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Woden is being transformed, but into what?

"What the Woden Valley community needs is a champion to work with the residents' groups to stop the central Woden precinct becoming a high-rise and very unfriendly jungle," writes PAUL COSTIGAN

The challenge of keeping children safe at home

“Children don’t come with an instruction manual. Raising children can be very tough, especially without support,” says Barnados CEO Deirdre Cheers.

Painful question of capital punishment

Canberra poet John Paynter is moved to political commentary with a piece he calls “Capital Punishment”.

Promisers plastered on plastic signs

CEDRIC BRYANT, of Watson, is grumpy at the hypocrisy of political parties promising climate change but still spruiking candidates on unrecyclable corflute signs.

Decision to rip family apart was ‘dead wrong’

Why were five Canberra children wrongfully removed from their mother for five years? On Thursday Liberal MLA ELIZABETH KIKKERT will press the Assembly to form a committee to find the answers.

Trust lost in government processes

Like columnist Michael Moore, letter writer Dr Julie Kidd says she won’t be voting for either of the major parties.

Shifty Meegan spins the truth about transport

Political spinning has never been more hamfisted than around the fashioning and marketing of Canberra's new public transport network, says Seven Days columnist MIKE WELSH.

War memorial is much more than a military museum

STEVE GOWER, director of the AWM between 1996 and 2012, has misgivings about the plans to demolish Anzac Hall warning that community outrage cannot be dismissed so 'airily' and that the ongoing controversy is 'disturbing and damaging'.

Greens fail to protect the local greenery

"There’s a climate emergency happening right here under the auspices of this ACT Labor/Greens coalition government," writes JON STANHOPE.

Befuddled saga of the bush healing farm

"The obvious question is why not use the Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm for the purpose for which it was constructed," writes JON STANHOPE

Letters / Distorting iconic names to spin development

Letter writer JULIET RAMSAY mounts a spirited defence of Lake Burley Griffin and West Basin.

Arrogance competes with spin in bus shemozzle

Arrogance competed with polished corporate lines around the roll out of “the largest ever change to our public transport network”, says Seven Days columnist MIKE WELSH.

Absent Zed the butt of meeting’s jokes

Where’s Zed? PAUL COSTIGAN went to a “politics in the pub” sessions to hear from candidates in the upcoming election, but there was no Senator Seselja.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN
wind turbines

Voters call for climate action without understanding

Retired Canberra CSIRO scientist JOHN L SMITH explains why the belief that wind, solar and renewables are going to be cheaper is flawed

In search of a bus timetable

Compelled to use public transport, reader Jenny (surname withheld) of Braddon is grumpy at not being able to get a bus timetable.

Tram has already cost ‘many millions of dollars’

IN the April 18 edition of "CityNews", columnist Jon Stanhope gave a critique of the ACT's parlous Budget situation and explained that up to...

Disneyland, like it or lump it in Coombs

"The government is refusing to talk to the residents, who have bluntly been told that the plonking on this quiet suburban site of a major play activities park is non-negotiable, writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN.

Let’s loosen up sport and enjoy it again!

"It’s staggering… less than 10 per cent of female high-school students in Canberra are meeting Australia’s physical activity guidelines," writes KATE MEIKLE.

Rage gone mad on a public road as car walloped

"Seven Days" columnist MIKE WELSH finds himself a witness to a crazy burst of road rage on Canberra Avenue. He got the incident on dash-cam, too.




Bob Hawke, a giant of political and industrial history

If Bob Hawke had never become prime minister, he would still be recalled as a major figure in Australian political and industrial history, writes FRANK BONGIORNO.


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