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Griffiths / Let’s fix homelessness and health

“If we’re still short of cash, then sacking every public servant with password access to an ACT Government social media account would bring significant savings while advancing the public good enormously," says Lowbrow columnist JOHN GRIFFITHS

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Carter / Making the most of the CBD

WE live in a “wide, brown land”, and yet 80 per cent of the value of our goods and services is produced in just...

Painful question of capital punishment

Canberra poet John Paynter is moved to political commentary with a piece he calls “Capital Punishment”.

Letters / Schools on a dangerous course

TIM Bavinton, in his article “Responsibility to make schools safer” (CN, March 30), says “(A) school should be (a) welcoming, safe and inclusive place...

Grattan / Adani tests Shorten’s policy integrity and Labor’s unity

ON present indications, you wouldn’t be betting on the Queensland Adani Carmichael mine going ahead. Yet this problematic project, which may fall over for...

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN casts a wry eye on the promise of tax cuts.

Griffiths / No phone, no keys, no wallet

“It was bliss to spend six days without anyone trying to sell me anything or being subjected to brand marketing attacking my brain like an assassin’s ice pick," writes Lowbrow columnist JOHN GRIFFITHS

Parton / Bad calls and how to make them

THERE’S an ad on the telly for one of those betting agencies, I can’t remember which one, but it’s based on the premise that...

Grattan / The rift between Brandis and Dutton deepens as the behemoth of Home...

IMMIGRATION minister Peter Dutton got a towelling from the Senate this week when he couldn’t reach a deal with the crossbench on his legislation...

Cartoon: Dose of Dorin

Moore / Periscope up, but no secrets to be seen

“Cabinet ‘pop up’ consultation processes in town centres should not be confused with open government. It does not get around the secrecy of government decisions," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Macklin / Maybe we need freedom from religion

“Truth is, as a post-1788 nation we still haven’t found our feet. We’re like the pre-adolescent, buffeted on all sides by differing assertions of what’s the best way to approach adulthood," writes The Gadfly columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN has a wry response to interest rates dropping.

Grattan / Nationals paralysed by unpredictable Joyce situation

YOU can’t help loving how the boy from Belgium is relishing his chance to walk in prime ministerial shoes, even if they’re borrowed ones...

Fladun / Sneering won’t see you through

“One of the best lessons I’ve learnt is to chuck out most of the parenting books. ‘Experts’ always seem to see things in black and white or stereotypes," writes Mum in the City SONYA FLADUN

Letters / Choir story raises questions

THE article, “New choir plans to empower girls through music” (CN July 5), does concern me, so I hope the choir replies. Nicole Muir,...

Cartoon / A dose of Dorin

joy burch launching arts policy

Parton / The wobbly Joy of being a minister

“Being a government minister requires the same skillset as the CEO of a major corporation and those skills don’t grow on trees, " writes columnist MARK PARTON




Dry argument if the water doesn’t come through 

"It is simply not credible that the ACT government would have entered into a contract to build 5500 houses in NSW before having ensured a secure supply of water to those houses," writes columnist JON STANHOPE 


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