Cheap lunches. Asian Noodle Cafe on Garema Place

Asian Noodle Cafe laksa

IT’S not every day I walk into “CityNews” palatial offices after lunch and exclaim “God Damn That Was A Good Lunch!”

But today’s $10 laksa from the Asian Noodle Cafe more than warranted it.

For a bargain basement lunch the service was almost unsettling.

Full seated service, a glass with ice for my drink, and a complimentary bowl of prawn crackers were all much appreciated.

The laksa arrived within minutes and was a revelation.

Duck! In a $10 laksa! Along with BBQ pork and chicken.

Aside from the meats everything else was present and correct. Two varieties of noodles, mung beans, bean curd, assorted asian greens, dried garlic.

Then the happy moment came when I’d fished out all the big pieces of food.

Lifting the big soup bowl up and tipping it back down my throat… Oh yes.

Thick, rich, warm and with well balanced spices.

There are a lot of places around town charging much more for laksa that isn’t anywhere near as good.

Aside from the laksa they have a lengthy $10 lunch menu. The Asian Noodle Cafe do have a website to check out but sadly the special lunch menu is not mentioned.

[This article is the eighth in a series on cheap lunches to be found in and around the city. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments or email them to . The complete series can be found on our cheap lunches tag]


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