of lockdown is explored in Zoe Brand's carefully thought-out show, writes craft reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.





Bikie murder: Cops make a sixth arrest

A sixth person has been arrested in relation to the stabbing that killed former ACT Comanchero commander Pitasoni Ulavalu on July 19. 


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