Rally to celebrate carbon tax

AS Fairfax newspapers report polling that shows only 33 per cent of Australians support the introduction of the carbon tax, Climate Action Canberra, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, SEE Change and Canberra Loves 40% will be celebrating the legislation with a rally in Civic this afternoon.

They will be handing out cakes and apples and holding up a large “thank you” card.

“This celebration is about thanking all the people that have worked on the carbon pricing legislation”, said Australian Youth Climate Coalition media co-ordinator Adam Huttner-Koros.

“We want Australia to be at the forefront of innovation and action on climate change and the carbon price is the first step in the right direction.

“We know that businesses are willing to reduce their emissions, and we are happy to see the government doing its part in transforming the way Australia uses and produces electricity.

“The introduction of the carbon price is an important milestone but it is only the first step. We have huge renewable energy potential in Australia and we are looking to our leaders to listen to the science and increase their ambition for climate action in the future.”



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