Too famous to murder, Anna sits in the window

Karen Vickery may well be just about the most sought-after actor in Canberra, but she’s really hit her straps when it comes to her role in the “The Woman in the Window”, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.

Cast receive high praise for its wit and talent

Each inhabited their roles and turned on a truly satisfying, articulate and expressive performances that left the audience watching each gesture, writes reviewer ARNE SJOSTEDT after seeing "The Good Doctor".

‘Belfast Girls’ sunk by opening-night audio issues

"Belfast Girls" is an interesting and important story, but much of the dialogue was difficult to hear and crucial revelations were inaudible or unclear, writes reviewer SIMONE PENKETHMAN.

Review / Theatrical magic not to be missed

When all the elements come together so well in the theatre, as it does in this production of "Shakespeare in Love", it’s magic and not to be missed, says reviewer LEN POWER.

Review / Loud band mars bright show’s opening night

The over-enthusiastic band detracted considerably from the overall enjoyment of an otherwise admirable presentation, writes reviewer BILL STEPHENS after seeing "Legally Blonde".

No holds barred with Butterfield’s comedy

"Raw" comedian Isaac Butterfield returns to Canberra this weekend with an hour of sharp social observations of the society people live in today— the good, the bad and the ugly.

Orphan girls take a shot at life in Australia

Shipped out during the Irish Famine with the promise of a better life in Australia but destined to become cheap domestic labour, these were the “Belfast Girls” of a play that bowled director Jordan Best over for the suffering, wit and the fortitude of its five protagonists.

Powerful performance elevates iconic play

“Metamorphosis” is a production that theatre needs as a constant rejuvenating force, writes JOE WOODWARD.

Ramsay launches ‘hands-on’ production course

ACT Arts Minister Gordon Ramsay today (August 13) threw out a challenge to young Canberrans looking for a hands-on career in the entertainment industry.

Six schools compete for story of the year

After three nights of performances in Canberra last week, six winning schools have been invited to the ACT awards night in September for the opportunity to be nominated for Wakakirri’s story of the year award.

Shakespeare steps from screen to the stage

Arts editor HELEN MUSA previews a new production of “Shakespeare in Love”.

Gregor wakes to find he’s turning into an insect!

Director Adam Broinowski and a team of actors gifted in physical theatre have embarked upon a production of Berkoff’s “The Metamorphosis”. HELEN MUSA previews it.

Polished performance of ‘Coarse’ comedy

“There’s nothing coarse about this polished and inventive performance,” writes reviewer JOHN LOMBARD.

Plenty of laughs in new over-the-top hit

There's been over-the-top hit shows such as “Noises Off” and “The Play that Goes Wrong”, but now Canberra REP is going a step further down the path of amateur mayhem with “The Art of Coarse Acting”, in which everything that can conceivably go wrong does.

Beneath the bravado, there’s vulnerability

"If theatre, or all art, is supposed to enable us to experience the incomprehensible inner worlds of other humans, then this show strikes a chord that keeps ringing long after the applause dies down," writes reviewer SIMONE PENKETHMAN.

The play was first class, despite a thick accent

Irish actor Christopher Samuel Carroll gave a tour de force of a performance, writes ARNE SJOSTEDT. 

Audience in stitches from start to end

The laugh-out-loud moments came fast and thick in Budding Theatre's production of "Pride and Prejudice", writes reviewer SIMONE PENKETHMAN.

Enormous skills bring ‘Bruce’, the hero, to life

The performers show enormous skill and dexterity in bringing Bruce to life, writes reviewer LEN POWER.

When the rules are made by men

“Sex is something danced around,” says playwright Susie Miller and lots of men have told her that her new play "Prima Facie" was a revelation. Arts editor HELEN MUSA reports...

Comedy opening raises money for MS

A comedy staged by the Lieder Theatre Company in Goulburn aims to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research, writes arts editor HELEN MUSA.




At the Property Council’s 50th anniversary dinner, Barton

"CityNews" snapper KATE MATTHEWS headed to the Property Council's 50th anniversary dinner in Barton last night and took some great photos while she was there.

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