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Review / ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ (MA) **

IN Robert Rodriguez’s violent, angry filming of Frank Miller’s cartoon strip fantasy views of the underbelly of American society, this city sleeps by day and wakes after sunset. Power, lust, greed, hatred and ultra-violence resume scattering their nefarious influences among men who know not how to contribute to healing society’s illnesses and women whose bodies […]

Review / ‘We Are The Best’ (MA) ****

IN Swedish filmmaker Moodysson’s dramatisation of a cartoon strip by his wife, schoolgirls Bobo and Klara, soon to start climbing puberty’s upward slope, want to become a punk band but neither has any musical skill. They have devised pejorative lyrics listing their reasons for loathing sport. They have worked out that that business about God […]

Review / ‘Wish I Was Here’ (M) ***

IN his second film after “Garden State” (2004), director Zach Braff plays aspiring actor Aidan, upon whom life’s burdens, while individually relatively minor, are steadily piling up. The Jewish school is threatening to bar his children (Joey King and Pierce Gagnon) unless outstanding fees are promptly paid. His retired father (Mandy Patinkin) needs all his […]

Review / ‘Tarzan’ (PG) ** and a half

JOSEF Stalin reportedly once said that Edgar Rice Burroughs was his favourite author. Burroughs’s eponymous hero of the African jungle has been around on paper since 1912 and in cinemas since 1918. He wrote 26 authentic Tarzan stories. This one, the first animation to reach the big screen, unfolds among concepts and ideas that didn’t […]

Review / ‘Night Moves’ (M) ***

MOTIVATED by confused environmental conscience, market-garden labourer Josh (Jesse Eisenberg), rich kid Dena (Dakota Fanning) and layabout Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard) are planning to make a significant statement about a dam wall that bars the spawning migration of cut-throat salmon while retaining water used to generate power that people use to run their iPads. That’s the […]

Review / ‘Bethlehem’ (M) *** and a half

IN writer/director Yuval Adler’s feature debut, Israeli secret-service officer Razi (Tsahi Halevi) is running a mole in an extremist group – Hamas, Palestinians, whatever; the film from its outset presents difficulties understanding exactly which group is which in the conflict on the streets of Tel Aviv. Playing both sides of the fence, teenager Sanfur’s (Shadi […]

Review / ‘Into the Storm’ (M) *

STEVEN Quayle’s second feature (in 2011, I gave half a star to his first, “Final Destination”) “Into the Storm” cost $US50million and Americans have already paid twice that to see it. Others have described it as a “found-footage disaster film”. Every frame of it has been carefully staged. However, “disaster” hits the mark well enough. […]

Review / ‘Magic In The Moonlight’ (PG) *** and a half

WOODY Allen’s latest film is a whimsical confection that Noël Coward might have recognised as reflecting his style – the upper classes at play, romance confronted with seemingly-insurmountable obstacles, witty dialogue, an exotic location on the French Riviera and reprising popular musical hits of its time (1928). And some lovely cars of the period, particularly […]

Review / ‘Felony’ (M) *** and a half

JOEL Edgerton gives a cracking portrayal of NSW Police Service detective Malcolm who has concealed his part in a traffic incident involving a child while driving home after a late-night collegiate drinking session to celebrate his surviving a gunshot and running down the shooter. The old-pals’ network has shepherded Malcolm through RBT. He knows he’s […]

Review / ‘God’s Not Dead’ (M) ***

IN the last couple of millennia, monotheistic religions have arisen, mostly based on books written long before science established knowledge’s superiority over belief. Talmud, Bible and Koran are all belief-based, each appointing its god as the only true one and declaring false all others. Much has happened since Martin Luther kicked the Reformation off with […]