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Review / ‘Woman in Gold’ (PG) ****

PUT simply, and having regard to the propensity of filmmakers to gild their current lilies, Simon Curtis’ film about the provenance, history and ownership of a spectacular painting is a lovely movie telling a powerful story. In pre-war Vienna the Bloch-Bauer family, wealthy, cultured, compassionate and Jewish, engaged Gustav Klimt to paint a formal portrait […]

Review / ‘Poltergeist’ (PG) * and a half

IN 1982, Steven Spielberg wrote and Tobe Hooper directed “Poltergeist”, about a family coping with the ghosts infesting their newly-bought house in suburban America. It spawned a short list of knock-offs and sequels. Now Sam Raimi, director of several scare movies and three Spiderman films, has joined Gil Kenan to rehash Spielberg’s parvum opus. In […]

Review / Tangled web of success for Tempo

“Spider’s Web”, by Agatha Christie, directed By Jon Elphick, for Tempo Theatre, at Belconnen Community Centre’s theatre@bcs until May 23, bookings to or 6275 2700. Also at The Arts Centre Cootamundra for three shows on May 29 and 30, bookings to
Reviewed by Helen Musa

Review / ‘A Royal Night Out’ (M) ** and a half

AT midnight GMT on May 8, 1945, peace in Europe was declared after almost six years of World War II. Julian Jarrold’s film purporting to portray that night’s events opened in Australia six days after the 70th anniversary of peace. The Brits were out on London’s streets with flag waving, dancing, immoderate drinking, men in […]

Review / ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (MA) **

A RECENT article in “The Australian Review” summarised the three “Mad Max” films that 36 years ago propelled Australian filmmaker George Miller to fame as “a high-octane visceral ride into a dystopian future full of fast cars, violence and retribution”. Gee, I wish I’d written that. The article suggests that the bill for “Fury Road” […]