Keep your eyes peeled for the symptoms of meningococcal disease

Know, Check, Act – Meningococcal Disease from Meningococcal Australia on Vimeo.

WITH a case of meningococcal confirmed at ADFA Meningococcal Australia is reminding the public how to spot the symptoms.

They say it is a sudden and severe disease that can lead to death in less than 24 hours. Around 5–10 per cent of those who contract meningococcal disease will not survive and 20 per cent of survivors are left with permanent disabilities that range from learning difficulties, sight/hearing problems, loss of fingers, toes and limbs, and scarring from skin grafts.

With peak season approaching they advise all parents to:

    1. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of meningococcal disease

    2. Act quickly if meningococcal disease is suspected and seek medical advice

    3. Make sure your family is vaccinated against all major strains of meningococcal disease

The symptoms can include:

  • headache
  • fever
  • fatigue or drowsiness
  • a stiff or painful neck
  • sensitivity to light
  • vomiting or shivering
  • cold hands and feet
  • muscle or joint pain
  • a change in skin colour.

More information is available on their website

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