Cheap Lunches. Shorty’s on Garema Place

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SHORTY’S on Garema Place is a great little pub, perhaps only let down by its popularity (it can get uncomfortably busy), at the Bunda Street end of Garema Place where the Milk and Honey cafe lurked awkwardly for years.

They also run a slightly complicated cheap lunch offer on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday.

Today was burger and a drink for $15.

To my joy this wasn’t just some cheap lunch special burger, it was the whole run of the usual burger menu.

For review purposes I went with the classic beef burger (menu price $18).

To my pleasure and surprise it came with a pretty decent serve of chips.

There were, however, a couple of wrinkles.

The first is that in their quest to be true to the spirit of the American hamburger they’ve somehow gotten hold of genuine American burger buns.

It’s a sort of dry fairy floss texture with, to my palate, an unpleasant sweetness.

Bread makes the burger and this bread lets the side down.

There was also a great big sweet pickle in the middle of my burger.

Now that I’ve tried it I’d simply remove it in future, but for review purposes I ate it down and wasn’t thrilled by its contribution to the meal.

Those, however, should be taken as minor quibbles.

Washed down with a schooner of Squires Golden Ale this was a top meal for $15 and there are many other options available at this price.

It’s a great lunch stop on a cold day in the early week.

You can check it out on their website.

[This article is the ninth in a series on cheap lunches to be found in and around the city. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments or email them to . The complete series can be found on our cheap lunches tag]

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