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Spare Alex’s spinning soul and rename the jail

Is it time to change the name of the prison and give Alexander Maconochie's soul some rest? It's another "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE. 

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN sees a downside to the end of daylight saving.

Will Morrison’s new cabinet solve his ‘women’s problems’?

Morrison wants to make his “women’s problems” a whole-of-government challenge, but are his new additions to cabinet enough to quell popular anger? Asks political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Letters / Government ignores Canberra’s green losses

"What is the Green Wing of the government doing to change the bad old ways of the Barr government?" ask letter writers GLENYS and PHIL BYRNE, of Florey.

‘Disgraced’ Laming should be sent to the crossbench

Laming, who has allegedly bullied constituents and photographed a woman inappropriately, announced he won’t seek another term, but has not been booted out of the parliamentary party, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot 

Trees and rabbits are the big issues in this past "Seven Days", says columnist IAN MEIKLE.

Porter and Reynolds remain in cabinet

By reshuffling his cabinet and shifting the subjects of recent crisis, Morrison is scarcely holding back the tide of mounting controversies threatening the Liberal party, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Same sad question, where are women safe?

"Where are women safe? Not on the streets after dark, not at home with the increase in domestic violence over the past year and certainly not inside the hallowed halls of our national parliament," writes columnist KATE MEIKLE.

Morrison’s misjudged outburst undermined his message

Morrison had distracted from, and undermined, the whole message he was trying to get through – that he understands and is focused on the problems women endure and on finding solutions, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Morrison is tangled in his own spider web

The prime minister resorted to a tactical ploy that flies in the face of any claim the government is dealing with the Brittany Higgins matter with respect, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Psychology reveals why people take risks in floods

Two of the most common causes of fatalities during floods result from play activities in water courses and attempts to drive across flooded rivers and streams, so why do we do it? Psychology experts have the answers. 

Letters / Rubbish dumped at Chisholm clothing bins

Letter writer BJORN MOORE bemoans the mess around the donation clothing bins at Chisholm shops. 

‘Vandalism’ – Memorial declares war on its trees

"When Canberra city needs every piece of biodiversity and green infrastructure to deal with the coming climate crisis, how on earth did anyone at the War Memorial think it was okay to let the bulldozers loose on so many trees. In the end this could be 100 or more trees that will go," writes "Canberra Matters" columnist PAUL COSTIGAN. 

Why can’t the toxic prison stay out of the news?

"THE ACT's politically toxic prison just can't stay out of the headlines. It's got to be time for a public enquiry to find out why," says "Seven Days" columnist IAN MEIKLE

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Real estate prices are causing problems, says cartoonist PAUL DORIN.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN.

Letters / Cries from voiceless to prevent further suicide

“Our family's experience of the interaction between the mental health and the justice systems for our family member was as traumatic as the incident that led to them being held in custody,” says our lead letter this week.

In praise of women, women everywhere!

"Australian men of all stripes and colour today will need time to adjust to the new reality. The danger is that elements will combine in a kind of rearguard action of violent retaliation," writes "The Gadfly" columnist ROBERT MACKLIN.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN.

What the hell… the year of living dangerously

Lockdowns, rubble, statues and green beans... not a bad “Seven Days”, says IAN MEIKLE.





Movie review / ‘Antoinette in the Cévennes’ (M)

"Antoinette in the Cévennes" is a warmly charming film, an agreeable escape occasionally testing our credulity without abusing it and ending on an optimistic note, says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.


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