Symphony orchestra shines without an audience

Through the closeup view of the players in the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, they never relaxed in producing the finest sound even without an audience, writes ROB KENNEDY.

‘Unique’ pottery crafts a rich dining experience

This exhibition is important in demonstrating how artists who use different media can come together and give people pleasure whenever they eat, writes craft reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE after seeing “The Chef and the Potter" exhibition.

‘Whacky’ cafe idea hits the spot for night owls 

"Even the folks behind Kita wondered what they were thinking when they opened a nocturnal hotspot, but it's paid off, writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON. 

High-class, but uninspiring paintings

THE inaugural Darling Portrait Prize was always going to attract a lot of high-quality entries, which it did, but only a few stood out, writes reviewer ROB KENNEDY.

Imagination fills the prizewinning picture

ROB KENNEDY reviews the Darling Portrait Prize,“Elizabeth” by Anthea da Silva.

Anger, comedy… classic uncomfortable Williamson

"David Williamson gives us an uncomfortable evening of anger mixed with comedy. His target is the immigration policy in this country on the detaining and treatment of refugees," writes reviewer LEN POWER.

Movie review / ‘Military Wives’ (M)

Hard-nosed movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD found himself "profoundly affected" by "Military Wives".

Movie review / ‘In Fabric’ (MA)

"SOME might classify this strong and offbeat feature into the horror genre. I don’t." Film reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD enjoys "In Fabric".

Movie review / ‘Bloodshot’ (MA)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews the new movie "Bloodshot".

Feeling the ‘Love’, the audience went wild!

"The audience went wild and gave a standing ovation, even though it was the middle of the concert." It was that kind of night, says reviewer ROB KENNEDY

Nicole creates drama and interest through glass

Nicole Ayliffe captures the optical qualities of glass, writes MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE after visiting Nicole's newest exhibition.

‘American Song’ draws empathy out of horror

"American Song" is an act of empathy out of horror, a grasp at understanding uniquely American tragedies through one ordinary man’s faltering song, says reviewer JOHN LOMBARD.

Movie review / ‘Honeyland’ (M)

DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews the new movie "Honeyland" .

Movie review / ‘Citizen K’ (M)

"I had difficulty simply keeping up with who was doing what to who else for what reason." But movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD still awarded "Citizen K" with 3.5 stars.

Film review / ‘Dark Waters’ (MA)

Movie review / Four stars for a forensic thriller about Teflon.

Selby’s marvellous musical tale of two cities

Reviewer CLINTON WHITE marvels at the music making of Kathryn Selby and her latest friends.

Darroch’s artworks shine bright with purpose

"Propeller"... is a collection of unconventional and modern artworks that mirror hard-edge abstraction and a range of contemporary ideas, writes arts reviewer ROB KENNEDY.

Eight voices sing in a way that’s exciting and new

This unlikely named ensemble of eight singers provided an hour or so of music [that's] uniquely their own, writes music reviewer GRAHAM McDONALD about "Roomful of Teeth".

Elton’s long (and distant) goodbye

Singer Sir Elton John's “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” show has been touring Australian and NZ for the past three months, part of a two-year global farewell to concert performing. Though he has performed in Canberra during earlier tours, there was no fond goodbye for the national capital. "CityNews" music reviewer TONY MAGEE caught the show at Coffs Harbour International Stadium on February 26. Here's what we missed... 

Talented musicians brought out the tears

Hearing it, by these two very talented musicians, brought tears to my eyes as I was swept along with the beauty of the melody, which America delivered with passion, supported by the exquisite piano accompaniment of Luhtsaari, writes reviewer TONY MAGEE about “L’Invitation au Voyage”.





Is a pay later scheme the answer?

Give people and businesses money now they can pay back later (if and when they can), writes LINDA BOTTERILL, BRUCE CHAPMAN, GLENN WITHERS and WARWICK McKIBBON.


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