Payroll tax changes pushed back to October 1


THE seldom heard from Commerce and Works Directorate of the ACT Government has announced that the little understood changes to payroll tax are going to be delayed while everyone gets their heads around them.

On 5 June 2014 the Government introduced the Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2014 which removes the ‘genuine employer’ payroll tax exemption provided to employment agents on wages paid to subcontractors.

“Initial consultation has found that a commencement date of 1 July 2014 (if passed) will be challenging for the industry to implement,” the Commissioner for ACT Revenue, Kim Salisbury said.

“The Bill is due for debate in the August sittings of the Legislative Assembly. The Government will move to have the Bill’s commencement date extended to 1 October 2014 during the August debate. This extension will allow the industry time to accommodate the change.

“The Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2014 removes the ‘genuine employer’ exemption in the calculation of payroll tax for employment agents, bringing the ACT more into line with the approach of other jurisdictions.

The Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2014 and its associated explanatory statement can be found at:

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