‘Deeply intellectual’ works carry diverse meanings

"Angela Valamanesh: About Being Here" is a serious exhibition showing the work of an artist who is comfortable working in diverse media, says reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Craft show reveals ‘deep veins of shared philosophy’

MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE reviews "Intersections" by craft artists Janet DeBoos and Wendy Teakel.

Review / Scott redeems colours through glass art

The bright colours fill me with joy and this exhibition, "The Redemption of Colour" by Scott Chaseling, is an excellent way to start a new year, writes craft reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Quilts that exhibit their environment

This exhibition shows the high standard the makers maintain...it's an exhibition well worth a visit. Writes craft reviewer, MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Tom wins national grant for his ‘unique’ designs

Canberra furniture and product designer Tom Skeehan is the recipient of a national craftsmanship grant worth $25,000, it has been announced today (December 2).

Care and focus from top craft artists

An exhibition that requires time, but will reward audiences with its excellence, writes reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Farewell to a Canberra arts and music champion 

CANBERRA arts and music champion Betty Beaver has died. She was 96.

Review / Ceramic artist breaks out of boundaries

Prue Venables' exhibition in porcelain shows sharp clarity of form in each finely thrown and turned piece, writes reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Jenny’s ‘fantastical’ figures draw attention to the environment

Jenny Orchard has always been a zealous drawer and I can see in these works where her creatures are derived, writes craft reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Brand’s resolved, powerful lockdown thoughts

The full force of lockdown is explored in Zoe Brand's carefully thought-out show, writes craft reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Artwork takes a seat in Canberra after difficult start

The exhibition, "Differing Perspectives", by Adelaide artists Calum Hurley and Jordan Leeflang had a difficult beginning due to COVID-19, but they managed to make it work, writes craft reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE

Melanie’s 3D weaving wins international award

Local weaver Melanie Olde has been awarded first prize in the biennial international exhibition 'Complexity 2020', writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

‘Engrossing’ exhibition of fine porcelain

MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE reviews the exhibition "Porcelain" at Beaver Galleries, now open to limited numbers.

Shared fascination with light and surface

MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE reviews “Transference”, online and at Craft ACT Craft + Design Centre, a collaborative exhibition by artists Robyn Campbell and Jo Victoria.

Glass art surges with ‘disturbing’ emotions

Elliot wanted to capture these disturbing emotions and move them from her mind onto their work, writes MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE about Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott's online exhibition.

Makigawa ‘links’ jewellery with ease

There is a comfortable ease about these works – ease in that they are thoughtfully and superbly made, and ease for the wearer, writes craft reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE about Carlier Makigawa's “Linked” exhibition.

Macramé and its ties to the benefits of tying knots

While the art of knot tying began as a necessity in ancient history, today’s knots have taken on new meanings and its centrepiece is macramé.

Sharon crafts a hauntingly, fragile Canberra

Peoples shows considerable concern for the difficulties of the wildlife around the lake, writes MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.

Tea pots for two come from unusual collaboration

Twenty teapots with stories to tell are on show at Craft ACT. MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE reviews the exhibition.

Oliphant’s glass works tell a ‘unique’ Canberra story

In this exhibition, Ruth Oliphant's hot and cold glass working techniques, such as carving and fusing, captures the empty spaces of the Yarralumla Brickworks kilns and tells the viewer of her interest in architectural spaces, writes reviewer MEREDITH HINCHLIFFE.





Go home and wait until we call. When? No idea

Reader BOB COLLINS, of Latham, shares the hospital horror show that has become reality for his ailing wife Rhonda.


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