No Smartphones Group starts Canberra campaign

No Smart Phones Group

NO less august figure than the Canberra Town Crier has been roped into declaring the launch of the No Smartphones Group.

The group, started by one John Berry, has a presence on his blog which states the following goal:

The “No Smartphones Group” is dedicated to the non-use of so-called ‘smartphones’, and recommends the use of ‘normal’ cell phones (mobiles) only (for telephony communications or text

In the broader gambit of communications history this might seem like a strange place to draw a line in the sand and will no doubt bring a smile to those CityNews readers currently partaking on their phones.

That quibble aside the group has amassed 50 members in their Google+ community, more than enough to terrify a Minister’s office.

They also have rather spiffy badges, available only on request by snail mail (a somewhat strange demand to make on a social media website), which we look forward to seeing around town.

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