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Daily critiques from the Canberra International Music Festival

CIMF / High jinx and musical invention in concert

"This wasn’t just Mozart recomposed, it was Mozart reborn into the 21st century," writes reviewer ROB KENNEDY.

CIMF / What a journey to the Heartland!

"The standing ovation at the end was thoroughly deserved. This was an extraordinary journey through music and sound," writes reviewer LEN POWER.

CIMF / When the waltz gives way to the tango

"THE waltz of 18th century Vienna and the “nuevo tango” of Argentina seem at first glance to be worlds apart," writes reviewer LEN POWER.

CIMF / Group gives a special glimpse of Tiwi traditions

"Perhaps a little nervous at the start, Tiwi Strong Women quickly settled into their program... The privilege of seeing this group so freely sharing their culture was something to value," writes reviewer CLINTON WHITE.

Mystical tour-de-force a festival highlight

This ensemble took the festival way out of its comfort zone, and did so unashamedly and with dynamism and great style, writes reviewer CLINTON WHITE.

CIMF / A bizarre choice, but what fun it was

Christine Johnston seized the limelight with an extravagant, over-the top-performance of Artmann’s seemingly nonsensical nursery rhymes about mice, rats and superheroes.

CIMF / Concert that’s up close and… electric!

This concert was an electric delight, writes reviewer ROB KENNEDY of “Up Close at Gorman”.

CIMF / Bringing something fresh to everlasting music

The performers put new colours into the music's everlasting freshness and brightness. It truly was sublime, writes reviewer CLINTON WHITE about "Schubert Sublime II”.

CIMF / Concert’s unusual concept is clever as a whole

This was a concert unusual in its concept, but cleverly put together as a whole, building in interest and intensity as it went along, writes reviewer GRAHAM McDONALD of the concert “All of them, and one of us”.

CIMF / A splendid concert: thanks to all, including Mr Mozart!

It really was a pleasure to enjoy music of such quality being performed at such a high standard, says reviewer IAN McLEAN.

CIMF / Colourful concert has something for everyone

In a concert of many colours, this one had something for everyone, writes reviewer ROB KENNEDY of “Great Hall Rising”.

CIMF / Entrancing, indigenous music proves a big hit

"This concert presented aspects of First Nations' music in fascinating and contrasting ways," writes reviewer GRAHAM McDONALD.

CIMF / Reflective concert draws a mixed reaction

"Do I Matter?" was a concert which drew a mixed reaction from the audience with an enthusiastic standing ovation from some contrasted by mere polite applause from others.

CIMF / A performance of great expression and charm

"What a way to spend a perfect autumnal Sunday afternoon in Canberra!" Reviewer CLINTON WHITE is happy in the service.

CIMF / Peelman’s book, a ‘eulogy in his own lifetime’

A new book about the director of the Canberra International Music Festival, Roland Peelman, was launched yesterday. Arts editor HELEN MUSA was there.

CIMF / Joyous performance, but how good is Mozart?

A celebration of Mozart at his most cheerful greeted patrons of the Canberra International Music Festival in “Greatest Mozart I”, says reviewer HELEN MUSA.

CIMF / Schubert in a distinguished and worldly tone

"Fittingly, the audience exploded at the end and they called them back on to stage with rambunctious applause". Thumbs up for the Partridge String Quartet.

CIMF / Polite applause greets ‘appalling’ music

The 11 musicians on stage seemed to be playing separate lines of music all totally unrelated to each other, apart from a brief couple of bars in the middle where there was some small coherence in the music." Reviewer GRAHAM McDONALD is not impressed.

CIMF / Opening gala gets festival off to a good start

"The opening gala was a most enjoyable musical evening, the 2021 CIMF has kicked off well," writes music reviewer IAN McLEAN.

Keegan nails jazz recollection of Vienna

Matt Keegan nails jazz recollection of Vienna, says reviewer CLINTON WHITE.





Movie review / ‘The Mole Agent’ (G)

Movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD says "The Mole Agent" is a deeply moving film that expands the conventional boundaries of documentary storytelling by going into a Santiago aged persons’ home.


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