Ghostly secrets of the little cottage down by the lake

"Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL reveals some ghostly secrets of Blundells Cottage...

Unsolved: Murder and mystery of the missing women

"Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL looks at the unsolved crimes against three young women in Canberra. 

Horror plane crash that destroyed a government

It's the 80th anniversary of Canberra's worst air disaster. "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL looks at the mystery surrounding the crash.

Belconnen forgets its first war-hero landowner

"I would like to think that those of us who now enjoy the benefits of the land that Robert Butt, an Australian hero, never had the chance to enjoy, could between us restore his grave," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.

There’s rarely been a dull moment in Eden-Monaro

"Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL looks back on the colourful history of the federal seat of Eden-Monaro, the subject of a July 4 by-election. 

Eden-Monaro finally gets to show its feminine side

"Eden-Monaro has long been something of a 'media tart', but its looming by-election is history unfurling before our eyes," writes columnist NICHOLE OVERALL.

Goodbye to ‘The Golden Age’ of local newspapers

"Yesterday's" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL looks back at the long and distinguished history of the "Queanbeyan Age". After 160 years its publication has been suspended and the prospect of coming back next month looks bleak... 

Memories of first pandemic to silence Anzac Day

Things are going to be very different in marking Anzac Day this year, but it's not the first time a pandemic has upset the national anniversary, writes "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL. 

Whispers of the end of the known world in 1919

We've been here before, just over a century ago when the Spanish Flu swept across Australia. Infecting 40 per cent of the country, it brought bans on public events, quarantine and the mandatory use of face masks, writes "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL. 

Kate’s fate and the mysterious miracle at Majura

Kate Donnelly, a 21-year-old maid, disappeared one night near the Queanbeyan railway station on April 15. "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL traces the weird stuff that happens next.

Peter sees a danger of forgetting the Griffins

Peter Graves, ACT chapter chair if the Walter Burley Griffin Society fears we are at risk of forgetting where Canberra came from and who designed it, reports DANIELLE NOHRA.

Wind howls as flames threaten Queanbeyan

"Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL takes us back to Queanbeyan's 'Black Friday', when a bushfire threatened the city on January 25, 1952...

Birthday looms for spooky, country church

"There's many a tale told of the tombstones of St Thomas glowing on moonless nights, shadowy figures apparently seen moving in their midst, and even an unknown horseman claimed to silently gallop past its entranceway." "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL discovers a spooky church. 

The day Mr Menzies launched Lake Burley Griffin

On October 17, 1964, with the sails of small boats billowing behind him, Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies inaugurated Lake Burley Griffin. "Yesterdays" columnist NICHOLE OVERALL traces the lakes controversial history.

When the dam wall falls, Queanbeyan has 34 minutes

Yesterdays columnist NICHOLE OVERALL says that emergency procedures suggest that should the googong Dam wall ever fail, residents would have about 34 minutes before their town became a modern-day Atlantis.

Yesterdays / Local plight of Ireland’s ‘Potato Orphans’

Packed off with clothing, a prayer book and a hairbrush, Anne and Alicia Keefe were two of more than 4100 Irish women to arrive in Australia between 1848 and 1850. Yesterdays columnist NICHOLE OVERALL looks a local link with Ireland’s ‘Potato Orphans’.

Keeping an eye on the night sky for science

In this second in NICHOLE OVERALL’s series on Canberra’s role in observing space, she looks at the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope at Hoskinstown that,...

Righting the Honeysuckle Creek record

Yesterday columnist NICHOLE OVERALL looks back at what was really happening at Honeysuckle Creek when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

Revealed: the life of flaxen-haired Charlotte Faunce

Artist Jiawei Shen is widely known for his portrait of the Princess of Denmark, Mary. He has also painted a woman worthy of the title of “Princess of Canberra” and for the first time it will be on public display on May 4, reports NICHOLE OVERALL.

Remembering the brave local lads lost to the region

With the centenary of the signing of World War I's Treaty of Versaille, officially heralding peace (not just ceasefire)it's a poignant time to think on those local bots who didn't make it home, says Yesterdays columnist NICHOLE OVERALL.





Soon-to-end relief scheme puts businesses at risk

Hospitality businesses could be forced to close when the Commercial Tenancies Relief Scheme ends January 31, says CEO of Canberra Business Chamber Graham Catt. 


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