Grumpy / Any wonder the place looks like a dump

Reader MICHAEL ATWELL, of Dunlop, is grumpy about the fire risk of his overgrown local reserve

I MUST relate a recent meeting I had with a City Services official, an absolute gentleman and understanding of my concerns, and two Parks and Conservation officials about the overgrown state of the Dunlop Reserve.

After five months writing to my five local members (of which three bothered to reply) my correspondence was somehow handballed to the City Services gentleman, who then contacted Parks and Conservation and an on-site meeting was arranged with two of their grass and burning scientists.

Well, it turns out that I am a dill as even though the grasses are more than a metre tall they are mown to a point 30 metres from my home, which makes it all fine and dandy as that is what is quoted in the “ACT Bushfire Management Standards, ACT Strategic Bushfire Management Plan Version 3 of 2014”. Phew!

When I then asked about the cluster of grass accumulated where the tractor/mower turns less than 12 metres from my home, they said that was alright because if there was an outbreak, the homes 40 metres diagonally opposite me would probably be caught up first. Good to know.

I then suggested, as I had to the local Assembly members, putting cattle back on the reserve as was done several years ago and worked a treat.

I was told that was a possibility later this year, but lo and behold, shock and horror, I was then advised by another scientist we now have a problem with the probability of the Golden Sun Moth taking up digs somewhere in the reserve region.

At this point I suggested I had wasted enough of these fellas’ time and retired to my home for a strong coffee and thought to my good self, any wonder the ACT Greens/Labor government has the once-pristine ACT looking like an absolute dump.

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