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Help the homeless by better managing public housing

There are two kinds of people in Canberra; those who work and pay taxes and those who don’t, says letter writer LUCINDA SPIER, of Campbell. 

Don’t tell boss baby not to sweat the small stuff! 

"It’s hard not to minimise the hardship she genuinely feels over the sequence of brushing teeth and combing her hair being out of order to her, and the screaming it produces when we get it wrong," writes "Mummy" columnist KATE MEIKLE as her "boss baby" turns four.  

No soup for you, as cafes and clubs go begging

Local cafes and clubs deserve to be trusted with putting a bit more food on the tables, says "SevenDays" columnist IAN MEIKLE.  

How to stay safe in restaurants and cafes

Thinking about heading to a cafe or restaurant? LISA BRICKNELL explains how you can stay safe when eating out.

NCA hits the spurs to bar women equestrians

"The manner in which the announcement was made about cancelling access to the North Curtin paddocks is being taken as a condescending act towards the recreational activities of a group of Canberra women," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Letters / We can do better: it’s up to us

Letter writer PETER TAIT says that to get better decisions about how we want Canberra to be, we need two things...

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN.

Stephen’s searching for bubble-to-bubble travel 

Canberra Airport is looking for fellow travellers to bubble-to-bubble with, Alan Tutt takes another tilt, roos run amok and who doesn't want to eat hot-cross buns in May? It's another "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN has a playful look at heading back to school.

Carers can’t escape the endless self-isolation

PAUL WALSHE, the chair of Respite Care for Queanbeyan, writes in praise of heroic carers and says his committee's local building project is just one solution short of being built. 

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Flu vaccines don't thrill everyone, says cartoonist PAUL DORIN.

Quick! It’s time to get stimulus spending right

The big stimulus spending has just begun. Here's how to get it right, quickly, writes RICHARD DENNISS.

ACT government’s Orwellian ways with the truth

Letter writer MARTIN GORDON, of Dunlop, sees the ACT government's spin as Orwellian... "Rather than addressing the facts you create an alternative narrative (al la '1984')". 

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN feels the euphoria as lockdown restrictions ease...

Economists aren’t confident about lifting restrictions

Economists back social distancing 34-9 in new Economic Society-Conversation survey, writes PETER MARTIN. 

If only Donald Trump was Chief Minister… perhaps not!

Opposition Leader snubbed by Chief Minister, meet the Labor candidate who wants to be seen and a new, progressive political party pops up. It's all boo-hoo and woo-hoo this week in "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE.

Locals plant bulbs for a spring celebration

"Good things do happen in this city," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN in praise of the local enthusiasm for the citywide planting of spring bulbs intended for the now-cancelled Floriade. 

Pet cats wreak havoc on native animals

On average, each roaming pet cat kills 186 reptiles, birds and mammals per year, most of them native to Australia. Collectively, that’s 4440 to 8100 animals per square kilometre per year for the area inhabited by pet cats.

Which countries have handled the pandemic poorly?

An overwhelming 90 per cent believe the US has performed badly. The US is rated at the bottom of a list of six countries, also including Singapore, the United Kingdom and Italy, in how well COVID has been handled, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN. 

How to keep causals from coming to work sick?

If we want workers to stay home when sick, we need paid leave for casuals, writes PETER WHITEFORD and BRUCE BRADBURY.





More visitors are allowed in hospitals from tomorrow 

More visitors will be allowed at Canberra health services, including hospitals, from tomorrow (June 4), after ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith announced an easing of visitor restrictions. 


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