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Letters / Assembly of ‘brats’

RECENTLY, I spent a day sitting in the public gallery at the ACT Legislative Assembly to observe proceedings. Apart from the usual formalised rhetoric...

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Another cartoon from the wry eye of PAUL DORIN.

Stanhope / Sleep-walking government wakes to reality

"It has not gone unnoticed that ACTCOSS chose, despite requests to do so, to not publicly support SHOUT in its dark hour of need," writes columnist JON STANHOPE

Safety breaches keep coming despite tough talk 

Building safety, hail storms and walks around rustic Reid. Another "Seven Days" of the big stories with IAN MEIKLE.

Letters / Damage to trees ignored

I STRONGLY endorse the comments of reader Bjorn Moore ("Grumpy". CN, October 25) about the extent of illegal parking in Canberra. I have contacted several...

Fladun / When the empty brain needs a reboot

"No matter what I tried to do, it felt like the only thing between my ears was a bucket of lumpy porridge. It wasn’t a complete mental collapse, but I’ve no doubt my cognitive functions were not what they once were," Writes Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN

The capital authority’s stupid bridge too far

"The cost of following the stupid suggestion of replacing Commonwealth Bridge would be enormous. It's complex and would require complicated demolition work and be a huge disruption for the city," writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN

Letters / Prison officers should decide on needles

COLUMNIST Michael Moore seeks a needle-exchange program in the Alexander Maconochie Centre ("Prison guards 'should not set policy'", CN, July 25). He writes that...

Opinion / Tram trees go to pot with rigid growing

The controversial choice of trees for the impending tram line are off to a bad start, writes 'CityNews' gardening expert CEDRIC BRYANT

Letters / Mystery of the Audi car-window smashing 

JINGWEI JAI's car passenger window was smashed in Braddon. There were other passenger windows smashed in Belconnen. The mystery that binds them together is they are all Audis.

Rotters dumping in charity bins

INCREASINGLY, I get the impression that too many people have lost any sense of what charity bins are for. They are being turned into rubbish...

Fladun / The great stumble forward into stress

Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN asks: “Why is it that the most relaxing time of the year is preceded by the most stressful?"

Moore / Time to think again on the prison

“The ACT has the highest proportion of prisoners with prior imprisonment of all Australian jurisdictions," says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Parton / Keep the faith, stay alert

SO the next time they raise our terrorism alert level to high, I guess we’ll know there’s something on. What an amazing week – Australia...
capital metro feature crop

Moore / Now, let’s get light rail right

"Canberra is a city of great beauty. It must not be blighted by overhead wires. They are not necessary and inconsistent with Canberra’s planning," says political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Letters / How did the Cubans do it?

MICHAEL Moore’s column “Cuba wins the cigar for public health commitment” (CN April 30) raises a number of issues. The Cuban experience indicates the benefits...

Costigan / High-rise development terror looms in Downer

"Given the combined history on Canberra’s development and the lack of empathy on planning matters from the Chief Minister, Planning Minister and the Urban Renewal Minister, things are not looking good for Downer," writes PAUL COSTIGAN

Quick! It’s time to get stimulus spending right

The big stimulus spending has just begun. Here's how to get it right, quickly, writes RICHARD DENNISS.





Prescribed burn at Tidbinbilla to protect cultural assets

A prescribed burn at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve today (April 8) will protect cultural assets and improve grass and tree health in the park.


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