Murder and gender-bending in classic Kabuki play

ANU Za Kabuki’s latest play 'Whisker Tweezers' will be presented as a video, says arts editor HELEN MUSA. 

Debates celebrate 30 years of Bell Shakespeare

Federal Minister for the Arts Paul Fletcher and ASIC’s Bruce Meagher join journalists Amy Remeikis, Mark Kenny and UC’s Virginia Haussegger to debate Cassius’s proportion “The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves”, from “Julius Caesar”, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

The ghost of Pike lives on in 2021 season at The Q

The Q has posted the first half of its 2021 season online, and it looks remarkably familiar, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

Review/ ‘Intriguing’ incidents explore intimacy

“Intimacy” is a tantalising 45 minutes of seemingly unrelated and often intriguing collection of incidents, which, while entertaining and well executed, often leave the audience guessing as to their relevance to the stated topic, writes reviewer BILL STEPHENS. Jazida

Seven classics for the new REP season

Canberra REP will present a 2021 season of classics, with seven rather than the usual six plays, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

‘Normal’ makes the abnormal relatable

"Normal" is a vivid depiction of teenage life under pressure, writes reviewer JOHN LOMBARD.

Pollock’s allegorical virus imitates life 

Canberra Youth Theatre's upcoming play is about an unseen, unknown virus, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

Eased restrictions see families flock to the theatre

In an extraordinary turnabout for the beleaguered Canberra Theatre Centre last weekend saw more than 4000 children and their families and friends at the theatre to watch performances of “Room on the Broom”, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.  

Review / Performance sheds light on the socially confined

Belco Arts' production 'Mess' is an immersive, intense production, writes reviewer Samara Purnell.

‘Captivating’ Woodward danced with Kafka’s metamorphosis

In a distilled, adaptive reflection or reinterpretation, punctuated with moments that pulled viewers out of the classic tale’s framework back into the present time and place, Woodward skilfully, at times hesitantly, danced with Kafka’s well-known model of metamorphosis, writes reviewer ARNE SJOSTEDT.

Yonezawa explores the mental mess of hikikomori

“Mess” seems like an improbable title for a piece of theatre, until you know how the young director is thinking, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

Review / Comedy shines through the twists and tangles

The cast clicked and laughs kept coming. ARNE SJOSTEDT reviews Rep's "What the Butler Saw".

Review / Strain evident in risky circus show

Despite the best efforts of the talented cast, 'L’Entreprise du Risque' isn't able to achieve its ambitions, writes reviewer BILL STEPHENS.

Orton’s wildly wordy farce still delights

For those nurturing an enhanced view of the salacious 1960s, the anticipation of Canberra REP’s coming production of Joe Orton’s last play, “What the Butler Saw”, must be sheer delight, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

‘Magical mechanisms’ take centre stage at Belco

The circus world of thrills, chills and spills in 'L’entreprise du Risque' at Belco Arts is an apt metaphor for a world in crisis, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

Actors bring humour to a disaster engulfed capital

Despite the doom-ridden premise and strict sanitation measures, both the show and the atmosphere are warm, witty and light-hearted, writes reviewer SIMONE PENKETHMAN.

The Bard on Christmas Island

Playwright Helen Machalias is back at The Street with a developmental showing of “Barren Ground”, her dramatic exploration of the asylum-seeker experience in Australia.

Theatre / ‘Bold’ Richard worth braving the rain for

“Rockspeare: Richard III”, Lakespeare and Co. At Live in Ya Lounge Studio (Mallee Pavilion, EPIC), August 7-8. Reviewed by ARNE SJOSTEDT.

Life-affirming play’s met with a ‘good laugh’

If there’s ever a time where a good laugh is needed, this is it. Karen Vickery’s fine production of this very funny and life-affirming play provides comedy and drama equally, writes theatre reviewer LEN POWER about "Brighton Beach Memoirs".

Lakespeare’s Richard ‘goes like a rocket’

Actor-director Christopher Stollery is in town to take on several small roles in Lexi Sekuless’ “Rockspeare Richard III”, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.





More people are allowed in venues, but there’s a catch

From 9am on Wednesday (December 2) venues will be allowed double as many people, according to ACT chief health officer Dr Kerryn Coleman. But there's a catch. 

Aya flies swiftly to the top

ACT reopens border to Victoria


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