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Carter / Saluting Canberra’s green landmarks

AUSTRALIAN property companies are streets ahead when it comes to sustainability – and Canberra has the green landmarks to prove it. The newly launched 2014...

Welsh / Forgiveness flows as Pauline gets her book away

IN February, 2012, I gave Australia's most polarising political figure some tips on talkback radio. Pauline Hanson incoherently meandered through two hours of drive-time...

Moore / Can the Budget manipulators spin trust?

"With the debate over light rail so dominant, the Greens and Labor are seeking to do well enough in Yerrabi to counter losses in other areas and thus secure government for another term," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Letters / A need for better support for victims of violence

I WOULD like to pass on thanks to John Griffiths for his column “When love gets violent” (CN, January 14). In August 2014, I went...

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoon by PAUL DORIN

Macklin / Pants are safe, despite the Budget’s red ink

“There were times when watching Hockey’s stroke play that he seemed to be batting for the other side," writes Seven Days columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Moore / Liberal wolf sheds the sheep’s clothing

"The irony is that by allowing the conservative ascendancy, the Canberra Liberals have severely reduced their chances of being in government within the foreseeable future. The Liberal wolf sheds the sheep’s clothing'" writes MICHAEL MOORE

Welsh / Of bending rules and sobering statistics

It's been a week of statistics, statistics and, well, statistics for Seven Days columnist MIKE WELSH

Fladun / The cold, homeless scourge of Civic

"My strong impression is that the number of people sleeping rough in Canberra's urban centres has grown in recent years," writes columnist SONYA FLADUN

Doszpot / How the Libs would fix the Brickworks

“We need to get the planning decisions right… What happens in Yarralumla could be a dangerous precedent for elsewhere in our bush capital," says Liberal MLA STEVE DOSZPOT

Letters / Appalling state of our beautiful city

MICHAEL Moore is spot on with his piece on the appalling planning state of our beautiful city (CN, July 12). I ask myself exactly...

Coleman / Bacon, insane drivers and toilet rolls…

"I felt I was driving with my eyes shut from fear a good quarter of the time. My therapist says I will eventually make a full recovery," says holidaying columnist CHRIS COLEMAN

Opinion: Housekeeping takes new twists and turns

MICHAEL MOORE looks at the oddities emerging from the House of Assembly

Letters: Too early for ‘city edge’ sprawl

I AGREE with Catherine Carter (CN, March 13) that high-density residential buildings should be built in the Canberra CBD and town centre areas, but...

Griffiths / Eight months on and still in lurve…

“In the tech-pundit world, the watch has been described as a flop... but 11.6 million of the watches were sold in 2015, which is something many would consider robust," write Lowbrow columnist JOHN GRIFFITHS

Cartoon / dose of dorin

Letters / They’re ‘poisoning’ the bush capital

MAYBE it's time the people of Canberra threw out the out-of-date Labor/Greens government. The current Labor/Greens government is systematically ruining and poisoning this beautiful...

Opinion: Politics has lost interest in excellence

Dr Geoff Davies, retired geophysicist and visiting fellow at the ANU, says the ANU faces a long, hard road led by a politicised Council




The Binks cement a place in Canberra’s history

The Bink family, originally immigrants from Holland who came to Canberra in 1955, have seen and helped the city grow, reports DANIELLE NOHRA.


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