King of horror streaming hits misses?

Steven King's latest TV mini-series "The Stand" catches the eye of streaming meister NICK OVERALL.

Crime totally pays for streaming platforms

Audiences, it seems, can’t get enough of sleuthing in their streaming, says "Watch It!" columnist NICK OVERALL. 

Where nothing is quite as it seems

"The growing mystery that starts to pull the style of the show closer and closer to a more modern craft of filmmaking through a brilliant use of visual effects has me hooked," writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL.

Witty and the weird and wonderful

Streaming news certainly took no holiday break, writes "Watch It!" columnist NICK OVERALL.

Heart and ‘Soul’ family viewing

Columnist NICK OVERALL says this is going to be a big year, the biggest, for streaming entertainment.

Screenwriter steps into the spotlight

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL previews what happens when the screenwriter of a movie classic steps into the spotlight. 

Bingeing the world’s best drama on Netflix

Some of the best and original productions being streamed right now are coming from all over the world, says streaming columnist NICK OVERALL.

Studio shoots for screens big and small

"In the next few years it may very well become the norm to have a choice of watching the newest blockbuster at the movies or at home," writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL.

Tears along the long road of short films

"It's interesting to see Netflix slowly starting to increasingly dabble in the short-film genre, one that so far as I can see, hasn’t yet been tapped into much by many platforms," writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL. 

Royals not amused by new ‘Crown’ series

"Every time 'The Crown' is mentioned, be it a positive or negative reception to its telling of history, it just gets more popular. People want to see what the fuss is about and get to weigh in with their own views," writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL.

Stories of terrible murders took 40 years to tell

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL talks to an Australian true-crime author, whose astonishing story is about to debut on Stan. 

President Bartlet’s back in the White House

President Bartlet in back in the White House and all is suddenly well again with the world in the streaming universe, especially for "The West Wing" fans, writes columnist NICK OVERALL.

Streaming / Baron Cohen – Borat and beyond

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL looks at two faces of Sacha Baron Cohen. 

Streaming evolves to a TV future?

DESPITE all the fascinating new ways we're taking in television, streaming may actually be on a path to resembling more… well, traditional television, says NICK OVERALL.

Holding the whole world in his hands

NICK OVERALL goes into the wild for inspiration in this week's streaming column...

Fabulous ‘Fargo’ sets the quality bar

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL rejoices at the arrivals of a new series of "Fargo" and looks at a documentary about making friends with an octopus (no, really).

Series opinion split by political views

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL reports on a political series that's causing controversy among its viewers. 

Downward drive of the upwards swipe

"Netflix has dropped a challenging and widely praised doco that dives into the world of social media and the effects it has on unsuspecting consumers," writes streaming columnist NICK OVERALL.

A creepy, confronting blockbuster

Streaming columnist NICK OVERALL covers the creepy, the surreal and the moving in this week's "Watch It!".

Navigating streaming via a new app

Here's something new; an app that helps navigate the burgeoning world of streaming. Columnist NICK OVERALL explains everything. 





Review / Opera celebrates power through music

The orchestra had the last say, while the large wind and brass section, underscored with organ, celebrates the exercise of sheer power, writes reviewer HELEN MUSA of “Bluebeard’s Castle".


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