Friends in need are ‘Friends’ indeed

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL looks at the phenomena that is “Friends”... and “Seinfeld”.

‘Dexter’ resurrected to launch new streamer

More choice is coming to a screen near you, but is Paramount Plus worth the money? Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL is asking the same question... 

Fantasy, the audience gift that keeps on giving

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL steps into the crowded world of fantasy...

Winslet turns to crime and psychology

On the beat with Kate Winslet and sitting down to a chaotic dinner on Friday, such is the week in columnist NICK OVERALL's streaming world... 

Listen to this, no actors to be seen

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL extolls the virtues of a tv show in which not a single actor appears. It's a case of using your imagination... 

‘Bumpy’ steps into the spotlight

Columnist NICK OVERALL takes a look at what's making waves in Streaming World. 

The ‘Tale’ that takes on a life of its own

Has “The Handmaid’s Tale” outstayed its welcome? Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL reports that with series four about to drop and series five heading into production, the show keeps attracting major critical and commercial success. 

What if the Russians took the moon?

Ever thought about owning a star? It can be done. Sort of. Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL has his head in the clouds this week... 

April beckons with addictions and documentaries

Columnist NICK OVERALL looks at docos all over the streaming world.

Quotas and quality doesn’t always mesh

While a local-content quota system for streaming companies in Australia does have the possibility of seeing more fantastic productions pop up, it also treads on dangerous ground, says "Watch It!" columnist NICK OVERALL.

News of the world’s cowboy movies

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL saddles up for a ride around the wild west platforms... 

Warner discovers the first cut is the deepest

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL tracks a fascinating and unlikely move by Warner Bros, under internet pressure, to release an unfinished director's cut of a movie and therefore chuck its original $US300 million film under the bus.

Mia puts the weights on Woody

Streaming reviewer NICK OVERALL looks at the controversy surrounding a four-part documentary titled 'Allen v Farrow'.

Where the comets battle the cliches!

We've got meteorites, AIDS, archeology and covid-safe filming all covered in this week's streaming column by NICK OVERALL.

Who got the noms? Who’ll get the gongs?

Get ready for TV's coma season, here come the annual awards and streaming columnist NICK OVERALL has a shot at making sense of it all...

More Disney, but it’s not for kids

Disney Plus is getting a makeover at the end of February, with hundreds of new films and TV shows under the title of “Star”. So where are they all coming from? Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL knows...

King of horror streaming hits misses?

Steven King's latest TV mini-series "The Stand" catches the eye of streaming meister NICK OVERALL.

Crime totally pays for streaming platforms

Audiences, it seems, can’t get enough of sleuthing in their streaming, says "Watch It!" columnist NICK OVERALL. 

Where nothing is quite as it seems

"The growing mystery that starts to pull the style of the show closer and closer to a more modern craft of filmmaking through a brilliant use of visual effects has me hooked," writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL.

Witty and the weird and wonderful

Streaming news certainly took no holiday break, writes "Watch It!" columnist NICK OVERALL.





Compassion the casualty in rush to be tough

"Even Barnaby Joyce is fed up, accusing the government of playing the racist game and arguing there'd be no question if the daughters were white girls called Jane and Sally," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE.  


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