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All the fluted fun of corrugated polypropylene

It's a bit sad that our covid-affected election has come down to thousands of roadside signs to help candidates with the challenge of recognition. It's a corflute-inspired "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE.

Government all talk on reforms for kids in crisis 

"There is a growing fear in the Aboriginal community that the government is signalling when it comes to listening to Aboriginal voices it's a case of 'our way or the highway'," writes JULIE TONGS.

Social distancing… from our phones!

"In a world of coronavirus and contact tracing, our mobile devices have become a tool in dealing with the virus and to be effective, our phones must be with us, not in a different building a few kilometres away," writes columnist EDDIE WILLIAMS.

Letters / Scrap ‘theme park’, build a National War Museum

Reader JACK KERSHAW, of Kambah, wants to see the War Memorial expansion scrapped in favour of building a National War Museum.

No really, Libs shame Labor in policy for the poor 

"Poverty raised its uncomfortable head in the ACT election campaign and from a counter-intuitive quarter," writes "Seven Days" columnist IAN MEIKLE.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN sees an upside in the downside of life today.

Why towering McEwen should be honoured

"It was John McEwen who provided the engine that powered the Menzies government through those days of plenty as our country grew towards adulthood," writes "The Gadfly" columnist ROBERT MACKLIN. 

Letters / Rates, the gift that just keeps on giving

Grinding rate rises didn't need to be this way. There was a moment in history lost to the territory's ratepayers, says letter writer LUCINDA SPIER.

‘Razor’s’ a ray of hope in dark times

EDDIE WILLIAMS says in these challenging times, Australia is looking for a national hero and who better than Canberra’s most significant sporting figure of the 21st century...

Kids wait years, but it’s not the Health Minister’s fault

"Is this really the sort of society you are happy to be part of? A society where a child’s access to life-defining health care is dependent on their ability to pay for it," writes Winnunga Nimmityjah Health and Community Service CEO JULIE TONGS. 

Everything’s hunky dory, just read the signs

Is this the Happiest Kingdom of them all? The ACT government seems to want you to think so with its hot mix running hot and lots of optimistic signs to remind you how much they care without reminding you how much debt they've wracked up! It's "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE.

Once elected, how quickly the public is forgotten

When Rachel Stephen-Smith drops a leaflet into letterboxes setting out how she has 'worked hard to listen to people across my ministerial portfolio and in the electorate – and to find new ways to engage Canberrans in decision making' – the only polite reaction from residents would have to be – you must be joking!

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the droll eye of PAUL DORIN.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Are masks becoming status symbols wonders cartoonist PAUL DORIN?

Letters / Liberals lack the policies to govern

Letter writer NOEL BAXENDLI, of Macgregor, says a change of government may be good in any democracy, but it must be to an alternative government ready to govern.

In crisis, ACT government fails private-sector jobs

"A recent analysis by the Grattan Institute showed the ACT had the lowest rate of coronavirus stimulus spending in Australia – despite Canberra recording one of the nation’s highest falls in jobs across June and July," writes GYWN REES.

Never mind the heat, stay out of Rachel’s kitchen

The city's broken retail and hospitality sectors are crying out for sanitised public servants to head back to their offices, but it's not going to happen. Here's "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE. 

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN looks at the side effects of lockdowns.

Is Steel working hard to lose in Murrumbidgee?

"In Murrumbidgee, Chris Steel is hammering home disrespect for the views of his voters on green issues. Does he really want to see a change of government?" PAUL COSTIGAN reviews the performance of a Labor Minister seemingly untroubled about the coming election.

Why Liberal diversity trumps failed Labor

"It does not represent cultural diversity to have more and more Labor members photographed with Communist symbols! It seems the ACT Labor Party is much better at talking about cultural diversity whereas we in the Liberal Party simply live it," writes ZED SESELJA, Liberal senator for the ACT. 





Government all talk on reforms for kids in crisis 

"There is a growing fear in the Aboriginal community that the government is signalling when it comes to listening to Aboriginal voices it's a case of 'our way or the highway'," writes JULIE TONGS.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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