Australia’s now a nation in self-isolation

Morrison has stressed Australia is not in shut down. Not officially. But out of a combination of alarm, caution and government measures to contain the virus’s spread, many activities have shut down and more do so every day, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

New crowd bans and a serious travel warning

Morrison government bans indoor gatherings of 100 people, and tells Australians '"don't go overseas", writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Third virus case in parliament forces them to quickly pass package

MPs aim for lightning sitting on stimulus, as third parliamentarian contracts virus, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Collapsing businesses force the Government to ‘scale up’

Government forced to “scale up” fiscal response to deal with impact of “scaled up” health response, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Why we can’t afford a #scottycomelately

"The stimulus package was a difficult decision for a government with its tunnel vision on a budget surplus. It is a good decision. It just took too long," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Confusing signals when even the experts disagree

This isn’t just a fast-moving situation, but one in which even experts have differing takes, and politicians struggle with responses, even as they follow the medical recommendations, write political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Sensational day as Dutton goes down to virus

Coronavirus hits at the heart of Morrison's government, with Peter Dutton infected, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN

Will people be too worried to spend the cash splashed their way?

When a health crisis is the driver of an economic crisis, the uncertainties are multiplied, and people’s reactions are more difficult to predict, writes MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

More than 6 million pensioners receive $750 handout

Cash handout of $750 for 6.5 million pensioners and others receiving government payments, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Chief Medical Officer says parts of Australia could be locked down

With eyes on Italy’s lockdown, could a single region of Australia be locked down? Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy says "yes".

Religious Bill fails our secular society 

"The difficulty with the Religious Discrimination Bill (2019) is that it facilitates discrimination instead of facilitating inclusiveness and tolerance. It should be rejected," writes MICHAEL MOORE.

COVID-19 threatens to hit harder than GFC

Morrison tells big business to show "patriotism" as COVID-19 threatens to hit harder than GFC, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Sports rorts: denials raise new questions for Morrison

There are more 'sports rort' questions for the Prime Minister after former minister Bridget McKenzie speaks out, says MICHELLE GRATTAN

Can Morrison keep Australia out of recession in a global crisis?

So far the national toilet paper panic hasn’t threatened the spare rolls in the parliamentary lavatories, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Health authorities anticipate the coronavirus to spread locally

The coronavirus has moved to a new stage in Australia, with the first two cases of local transmission of the disease, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Morrison government uses purchasing power to encourage plastics recycling

The prime minister, who has previously highlighted better management of plastics waste as a priority for his government, will emphasise that for major change, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Government triggers plan for coronavirus pandemic

The Federal Government has activated its emergency response plan to deal with a spread of the coronavirus locally, in anticipation of it becoming a “pandemic”, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

ASIO: There are more spies in Australia than ‘cold war’

ASIO chief Mike Burgess says there are more spies in Australia "than at the height of the cold war", writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

Freedoms wilt as Peter Dutton’s power grows

"Australians have embraced social media and forgone much of our privacy. Allowing officials access to use this information to spy on individuals in a methodical manner ought not be allowed without the most careful of protections," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.

Travel ban extension hurts economic wellbeing

The longer the ban stays – in other words, the more cautious the government remains – the greater the cost to the Australian economy, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.





Stay safe and carry on smiling… toilet paper for all!

I MAY be imagining this, but I think people have taken to smiling more. Maybe it is a way of not letting the threats of the virus get to you, but it is happening.


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