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Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN

Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN

Party first, government second… voters a distant third

"Stephen-Smith presents as a typical ACT Labor politician... well rehearsed at skating across facts to build the dubious case for their in-house bureaucratic decisions on planning and development, writes PAUL COSTIGAN

‘Unrepresentative’ tribunal doles out pay rises

ONCE again the completely unrepresentative ACT Remuneration Tribunal has given large increases to senior public servants and politicians that will flow on to other officials, says letter writer RIC HINGEE.

Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN

‘Insulted’ women protest developer’s eye for advertising

International Women's Day in the capital was marked by protesters targeting property developer and construction giant Geocon, writes "Seven Days" columnist MIKE WELSH.

Costigan / Give us this day our daily spin…

"People wonder what happened to city planning that is inclusive, intelligent and open minded – and is about neighbourhood character, trees, people, the environment and being humane," bemoans PAUL COSTIGAN

Mummy / Panic as the ‘boss baby’ goes missing

"He had tears in his eyes. At five, he understood what was going on and could see my pain and fear. Lots of extra hugs and reassurance later, we headed home." Another challenge for 'Mummy' columnist KATE MEIKLE

Macklin / Maybe we need freedom from religion

“Truth is, as a post-1788 nation we still haven’t found our feet. We’re like the pre-adolescent, buffeted on all sides by differing assertions of what’s the best way to approach adulthood," writes The Gadfly columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Letters / Contempt for our trees

THANK you for Paul Costigan's column "The neglect and shame of our mistreated trees" (CN, February 14). I do not usually respond to news...

Welsh / Money powers the ‘Nike bikies’

A CANBERRA cop has brutally exposed the romantic notion that outlaw motorcycle gangs are just a bunch of misunderstood fringe dwellers who love nothing...

Costigan / Someone save these trees from the developers

"Is everyone too busy to notice? When the trees on Bradfield Street and part of Melba Street are all gone, maybe then locals will start to ask questions," bemoans PAUL COSTIGAN about some trees doomed by developers in Downer.

Macklin / Is Morrison fighting the wrong war?

"The moment Howard engaged the SAS to keep the refugees from landing, Beazley was toast. It was an ad-man’s victory. Morrison was up to his neck in it," writes The Gadfly columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Opinion / What will a Shorten government be like?


Welsh / Confetti welcomes home the all-conquering Capitals

THE UC Canberra Capitals continued celebrations well into the week after their drought-breaking WNBL championship win against Adelaide. Fans had the chance to thank...

Grattan / Bishop’s boots were made for walking

AS a parliament that will be unmourned winds down to the election, this fortnight has been the season for goodbyes from those departing (voluntarily). The...

Macklin / Is no politician truly responsible anymore?

"Looking back over the recent Royal Commissions, it almost seems as though our political leaders have withdrawn from the business of government and passed the buck to the judiciary," writes columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Costigan / Mischievous elves dump on Downer

"It might come as a surprise to the heartless ones who dream up such vague terms as 'Urban Intensification Areas' that residents take this stuff very personally. People are losing sleep," writes PAUL COSTIGAN




Woman saved from car in Farrer

A WOMAN has been cut from a car after she was involved in a single-car crash on Marshal Street in Farrer.  Firefighters used hydraulic rescue...

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