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Review / ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ (M) 1/2 a star

THE opening credits began with Universal’s logo, never a comfortable start for any aspiring film. Then up popped the logo of the BBC, which has made scads of good movies. Could that presage a mote of salvation, I wondered, for the quality of a film that, from pre-release publicity, promised little? There wasn’t. It wasn’t […]

Review / ‘Words and Pictures’ (M) *** and a half

BRAVO, Fred Schepisi, for turning Gerald de Pego’s insightful screenplay into a film deserving better praise than other media have given it. “Words and Pictures” is more than merely a college rom-com. Emotional discomfort driven by divorce and alcohol, coupled with intellectual hubris, constrain the life-satisfactions of English teacher Jack (Clive Owen). Intense pain caused […]

Review / ‘Reaching for the Moon’ (M) *** and a half

ELIZABETH Bishop (a cracking portrayal by Miranda Otto) had been Poet Laureate of the US when in 1951 aged about 40 she arrived in Rio de Janeiro for a short vacation with her Vassar friend Mary Morse (Tracy Middendorf). Brazilian filmmaker Bruno Barretto’s film tells the story of the relationship between Elizabeth, Mary and wealthy […]

Review / ‘Venus in Fur’ (MA) ****

IN Roman Polanski’s hands, David Ives’s Broadway play of the same name, based on Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 novel about the giving and receiving of pain as a sexual stimulus, is remarkably effective cinema. People expecting an erotic buzz from it are backing a loser. Sacher-Masoch was concerned to bring masochism into the light and […]

Review / ‘The Lunchbox’ (PG) *** and a half

HURRAH! Indian writer/director Ritesh Batra’s debut feature is about real people, with not a frame showing big mobs of girls and boys wearing bright-coloured costumes that come teasingly close to baring the good body bits as they perform vigorous, noisy song and dance numbers with scant connection to the plot. The story unfolds among Mumbai’s […]


Review / Belle and Sebastian (PG)  *** and a half

THE origin of this charming film was a 1965 French TV series about a boy, a Pyrenean mountain dog and the people of a remote village high in the French Alps near the Swiss border, elements which now get affectionate treatment from writer/director Nicholas Vanier whose filmography includes documentaries about cold-climate wildlife. The men of […]

Review / ‘Jersey Boys’ (M)  *** and a half

THE reported cost for producer/director Clint Eastwood to convert the Broadway musical telling the story of the ‘50s-’60s pop quartet The Four Seasons into a 134-minute film, was $US40 million. By and large it’s money well spent, much of it on affectionate and generally accurate reconstruction of period and place. Say what you may about […]