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Macklin / Aunty’s big week riding the news cycle

"The UN role was always Rudd's ultimate ambition… so when Turnbull delivered the fatal blow Rudd would have been utterly devastated. But don’t write him off just yet," writes Seven Days columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Moore / Penny pinching that crimps community spirit

MICHAEL MOORE marks his column’s ninth anniversary with a frantic encounter with Canberra’s new, Orwellian, paid-parking machines

Macklin / Defence plan should have us dancing in the streets

“The planned extension to Russell Hill will eventually make the tram a more viable economic proposition," writes Seven Days columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Walking the talk with kids

“I REMEMBER when kids used to be able to walk,” I found myself ruminating to the children the other day. “You mean, before there were...

Letters / Prison officers should decide on needles

COLUMNIST Michael Moore seeks a needle-exchange program in the Alexander Maconochie Centre ("Prison guards 'should not set policy'", CN, July 25). He writes that...

Wine / Pinot before the cycle of pain

"The trip takes you through the Otago region and before it started I caught up with an old friend and we shared some Otago pinot noir," writes RICHARD CALVER

Ray gunning for Monica?

Ray gunning for Monica? BEHIND every great man there’s a great woman; well, that’s what 2GB’s Ray Hadley seems to believe. “Confidential’s” learnt the talk-back radio...

Fladun / When the big, wide world calls our kids

"We've embraced becoming a surveillance family, but with that comes extra peace of mind," writes Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN

Taking it to the streets

Street art is taking the urban world by storm, bringing colour and vibrancy to our cities, says CATHERINE CARTER

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Snowden / Your rights when the present is wrong

"You can always exchange the item, but you can’t demand a refund if the present is the wrong size, colour or if you change your mind," writes ACT Fair Trading commissioner DAVID SNOWDEN

Macklin / Surprises, unsurprises and Queenslanders

"Zed Seselja made an immediate impact with a sensible response to the overly-excited fears of a TV hostess about terrorism and a welcome pledge not to block same-sex marriage legislation," writes columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

On the creation of higher education cartels

By Matthew Bailes, Swinburne University of Technology I love the free market. It means my morning cup of coffee costs roughly the same at almost...

Medal shame tarnishes a nation’s pride

Metallurgical research reveals that the metal used in Victoria Cross medals comes from one of the most disgraceful conflicts in British history, says ROBERT MACKLIN

Welsh / David destined to keep Katy’s Senate seat warm

THE steep learning curve in harsh political reality for ACT Labor Senate seat-warmer David Smith just got steeper. Smith’s insecurity over being returned to...

Grumpy / Hell-bent on heartbreak bollards

WHILE a large proportion of cars are equipped with blind-spot technology and reversing cameras to stop us backing over playing children, nothing prepares the...

Griffiths / That’s it, the one shot at wealth?

"'Don’t be born poor’ may be wise advice, but it’s tricky to follow. We used to live in a society where, if someone worked hard, they could build a decent life on their own terms," write Lowbrow columnist JOHN GRIFFITHS

Opinion: Is the prison losing its enlightened glow?

Canberra’s Alexander Maconochie Correctional Centre is in danger of living up to its name, bemoans ROBERT MACKLIN

Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN

Costigan / Bishop moves to checkmate residents

"Maybe it's time for the bishop to pause this questionable development and to talk not through a planning consultant, but directly to his neighbours to achieve better outcomes for all," writes PAUL COSTIGAN




The buzz about loving bees

Bees and frogs are important indicators of the state of the world’s environment, writes gardening columnist CEDRIC BRYANT.


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