Elevator etiquette has its ups and downs

Conversing with a fellow traveller isn't something that comes naturally for the bulk of the lift-riding population bemoans an equally mute MIKE WELSH.

My Summer / Sam Williams

Canberra Raiders halfback SAM WILLIAMS plans to catch some cricket, dress up for the Cooma Races and wind down at the open-air cinema.

My Summer / Patrick Mullins

Local writer PATRICK MULLINS is looking forward to early morning walks and ploughing through piles of books.

My Summer / Mike Welsh

“Seven Days” columnist MIKE WELSH will be enjoying the peace of a deserted Canberra and pondering retirement.

My Summer / Michael Dooley

“CityNews” Artist of the Year MICHAEL DOOLEY is planning a summer of swimming, camping and cricket.

My Summer / Leon Delaney

Talk-back Drive host on 2CC, LEON DELANEY, shares how he will be enjoying his first Canberra summer.

My Summer / Helen Musa

Arts editor HELEN MUSA is looking forward to a summer of walks, reading and gardening.

My Summer / Farzana Choudhury

This summer, ACT 2019 Young Lawyer of the Year, FARZANA CHOUDHURY has plans for research, brunches and camping.

My Summer / David Smith

Canberra Labor senator DAVID SMITH has a big list of things to get through in the summer, but tells us his top picks. 

My Summer / Cedric Bryant

“CityNews” gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT won’t be doing too much gardening in the heat of the summer.

The day I darkened Mr Snooty’s doorstep 

MIKE WELSH admits he's no fashion plate, but he wasn't ready for a form of discrimination to which he'd not been subjected to before.

My Summer / Bianca Russell

Why St John Ambulance ACT CEO BIANCA RUSSELL is looking forward to summer.

‘Witness J’ scoop leads the year’s top stories

citynews.com.au had one of its best years in terms of clicks, led by Robert Macklin’s news-making article about 'Witness J'.

My Summer / Andrew Wall

What summer means for Brindabella's Liberal MLA Andrew Wall.

Top clicks of the columnists for 2019

From a decaying construction site to a dire wet-weather warning for Queanbeyan, these columns got the most clicks on citynews.com.au in 2019.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN gets into the swing of (yawn) New Year's Eve.

My Summer / Alicia Payne

After a busy year, ALICIA PAYNE, Australia Labor Party member for the redistributed seat of Canberra, tells us what she's looking forward to this summer.

Poor Jesus, here come the hot cross buns!

POOR Jesus... in barely a week we are celebrating His birth with Christmas Day then, within days, the supermarkets have switched the retail focus to his death!

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN is in a party mood.

My Summer / Robert De Castella

Australian former world champion marathon runner ROBERT DE CASTELLA won't stop running this summer.





At the 2019 Sports Awards, Conder

Socials snapper SENTHAN THANI was at the 2019 Sports Awards, at the Lanyon Vikings club in Conder.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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