Review / ‘Felony’ (M) *** and a half

felonyJOEL Edgerton gives a cracking portrayal of NSW Police Service detective Malcolm who has concealed his part in a traffic incident involving a child while driving home after a late-night collegiate drinking session to celebrate his surviving a gunshot and running down the shooter.

The old-pals’ network has shepherded Malcolm through RBT. He knows he’s twice guilty, terrifying knowledge, because while those crimes are both free of mens rea, his concealment of them is not.

By coincidence, Det Sgt Carl (Tom Wilkinson) and DC Jim (Jai Courtney) are in the vicinity when they offer to give a hand at the accident scene. Carl is an old-style cop, trained on the job, up through the ranks, focused on protecting the reputation of the Service and its members.

Jim is the new breed of detective, academically trained, imbued with strong moral values, sensing that Malcolm’s story doesn’t add up, compounded by Carl’s not having taken Malcolm’s car for forensic examination.

We’ve grown complacent about police films and TV series full of gunplay, high-speed traffic derbies, punch ups and what police jargon calls “a result”. This one’s different, worth a look for that reason.

At Dendy, Palace Electric and Capitol 6



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