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Canberra’s favourite gardening writer CEDRIC ‘O’BRYANT’ gets in the spirit of St Patrick’s Day with some craic about this being the time, so it is, to be planting sweet peas. His Welsh ancestors will be […]

PROF DON AITKIN once sat through a bewildering four-hour-fifteen-minute speech by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, followed by a military parade in Tripoli’s central square that lasted for another two hours. He shares his bizarre experience […]

NOW, here’s an interesting thing: Thunderstorms and other changing weather patterns can have asthma suffers reaching for their puffers. According to Dr Andrew Tai, of the ACT Asthma Foundation, changeable weather can be a major […]

THERE’S a lot of happiness in this edition of “CityNews”: Dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON rarely gets as excited about a restaurant as the one she writes about this week; Open Garden correspondent KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK trills […]

IT’S Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the message is: Investigate symptoms early, particularly symptoms easily mistaken for something else – and that there’s no early test. Women often put themselves last when it comes to […]

CIVIC’S vacant shopfronts are set to come alive next month with a series of music, theatre and visual art exhibitions when the Centenary of Canberra launches a surprise festival for the city’s 98th birthday. Landlords […]

THIS week we look at the disgrace that is the sickening dumping of garbage, dead animals and human waste in and around Canberra’s charity bins. What kind of people burden local charities and their workers […]

Our chipper cartoonist PAUL DORIN found himself flood-bound while visiting the in-laws in Brisbane. In this week’s edition he tells ELERI HARRIS how it felt to be trapped by the water and we showcase some […]

“I FELT like I had to be a well-groomed, calm and in-control mother… but I was frustrated, unsure and uncomfortable with my role as a mum.” That’s mum-of-two Megan O’Hehir, who talks frankly to MEGAN […]

IT’S summer in Canberra and in this edition “CityNews” celebrates the city’s many New Year attractions and activities from theatre, art, books and movies to fashion and holiday fun. Our next edition will be in […]

OVERSEAS travel is a bit like childbirth, says ROBERT MACKLIN – you look forward to it for months, it’s absolute agony at the time but afterwards – while you bore friends and relations witless – […]

A brothel, a drunken driver and bus full of Grammar girls… welcome to Gail Ford’s first taste of touring in Russia. In this week’s edition, ELERI HARRIS meets the Canberra author whose love for the […]

OUR unsung letter writers are in fine form this week. They tackle the issues of young people, war memorials, the Salvation Army and, unsurprisingly, there is a spirited defence of Julia Gillard’s appearance in response […]

“IT’S not like people are going to dance in the streets with banners yelling ‘yahoo ATO’, but we should take pride in it.” That’s tax commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo purring to ELERI HARRIS about the ATO’s […]

IT’S fascinating how the hit television series “Mad Men”, based on the New York advertising industry of the late ‘50s-early ‘60s, is influencing the fashion looks of the spring racing carnival. In our cover story […]

LIBERAL Party president Winnifred Rosser is saying ciao to all this and tells KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK that she’s off to live in Italy. Elsewhere in this week’s edition dogged DON AITKIN muses on the Joel Monighan […]

This week’s fun cover photograph of the restless Ivan Slavich and his mission for Movember was taken by SILAS BROWN. Ivan has put his focus and energy on raising funds for men’s health and he’s […]

CARLY-Jane Tozer is 23, married, has a baby, a house, her own business and has just been named the ACT’s young businesswoman of the year. In this week’s cover story, we meet a remarkable young […]

COVER girl Danielle Post has arrived to read the news at WIN TV and walked into a newsroom that’s got talent walking out. She’s unfazed, as she tells ELERI HARRIS: “Every newsroom goes through the […]

This week: Don Aitkin, Michael Moore, Robert Macklin, Helen Musa, Dougal Macdonald, Mark Parton, Amanda Bresnan, Andrew Leigh, Greg Cornwell, Eleri Harris, Megan Haggan, Kathryn Vukovljak, Bill Stephens and Wendy Johnson. Great names. Great writing. […]