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It’s not easy being green around Kippax centre

“It is not hard to imagine the bureaucracy debate: do the people around Kippax deserve all this green space. Silly question, nope! " writes PAUL COSTIGAN.

Rewards loom for a likely murderer

SO let me get this straight: Judge Brian Martin is “fairly certain that is guilty of the murder”. He’s clearly unbalanced. He has...

Costigan / Shock as parkland retagged a ‘wasteland’

“Are the NCCC’s links to the Chief Minister now a stumbling block to the processes of representing inner-north residents?" wonders columnist PAUL COSTIGAN

Moore / Conservative Zed won’t budge on cuts

“If Turnbull’s consultative approach results in the same level of conservatism that Seselja would like to see implemented, the party will inexorably slip back in the polls. What then?" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

A Biden presidency would pressure Morrison on climate change

A Biden presidency would put Australia on the spot over climate change. This is expected increasingly to become a major issue for the Morrison government internationally in 2021, writes political columnist MICHELLE GRATTAN.

Angry voters take it out on impartial planners, too

"The success of our cities in international liveability surveys suggests planners get that balance right most of the time, but new challenges are emerging as demographic change takes hold," writes IAN WOOD-BRADLEY.

Fascination with the future goes up the polls

"In the end, the polls got the presidential win right but not the extent of it. And they will live to fight another day, and another, ad infinitum because we are obsessed with the future," writes "The Gadfly" columnist ROBERT MACKLIN.

Welsh / They’re all walking the talk, one by one

Seven Days columnist MIKE WELSH wraps up another week in Canberra.

Welsh / Bruises as Bec’s ‘racist’ broadside backfires

"Barr needs to be reminded that merely taking up cycling does not a hipster make, either," writes Seven Days columnist MIKE WELSH

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin

Cartoonist PAUL DORIN spots an upside to Tiktok...

Sporting confidential: Games gives us a reality check

THE London Olympics, if nothing else, was a reality check for Australian sport. Bold estimations of a fifth place on the medal table with...

Moore / A good time to celebrate diversity

WHAT do Canberrans have in common with Canadians? The first three letters of their names? A "can do" attitude? Really? What about a positive...

Dickson’s supermarket chaos ends and starts again

If anyone has questions around the Dickson supermarket chaos, please check in with your local politicians who have collectively sat back watched all this happen, writes Canberra Matters columnist PAUL COSTIGAN

It’s that time for dirty tricks and shady tactics 

Shifty moves and politicians getting their sticky hands into your privacy colour this week's "Seven Days" with IAN MEIKLE. 

Moore / Of, by and for… the corporates

“The memory of all soldiers who have ever died in the name of freedom is being tarnished by governments of the corporates, by the corporates and for the corporates," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Glimmerings in the sci-fi movie smoke

"Suddenly there was a sense that 'we’re all in this together', that the very idea of being Australian and literally under fire from the monster made us one," writes The gadfly columnist ROBERT MACKLIN.

Macklin / Locked in an Anglophile past

“There are spheres where our leaders seem stuck in the colonial past. And nowhere is this more obvious than in defence, where religious fanatics now threaten our security," writes columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Letters to the editor: Stay left, slow down

AS a driver, pedestrian, bus user and cyclist, I am thoroughly over the criticisms levelled at cyclists. Yes, paths are shared, then pedestrians, women with...

Grattan / Turnbull backed against the wall by rebel Nationals on bank inquiry

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison appear to have become hostages to rebel Nationals determined at all costs to secure a commission...

Policy promises evaporate in post-election pact

"There are promises made by the coalition partners before the election that are either not mentioned in the parliamentary agreement or are given no priority," writes columnist JON STANHOPE.





Long, chilly night pays off for top photo winner

The "chilly, long night" taking photos out at Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve was worth it for professional photographer Matt Tomkins, who was awarded a top photo award yesterday (November 23). 

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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