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Concert warms up to magnificent finish

Further into the ode the orchestra warmed up and started sounding better, writes ROB KENNEDY.

Whodunit captivates appreciative audience

Agatha Christie's novel "Towards Zero" is a very clever whodunit and arguably one of her best. Tempo Theatre’s production of the play is one of its, too, says theatre reviewer LEN POWER.

Tribute to a ‘titan’ of music

"This gala opera presentation, staged in memory of the late Richard Gill, was a cut above the usual run of 'great hits from opera", and no wonder – it had been entirely programmed by Gill himself before his death in October," writes reviewer HELEN MUSA.

Emotions channelled into dance and acrobatics

“Jump First, Ask Later” tells the story of six young "Parkour" performers from Fairfield, Western Sydney, where they met, train and perform their high-risk, hybrid styles of movement and dance. says dance reviewer SAMARA PURNELL.

Horror hit proves not too spooky

A local production of the West End hit "The Woman in Black" produces a few surprises and raises the hackles, reports reviewer PHILLIP MACKENZIE

Musical revue performance and staging a ‘triumph’

"This production of 'The World Goes Round' is a triumph for the Canberra Repertory Society, and most definitely one for the 'must see list," waxes musical theatre reviewer BILL STEPHENS.

Movie review / ‘Peterloo’ (M)

"Peterloo" is not It’s not populist cinema. It’s cinema craft of a high order, especially in its staging of a day the legacy of which most of the world’s countries now enjoy, says reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

Movie review / ‘Little Woods’ (M)

"The pace is leisurely. The emotional values are gently powerful (if that makes sense). It’s unlikely to lift your spirits but its purpose is more worthy than that." DOUGAL MACDONALD reviews the new movie "Little Woods".

Movie review / ‘John Wick 3: Parabellum’ (M)

“Wick 3” is a violent fantasy actioner in which most of the cast are the stunt guys and gals cavorting acrobatically around before dying. Two stars from reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.

D-Day exhibition opens at War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial has this morning (May 17) unveiled its newest exhibition titled “D-Day: the Australian story”, which explores Australia’s involvement in the largest amphibious operation in military history.  

Portrait Gallery wins top design award

The National Portrait Gallery has been named a winner in the Museums Australasia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards.

Day of food and fun for ‘Soldier On’

The Defence Force is turning on a fabulous, free event this Saturday (May 18) for the ACT community and visitors to the national capital in support of "Soldier On".

Mutiny ‘coined’ in new collection

Earlier this week (May 14) at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney, the Royal Australian Mint launched the first coins of a new limited edition commemorative coin series, featuring the mutiny on the HMS Bounty, The Rum Rebellion and The Eureka Stockade.

Play has strong dialogue but lacks intimacy

De Groen’s strength is her fast-moving, crackling dialogue and the performers do justice to this, although the wide traverse-staging leads to some over playing, so that the intimacy at which the play hints never entirely emerges, writes HELEN MUSA.

Artists craft personality into earrings

Many are whimsical, most are elegant and all are skillfully made, writes MEREDITH HINCHLIFEE.

Arts / What’s on this weekend?

HELEN MUSA’s weekly arts column features opening concerts, events and shows in Canberra

Go-to Ursula is planning to go

URSULA Yovich has been the go-to actress for the past two decades when directors are looking for a strong, mature indigenous performer. Originally from Darwin,...

Arts / Around the galleries

Arts editor HELEN MUSA shares Canberra’s newest gallery openings

The food was divine, that’s it really

"Be prepared to share and let your tastebuds dance, dance, dance. Don’t be shy – dishes are beautifully proportioned so you can graze without being overwhelmed," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON after a visit to Lamshed's.

‘Possum pressure’ puts Dame Edna back on tour

“Canberra audiences didn’t really think Dame Edna Everage was going to retire after she last appeared at the Canberra Theatre, did they?” Asks arts editor HELEN MUSA.




Look out for the rare, red wattle

With some rare plants it’s best to buy them when you can. One such is Acacia leprosa “Scarlet Blaze”, the red wattle, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.


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