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Grattan on Friday / Plans for local atrocities bring the Middle East conflict close to home

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Thursday’s revelation that an Australian who is senior in Islamic State allegedly told supporters in this country to commit atrocities randomly against people on the street has dramatically highlighted the link between what’s happening in the Middle East and the home front. On the day Tony Abbott and Bill […]

Abbott has given his ministers straight ‘A’s – do they deserve it?

By Misty Adoniou, University of Canberra Tony Abbott has given his ministers their report cards for the year. Apparently they are all receiving As and A+s. That might mean they are very, very clever compared to all other ministers who have done the job the past. This is what we call norm-referenced assessment. We start […]

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Dog attack penalties skyrocket

SHANE Rattenbury has announced the passage of legislation that will increase the penalty that can be imposed for dog attacks. “Under previous legislation, the maximum penalties for a dog harassment incident and an attack incident were the same at $7,500 (or 50 penalty units). This means a person whose dog barks at and scares another […]

Simon says the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme is working well

A review of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme has found that the program saves participating households about $1,600 each. Simon Corbell tabled a review of the scheme in the Legislative Assembly that showed greenhouse gas reductions as a result of the program between 1 January 2013 and 31 March 2014 were the equivalent of 237,908 […]

Capital Metro costs blow out by tens of millions more

ALISTAIR Coe has winkled out of the Government that the cost of running the Capital Metro agency isn’t included in the budgeted cost of the project. “The cost of the government’s ill-conceived light rail project seems to be rising by the day. Today in the Legislative Assembly, Simon Corbell admitted already allocated funding isn’t included […]

Architects looking for ways to make compact affordable housing in Canberra

THE Australian Institute of Architects’ ACT Chapter has launched a competition set to shake up housing options for Canberra’s growing population. In collaboration with the Land Development Agency, Environment and Planning Directorate, and Defence Housing Australia (DHA), the Institute has established the New Experimental Architectural Typologies (NEAT) competition to generate ideas for innovative and affordable […]

Shane pushes for more community input to planning decisions

SHANE Rattenbury has introduced legislation to increase the level of community involvement and improve early planning processes for developments in the ACT. “This legislation would require a proponent to undertake pre-development application consultation with the community in order for a Minister to utilise call-in powers,” Shane said. “The ACT Greens have long opposed the use […]


Labor MPs to speak against Labor refugee policy at Canberra meeting.

THE Canberra Refugee Action Committee is hosting two Labor Members of Parliament, Anna Burke and Melissa Parke, at a Canberra meeting to explain why refugee policy must change, including Labor Party policy. In addition to the wave of international condemnation of Australia’s treatment of refugees, Australian Labor Party State and Territory branches have voted to […]

ACTION seat refurb complete. You’ll never see the vomit now

ACTION’S Chief Operating Officer Bren Burkevics says over 50 of ACTION’s older bus fleet have received a full passenger seat refurbishment. “Since the commencement of the refurbishment program in 2012-13, a total of 54 buses have received a complete passenger seat refurbishment which represents an investment of $570,000 by the ACT Government,” Bren said. “The […]

Kippax bike and ride

Kippax gets a bike and ride cage

SHANE Rattenbury has announced the completion of a new bike and ride facility on Kippax Place at the Kippax Centre. “Bike and ride facilities provide an easy and convenient way for Canberrans to get around our nation’s capital and help to reduce congestion on our road network. This new facility will ensure residents in Kippax […]

Video / A whizzy fly-through of the Capital Metro route!

The ACT Government has celebrated its decision to build the Capital Metro light rail line with a jazzy animation of what the route is going to look like and what how Canberra might function around the tram tracks. Capital Metro fly-through displaying the latest designs for Canberra’s first light rail project. The track surfaces are […]

Grattan / Abbott says exhortations are coming from the Middle East to stir local terrorism attacks

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra IT was an unusual build up to Friday’s raising of the terrorism threat level in Australia from medium to high, though the action itself isn’t particularly surprising. After ASIO’s head David Irvine flagged it on television earlier in the week, there was little doubt it would happen. The decision […]

Renewing Australian federalism

By Miranda Stewart, Australian National University THE reform of Australia’s federation is under review, with a White Paper process currently underway. In partnership with the Australian National University’s Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at the Crawford School of Public Policy and with the University of Melbourne School of Government, “The Conversation” have asked leading Australian […]

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With spring comes the latest round of road resealing

TERRITORY and Municipal Services advise that with the onset of warmer weather, the ACT Government’s annual road resealing program kicks off today, starting with work on Paddy’s River Road, Tidbinbilla Road and Booroomba Road. “The 2014/15 resealing program will see approximately 525,000 square metres of the ACT’s road network resealed,” Director, Roads ACT, Tony Gill […]