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NOW there’s a smile. On the front cover this week snapper SILAS BROWN has caught cancer survivor Ross Green’s lust for life and, inside, he tells reporter KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK: “Before the cancer you wouldn’t have […]


SPORTS columnist TIM GAVEL says Canberra should acknowledge the Tour de France champion Cadel Evans in Canberra by renaming the Stromlo Forest Park. His “Campaign Cadel” starts here! Sport, politics and religion abound in this […]


POLITICAL columnist MICHAEL MOORE takes strong exception to the Greens’ attitude to the recent Greenpeace raid on the CSIRO’s genetically modified crop in Gunghalin, accusing the party of thumbing a nose at the rule of […]


ROBERT MACKLIN doesn’t like Rupert Murdoch, MICHAEL MOORE doesn’t like the politics in planning and DOUGAL MACDONALD doesn’t like the latest Harry Potter movie. That lot notwithstanding, there is a lot to like in this […]


ALL very seasonal this week – gardening guru CEDRIC BRYANT is planting now for spring’s rewards and Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN is dodging winter’s phlegm! Roll on summer, we say. Until then, […]


SHONK, jellyback, buffoon, wimp, moron, coward, sexist, fascist, bigot; insults, says MICHAEL MOORE, are all in a day’s work at the Legislative Assembly. Also in this week’s edition TIM GAVEL takes a forensic look at […]

THIS week, “CityNews” launched a new website aimed at providing Canberra with continuous local news, weather and other information as well as the full variety of news, views and features you enjoy every week in […]

ON a personal level, Julia Gillard and her partner seem like squatters in The Lodge, says ROBERT MACKLIN in a frank look at the Prime Minister and her popularity problems. Elsewhere this week, ACT Opposition […]

IS an absence of service sending customers away from department stores and on to the internet? It certainly is, says columnist SONYA FLADUN. Also in this week’s edition, MICHAEL MOORE explains why trounced Steve Whan’s […]

THIS week columnist TIM GAVEL confronts the worrying spectre of over-competitive parents and how they are ruining sport for kids. MICHAEL MOORE ponders the Chief Minister’s choices now Chris Bourke has joined her team. DON […]

TIM GAVEL is fed up with sports stars thinking they’re the only people in the world under pressure, MICHAEL MOORE warns second-time Planning Minister Simon Corbell about mistakes this time around and ROBERT MACKLIN challenges […]

BEYOND the week’s political upheavals, Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN warns parents to be careful what they wish for when it comes to kids, MARK PARTON reveals the strange ritual of stealing road […]

An important DECADE of local political history drew to a close at a packed press conference in a chilly courtyard at the Legislative Assembly this week when Jon Stanhope, with almost perfect political timing, put […]

GREG CORNWELL is locked up and let loose on the daunting ACT Budget; DON AITKIN muses about the Royal Wedding; MARK PARTON grieves the loss of the Canberra Services Club; CEDRIC BRYANT warns that Jack […]

BY all accounts, especially her own, Treasurer Katy Gallagher has had a tough time pulling together this year’s ACT Budget. Good or bad, she won’t tell, only that she is resolute about having the Budget […]

LILY Pearson’s battle to play the game she loves has taken her all the way to the top; to the hallowed corridors of the Dublin-based International Rugby Board. All Lily wanted to do was continue […]

WHAT strange (and wonderful) city we live in: ELERI HARRIS reports that the jackhammers are ringing out on London Circuit again and are likely to be back there by year’s end as two development plans […]